PTO: Chapter 228 – EPILOGUE (2)

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Chapter 228 – EPILOGUE (2)

“Tashaquil! What are you doing dot?”

“Huhu, impatient gnome. Wait and see.”

“Why are you so urgent?”

“I am hungry dot!”

Tiyo, Anor, and Tashaquil were standing in the middle of a clearing. A few years had passed since the grey god tried to destroy the world. Tiyo and Anor traveled the continent as they continued the search to find Hedor.

“What are you doing now dot?”

“I met a monster.”

One more person emerged from the bushes. He wiped the blood stains off the pair of swords. Driden. He also traveled the continent with Tiyo and Anor.

“Ogres are slow.”

Crockta disappeared but his legacy still remained in the world.

With the effort of the shamans, the north was fully opened. Under the cooperation of the northern chieftain Surka and Zelkain, the apostle of the world tree, the north began an exchange with the continent. Now it wasn’t uncommon to see species from the continent in the north or northern orcs on the continent.

“By the way,” Driden was also in a hurry. “I can’t see a house like Tashaquil said. What happened, Tashaquil?”

He glared at Tashaquil. Tashaquil smiled bitterly at the dark looks from both the gnome and dark elf.

“You didn’t do this when there was Crockta…”

“Crockta is gone dot!”

“I only respect results.”

Anyway, they came to the great forest for one reason. The shaman Antuak, who reached the heights of a demigod. It was in order to meet him. Tiyo’s group pursued Hedor and realized that the clue led to Antuak.

The only one able to track Antuak was Tashaquil, so they asked him to find his teacher. That’s why Tashaquil joined Tiyo’s party. Tashaquil’s magic was saying that Antuak was here. It was clearly this place. However, neither his teacher or his home was visible.

“He is your shaman teacher, what complete nonsense dot.”

“An empty wagon makes the most noise. How disappointing.”

“Isn’t it time to retire dot?”


In Basque Village, the disciples would shut up in Tashaquil just coughed. Now this gnome and dark elf were treating him like this. It was sad. Tashaquil missed the warrior Crockta.

“Cough! These guys. Wait and see.”

Tashaquil closed his eyes and concentrated. Antuak was here. Antuak was someone with a higher understanding in the power of space and time than the gods. It was obvious that he created his own space by overlapping dimensions. He was here but also somewhere else.

Tashaquil used magic. He began to explore the surroundings with magic power. He was the blue guardian of the sunrise, the pale blue standard bearer who guided the shamans, Tashaquil. There was nothing that he couldn’t reveal.

Tashaquil was determined. HIs magic power started to strip away at the edges of the dimension. Any other shaman would be crying out with amazing at the sight!

Sweat covered his forehead.

“What are you doing dot?” Tashaquil opened his eyes at the sudden sound. “Why are you just standing there? Come quickly dot!”


A house had appeared in a spot where there was nothing. Antuak opened the door and was welcoming Anor and Driden. Antuak had revealed himself.

Tiyo shook his head, “I can’t believe Crockta called him a great shaman dot…”


He was speechless. Tashaquil couldn’t say anything. Antuak welcomed his guests and student.

“It has been a while, Tashaquil.”

“This is the first time since that day. Teacher.”

He was referring to the day when Crockta defeated the grey god and saved the world from destruction.

“Your wife…”

“Ah, Aruna?” Antuak smiled. “She is resting in the temple of the goddess of mercy. For the time being, she needs to be immersed in the holy water there.”

“Ahh, I’m glad.”

It was thanks to the grey god. She fell to another dimension and used Elder Lord to return to this world. Thus, her understanding about different dimensions expanded.

She might’ve sinned, but she was also a divine person and an important part of this world. She received the sentence of being detained in Olympus, but Antuak, who was recognized as a demigod, met her and asked for advice about Aruna.

The grey god told him how to save Aruna and Antuak finally succeeded in rescuing his wife. The day she opened her eyes, all the flowers in the world forgot about the seasons and bloomed.

“I would like to say hello to her.”

“We will go together when it is time. She also wants to see you.”

Tashaquil smiled. A beautiful bouquet was placed on the bed where she once lay.

“Then why did Crockta’s friends come to see me?” Antuak asked.

At Antuak’s question, Tiyo wiped his mouth and stopped eating the soup that was served.

“Antuak! Do you perhaps know Hedor?”

“Hoh…Hedor…you look a lot like him. Are you related to Hedor?”

“Hedor is my father dot!”

