8 thoughts on “PW Chapter 160!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. LOL! Pika……. hahaha! WOW! This guy must be very busy lately!….. Sigh… I wonder when will he have some break time….. You need to relax some more brother…. and keep translating~! (It’s Ironic by the way~!)

    I can’t find the exact word on how to describe this….

    1. Because you know…. if I can’t even read a single novel in a single day….. I started writing my own….. LOL! and just keep rolling while hugging my feet in a certain corridor…..

      1. i don’t know what to do… I open up the raw and i dont feel like doing anything. When I start working on it, something interrupts me OTL

        1. This is procrastination… maybe splitting a chapter in 6 parts and translating one part at a time would help.
          Pika, you need to find your own translation pace, the one that can handle your real life scheduling. Do what you can do before doing what you wish to do (translating at super speed and emptying the queue)

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