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Chapter 5 – Lifting the Cauldron

As time unknowingly flowed by, two years had passed in a flash. The little guy was now already three and a half years old and had his own name — Shi Hao.

When he was only one and a half, he could only run along behind the others, and now that he was three and a half years old, his physique became astonishing. He was always running around together with the other big kids.

At this moment, a piece of previously empty area of land in Stone Village was currently filled with people. It was so packed that it seemed as if not even water could not trickle through, and everyone within the village was watching the youth practice martial arts.

The group of children had extremely sturdy muscles, and the upper halves of their bodies were naked. With sweat flying in all directions, they were all working hard. Some of them could unexpectedly lift up maces that weighed more than 100 jin. They waved them around, making huhu sounds in the wind.

The ages ranged from six or seven to twelve or thirteen, and all of them looked like small fierce beasts from within the mountain forest. They were extraordinarily strong, and their bodies were astonishingly strong and rugged.

“Quickly come and look, that is my family’s baby. He’s only six years old, but he can lift up a limestone weighing over 100 jin and use it as a shield. How many people can compare to him? In the future, he will definitely become an amazing hero in the Great Wastelands!”

“My family’s baby is the powerful one. Can’t you all see that the bow made from rhinoceros tendons that only adults can use is being used by him? In the future, he’ll definitely be able to kill fierce beasts with one shot and even defeat an adult Pi Xiu.”

Although the villagers were all rather down-to-earth, when they were grouped up together, they all still loved to brag about their own child’s strength. After comparing with each other, the group of strong individuals would clenched their fan-sized hands and continuously wave their fists around, smiling in delight.

All of the females within the village could not hide their smiles. This group of children really were quite outstanding. All of them had the vitality of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger. With such strength, the future of Stone Village will surely be great due to this generation.


A fat cow howled, and the sound shook the village.

“Quickly come and look! Er Meng is only eight years old, yet he actually flipped over a fat cow, impressive!”

Within the large area was a black fat cow, and his whole body appeared as if it was covered by black silk fabric. It was releasing a muffled thunder-like roar, and just before it was about to go crazy, it was stubbornly knocked down by a not very tall child, triggering gasps of admiration.

“Our efforts were not wasted. The elders gave them the true blood from fierce beasts every few days, allowing their bones and bodies to be refined. It seems that the results were quite effective.”

“The children are all quite strong. In the future, there might actually be quite a few people who can venture out and kill those great desolate species within the mountain range abyss.”

With a loud dong sound, an extremely skinny child in the distance tossed out a grindstone plate. It flew out roughly ten meters.

Aiyou, hey, the eight or nine year old Pi Hou who looks so dry and thin actually has that much strength. People really can’t be judged by their appearances.”

“That’s for sure. Without looking at whose child he belonged to, I named him Shi Zhonghou. In the future, he will leave the great mountains to earn himself a great reputation. He will be bestowed the title of king in front of a large and prosperous race.”

The grown men were all bragging towards each other. They all thought that their own children were the most outstanding.


The ground began to shake severely, and a shroud of smoke and dust began to rise. Everyone’s eyes were attracted towards that direction, and to their astonishment, someone was trying to lift up the enormous cauldron!

In the center of that empty space was an ancient cauldron that was over a thousand jin in weight. The cauldron was engraved with the designs of the terrestrial beasts and birds of the air. It was overflowing with an ancient feeling. The walls of the cauldron were extremely thick, possessing an intense and heavy aura. The legs of the cauldron were always being lifted, and so they were quite glossy. They were polished almost as if they were mirrors. Images of the Vermilion Bird were branded on one of them.

“Little Shijiao, you almost sprained your back just now only to lift it a bit off the ground. Right now you are still too young. Even in four years you would not be able to lift this.” Some of the older adults made fun of him good-naturedly.

The thousand jin copper cauldron was not something that one could casually mess with. Carelessly lifting could easily result in an injury. Normally, no child was able to raise it, and so they were not allowed near it. It was simply too heavy.

“Let me try!”

An extremely robust lad walked forward appearing to be around twelve or thirteen. One hand was on the cauldron’s ear, while the other one was on its leg. He grabbed it with ferocious strength, and the large cauldron began to shake a bit before leaving the ground. However, it immediately fell back towards the ground with a hong sound, creating a cloud of dust.

It was an obvious failure, but fortunately, the child wasn’t hurt.

“Me too!”

A child walked up to the front, and he was the one that previously knocked over that fat cow. His name was Shi Meng, and within his family he was number two. His nickname was Er Meng, and he actually had quite a rather thick and sturdy figure. He was only eight and a half years old.