Antuak burst out laughing at TIyo’s words.

“Kulkulkul, yes, Hedor’s son. Indeed.” He nodded. “Indeed, the bloodline hasn’t gone anywhere. Hedor is the greatest adventurer I’ve ever known. It isn’t surprising that his son helped save the world. Kulkul.”

“Do you know my father dot?”

“I know.” Antuak looked at him with a strange expression. “If you are looking for him, you will need me.”

“Where is my father dot?”

“In a world that only I know.”


After the day where he separated from Crockta, Tiyo had been upset for a while before moving. He decided to find his father Hedor. Anor happily followed him and Driden joined. They had traveled the world, following Hedor’s trail.

From Orcrox, the trail led again to the empire in the south. Then from the empire to the north. They wandered around the areas outside the maps. Hedor’s trail was hard to catch. Eventually, they received a clue that led to Antuak.

“I think we finally got it. Tiyo!”

Anor shouted with a completely empty bowl in front of him. Driden nodded.

“Your father is a gnome but keeps wandering around everywhere. Really, it is tiring.”

Hedor was an adventurer who explored the north before it was opened and wandered all over the world. Then where the hell was he now?



“Collected ancient relics and…’


Tiyo, Anor and Driden focused on Antuak. Antuak smiled.

“He went beyond this dimension.”

The faces of the trio became strange.


Dimensional movement. They followed him to islands not on a map and broke through nameless mountain ranges. They struggled with monsters that they saw for the first time in their lives. The group overcame many risky situations and barely reached here. But now it was dimensional movement.

“My wife Aruna failed, but he succeeded. He gathered the ancient relics, opened the wall between dimensions and entered a new world. I don’t know when he will come back.”

“W-W-Where…another dimension?”

“That’s right.”

“What dimension dot?”

The stunned Tiyo shouted. Antuak shrugged.

“Well…before he left, he told me…it was…”

“It was?”

“It is known as ‘Earth.’ I don’t know it very well.”

Everyone was frustrated. The scale was too big. The adventurer Hedor, what the hell was he doing?

Tiyo hit his head on the table before looking up.


He was laughing crazily. Anor and Driden looked at him with fearful eyes. Tiyo’s eyes were bright with madness.

“Then it can’t be helped dot.”

“D-Don’t tell me…?”

“Wait. Tiyo. Slow down.”

“Go dot!” Tiyo shouted. “We will go there, to another dimension dot!”

Anor and Driden tried to stop Tiyo. However, Antuak spoke again.

“I don’t know it, but I heard the name again while talking to the grey god.”


“The place called Earth…” Antuak smiled. “Crockta is also there.”

Crockta. Their friend was there. Anor, who was blocking Tiyo’s mouth, lowered his hand. Driden let go of Tiyo’s hands. At that moment, the decision was made. They would leave for a new dimension.

“But in order to go there, you need to find ancient ruins and collect artifacts. They are in very dangerous places, with many monsters moving around. Hedor almost died many times.”

“It doesn’t matter dot!” Tiyo jumped up.

He shouted to Crockta at the moment of parting. ‘I will see you again.’ He wasn’t like Crockta, who left without keeping his promise. Manly Tiyo. The man who upheld his promises. He would find his father and meet Crockta again. In the dimension called ‘Earth!’

“Let’s go dot! Everyone be prepared!”


“It can’t be helped.”

They joined their hands together. It was a hot scene.

Tashaquil muttered at the sight, ‘Too young.’

“What are you doing, Tashaquillll!”

Tiyo shouted. Tashaquil jolted with surprise.


“Quickly put your hand in! Let’s go dot!”

“No, I only came to help for a bit…”

“Another dimension dot! You are coming too! Come on! An adventure dot!”

Tashquil raised his hand with a grouchy expression. Thus, the ‘dimensional expedition’ team was formed.

“Go dot!”

“Let’s go!”

“I have a debt.”

“No, I, wait…”

They would leave. For a new world. To meet Hedor and Crockta!





“What is it?”

“No, this face looks familiar. This person?”

Ian cocked his head. A short man had just passed by. He was a small man dressed nicely in foreign clothes. It was an appearance that seemed familiar, but Ian wasn’t sure from where.

“Hrmm, who is he?” Ian wondered before smiling awkwardly at the woman next to him. It was a face he always looked at, but it was unsettling so close up. His heart pounded and his face reddened.

“Oppa, do you know a lot of people?”

