Skyfire Avenue Getting Regular Updates! Chapters 7 and 8 Out!

Hey guys, I have two awesome announcements to make.  First of all, two new chapters of Skyfire Avenue have just been released!  Chapter 7 – Leng Lingxi, and Chapter 8 – Womanly Secrets have been released!  Yay!  I actually had Chapter 7 and most of Chapter 8 translated for a long time, but I wanted to do a big batch release because the ‘slow drip’ makes it hard for people to remember stories, but I’ve recently been so busy that it got mothballed.  Boo!

Recently, I was talking to one of my long-time buddies, who will be posting as ‘Xiao Lai‘.  Xiao Lai is American, but he has phenomenal Chinese, as he has been going to college in China, IN CHINESE!  As a way to maintain his Chinese and because he wants to join me on this project, after doing some reading and some test translations, Xiao Lai has agreed to work with me on Skyfire Avenue, and essentially make it so that Skyfire Avenue will be getting regular updates, up to several chapters a week, and possibly more as he improves!  I’ll let him introduce himself later, but for now, Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 are out!  Chapter 7 was my work, but this Chapter 8 was all his.  If you doubt my appraisal of his Chinese and translation abilities, go read and see for yourself!

As a reminder, Skyfire Avenue is a sci-fi/mutant/mecha/awesome new novel being worked on by Tang Jia San Shao, the author of Douluo Dalu which Bagelson is working on, and quite a number of books.  I think you’ll all enjoy it, especially as Skyfire Avenue will now be regularly updated!

Viva la Wuxiaworld!  xD xD xD

(And yes, CD chapter coming out shortly).

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  1. That is great Ren. I am glad to see you are bringing in another translator for your site. If this keeps up you will have to have someone just doing all the posts for the chapters coming out from so many translators.

  2. I haven’t checked out Skyfire Avenue yet but it’s cool to see the site expanding.

    BTW, the last line makes me very tempted to join the F5 army…

    1. Addiction makes you join the F5 Army. And the race for the first comments make it worse.
      I don’t even follow Skyfire Avenue, but I’ve been waiting for CD.

      I’ve been refreshing for sometimes after this announcement, and I think you will, too.

  3. Pretty stoked about this TBH. Sincerely appreciate you using your own time to help many of us read a book we otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to, so thank you in advance Xiao Lai!

    As always, thanks for your many efforts as well, Ren. 😀

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