With a weng sound, the copper cauldron left the floor and was gradually lifted up into the air, causing everyone to be shocked and startled. This was still a child, yet he could actually lift it to such a degree! It was extremely shocking.


Unfortunately, he was not able to lift it above his head, and his two arms were already shaking. He released it with a honglong sound, and a large pit remained where the cauldron stood as granules of earth flew everywhere.

After seeing so many people give it a go, all of the other kids were eager to give it a try as well. In this way, each kid walked up and tried to move the cauldron, however, not a single person succeeded.

A big child with thick eyebrows and big eyes named Shi Dazhuang walked forward. After taking in a huge breath, he used his strength to grab one of the cauldron’s handles and one of its legs. He exerted all of his strength, and only then did it get successfully get lifted above his head.

Although his arms were slightly shaking and both his legs were slightly staggering, he finally succeeded, causing all the adults to exclaim in astonishment. This was because this child was merely nine years old, and could be claimed as being naturally born with divine force!

“Dazhuang performed really well! In the future he will definitely be incredible!”

“This is only a nine-year old baby. Being able to lift roughly 1000 jin’s worth of weight, there aren’t many people of his age who are comparable to him. In the future, he will inevitably be one of this region’s most powerful individuals!”

The adults were naturally not stingy with their praises as they showered Er Meng with endless encouragement. This was because he almost succeeded as well, and his strength was astonishing.

Several elders were smiling as well. The amount of effort they put in over these last few years were not wasted. The true blood of fierce beasts were often used to forge and discipline these children’s bodies. Now that these results were visible, in the future, Stone Village will have many ferocious individuals.

“Little guy, why are you poking your head around? Do you want to give it a try as well?” Some of the adults teased.

Within the crowd, there was a small child curiously looking around, and that was precisely the little guy. Now, he had finally received the name Shi Hao. His figure was still extremely small, and he had to tiptoe while pushing into the crowd to see the big kids lift the cauldron.

“That’s right. Everyone says that little Hao has so much limitless divine force that it is astonishing. Although his age is a bit young, he should come and try it as well. Don’t lift up the cauldron first, come and grab this stone lock.”

Someone lifted his head and said, “Listening to my child words, little Hao Hao’s strength is not any less than theirs. I never believed them, and now that there’s an opportunity, the little guy should come and try it out.”

Shi Hao was now three and a half. His jet-black hair fell down to his shoulders, and his big eyes were black, brilliant, and extremely lively. He was white and clean, pretty and cute.

The little guy looked toward the several Elders who had smiling expressions on their faces. Shi Yunfeng said, “Go, I also want to see how much strength you possess right now.”

Ya, hey!” Shi Hao was still extremely small, and the sounds he made while using his strength were naturally soft and immature. However, he effortlessly lifted the big stone roller.

“Not simple!” The others all nodded their heads.

Afterwards, he also lifted up a stone grindstone plate and suddenly threw it. With a sou sound, that heavy stone tool looked like it was a common piece of rock that was casually tossed aside, flying a total distance of over sixty or seventy meters.

With a hong sound, the grindstone plate smashed into the ground and produced a huge ditch, causing sand to fly in every direction. The dust rose everywhere, and the ground violently trembled.

Everyone stared blankly, and were unable to say anything.

Following that, the little guy suddenly ran towards that black fat cow, and quickly used his strength to grab one of its horns, directly caused it to fall towards the ground.

Although his strength was used with skill, it still meant that his strength was extraordinary. Accompanied with the sound of gasping, the villagers felt that they were looking at a small fierce beast that was showing off its power. This was truly a shocking sight.

You have to understand that the current little Shi Hao was still really young, and that he was the shortest inside the village. No matter how you looked at it, he still looked like a small baby, and it was hard to associate his body with his immense strength.

Under the shocked expressions, Shi Hao walked towards the large cauldron and tried to stand up as tall as he could. It was impossible for him to grab the cauldron’s handles, and so he directly crouched down his little body to prop up the base of the cauldron. Soon after, he abruptly used his strength, and with a honglong sound, the bronze large copper was lifted up above his head.

Everyone there was stupefied and could not believe what they were seeing. A three and half year old child could actually lift up the thousand jin copper cauldron! This was simply too ridiculous.

What in the world is this? This is like a child of the Legendary Golden-Winged Peng1, almost like a pure-blooded Pi Xiu Emperor’s son. Little Shi Hao might be comparable to a real young ancient fierce beast!

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