Ian didn’t have many close relationships. It was true. But he felt somewhat dissatisfied when she pointed it out. So he pouted and said, “I know a lot.”

“Who? Yiyu?”

“There is Hayeon and…”


Ah, he said the wrong thing. The woman, which was Yeori, stiffened. Ian placed a hand on her shoulder and laughed.

“Hahaha. It’s cold. It is already autumn. Isn’t that right?”

“…Take off your hand.”


Yeori continued to be stiff in front of his attempts at humor. In the end, Yeori smiled once.

“You smiled, didn’t you?”

“No? Does Hayeon-ssi like these type of old-fashioned jokes?”

“She’s just a friend.”

“Then I will go and meet my friends. There is the intelligent Mincheol and Gyeonghwan has been contacting me lately…”

Ian’s face stiffened. But she was unfazed, unlike Ian. Yeori smiled and grabbed Ian’s arm tightly.

“Oppa. Why? Are you jealous?”

He couldn’t resist it when she acted like this. Ian started laughing.

She asked, “Is Yiyu doing well?”

“She’s the same. Right now, she’s busy preparing for a job interview. Oh, she’s also going to a private school for interview tips. I guess it’s hard to get a job these days.”

“It’s tough, even my friends are also struggling. I was lucky to meet a nice boss like you.”


“You’re the best.”

The two looked at each other and smiled. At that moment.

[Isn’t this a good picture?]

Ian frowned. It had been a year since the Elder Lord incident. People tried to find out who Crockta was, but he didn’t reveal himself. Over time, the Elder Lord situation was gradually forgotten. The fact that so many lives almost died also dulled. The world started flowing normally again. But one thing hadn’t changed.

[I’m bored.]

The grey god. He still had a connection with her. How was she still able to talk to Ian? According to her words, her efforts to return to her original world had resulted in the boundaries between dimensions loosening. Anyway, the grey god was very happy about the situation. She was imprisoned in Olympus, so she was bored and had nothing to do except talk to Ian.

Ian sighed and whispered, “Don’t talk to me because I am on a date.”


“Nothing. I’m talking to myself. What movie did you want to see?”

“It’s called ‘The Uncle who Returned.’ The protagonist is called Lee Jungmin. Ah, I am lucky today. Lee Jungmin is really handsome.”

The grey god kept talking,

[Ian. In fact, I have something to say.]

“I’ll buy the tickets. Can you wait?”

“Let’s go together. Why do you want to go alone?”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Umm. I understand. The popcorn is caramel flavor. The drink is Cola!”


Yeori sat down at a table in front of the cinema kiosk while Ian went to the bathroom. He entered a toilet stall and spoke to the grey god.

“What’s going on?”

[Don’t be angry.]

“I am angry.”

[Then I won’t speak.]

“There is no time so tell me quickly.”

The grey god was lonely after being confined. The grey god hesitated before saying.

[I understand. I fell into your world… you know I tried a lot to get back right?]

Ian’s face became serious. The grey god wouldn’t repeat her story for no reason. It also hurt her. He had a bad feeling.

Ian asked, “So?”

[So…the walls between dimensions are much looser than before. It seems like someone has nudged it.]

“What does that mean?”

[There is a possibility that a third dimension will be opened. I can’t say exactly what, but it might cause problems in your world. It isn’t normal that we can keep talking to each other.]

Ian cocked his head. It was a serious but still unknown story.

Thus, Ian decided to forget about it for the moment.

“I understand. Don’t talk to me anymore because I am watching a movie.”

[Movie? Ah, I want to see it as well. When it is over, you should explain it to me.]

“That isn’t going to happen.”

[Who is the protagonist?]

“Lee Jungmin.”

[Wow. I’m envious. He is unbelievably handsome.]

Ian ignored her. He watched the movie with Yeori. The contents of ‘The Uncle who Returned’ weren’t much, but the main character was impressive. His visuals and presence weren’t lacking. He really was a protagonist worthy of a movie.

The credits started playing. They exited onto the streets along with the other audience members.

“The movie was good. Should we eat dinner?”

“Okay. What do you want to eat?”

“Let’s think about it while walking.”

They walked side by side. The screens on the street that only showed Elder Lord was now playing the news.

-It has been a year since the Elder Lord incident. However, the victims’ wounds still don’t seem to be healing. There are still those experiencing symptoms, such as seeing the status window. 

The reporter Park Gidae said.

The virtual reality game that wowed the world had completely ended. The officials of Elder Saga Corporation were also arrested. They were punished for using ‘Albino’, an AI system that they knew nothing about.

Everyone thought the situation was completely over. However, there were those who still suffered damage after time had passed. They all had the same symptoms. They saw the ‘status window.’

Ian had thought it was just a mental problem caused by trauma. But he had an ominous feeling after hearing the grey god’s words. Did this happen because the wall between dimensions was loosened? Were they really seeing the status window?


“Yes. I was just thinking for a second.”

“You have many thoughts today. What were you thinking about?”


“Ah! Don’t do that, really! I don’t like it.”

“Okay, okay. How about hot soup and rice for dinner?”

“There is no real atmosphere.”

“You hate pasta.”

“Is there only atmosphere with pasta?”

They argued while walking down the street. At that moment. Ian stopped walking.

Yeori pulled his arm and asked, “What is it?”

“Move back.”


“Go back over there.”

Ian gritted his teeth. His ominous foreboding feeling was never wrong. Ian could see it.

It was shaking. Space and time.


People detected the abnormality and began to scream. The crowd scattered. The grey god’s urgent voice was heard.

[Ian! This is what I was saying. So…]

Ian looked at the road. The dimension was opening. A hand protruded and demolished the dimensional wall, widening the gap. Beyond that, the roar of a beast was heard.

A monster. It was a monster Ian had never seen before. It was like a demon climbing up from hell.

“What is this?”

“Oh my god!”

“Call the police!”

People screamed. It was an unreal sight. This wasn’t Elder Lord. It was Earth. But monsters appeared here.

“Are they filming a movie?”

“Does that make sense?”

“Then what does make sense? Call the police, no, the army!”


The monster emerged completely. When compared to the world of Elder Lord, it was big enough to become an ogre. However, its whole body was shedding a black liquid. Two red eyes, like a giant insect.

It looked around. Then it smiled. The monster looked like it had found fun prey.


It struck with a screech. Cars flew through the air. It was the overwhelming destructive power. The street was on fire. Ian turned around. Yeori was trembling and couldn’t move. He grabbed her shoulder and tried to run away with her.

It was at that moment,


The scream of a young child rang out. Ian looked back.  A child was hanging from the monster’s claws. The child cried and called for her mother. The woman who seemed to be her mother was screaming.

The monster’s mouth opened. The child’s head neared it. It would soon chew and swallow the child.

The monster rolled its eyes and grinned. It was a mocking gaze. Ian’s hair rose as he felt anger. However, he was Jung Ian. He wasn’t Crockta. He didn’t have the power to crush monsters. This was reality. But he didn’t turn back.


He realized. He had already started running.

“Run away first!” Ian shouted.

Yeori called out from behind him, but his legs didn’t stop. He was running towards the monster. He couldn’t stop.


‘Are you alive?’

They were watching him.

‘You might die. However, it is better to die than to not live.’

They were talking to Ian. He ran at full speed. The monster saw him. It aimed at Ian with the one hand that wasn’t holding the child. A strong feeling of death passed through him. However, there was no turning back.

The monster’s claws descended towards him. The sense of death went down his spine. At that moment. Something filled his field of view.


[Status Window

‘Northern Conqueror, Empire’s Deficit, Defeater of the Gods, Great Warrior Crockta’ Jung Ian, Warrior.

Level: MAX

Achievement Points: MAX

Assimilation: MAX


God’s Strength (Myth)

Revival (Myth)

Sword of God (Myth)

Fighting Spirit (Myth)

God’s Eyes (Myth)

Tattoo (Myth)

Roar (Myth)

Creatures Butcher (Myth)

Magic Power Induction (Myth)]


Tattoos began to appear on Ian’s body. Heat filled his whole body. The world slowed. Space and time accelerated and decelerated according to his will. The realm of the Pinnacle was in his grasp, with causality reversing with his will.

A longtime comrade appeared in his hands. God Slayer. He didn’t know how it happened. Someone might’ve arranged it, or the fate of the world might’ve been testing him again.

It didn’t matter. The wind was blowing in his ear and he heard the whispers of the world.

‘Our suffering is meaningful.’

He didn’t know.

‘In the end, we are worth it.’

He didn’t know. There was no need to know. Just…

This world that he belonged to. He would hold onto it as tightly as he could. He would fight now. In order to be alive!

Ian leapt forward and roared, “Bul’tarrr──────!”



One year after the virtual reality game Elder Lord ended its service, monsters started to appear through gaps in the dimension. They were impervious to modern firearms, and the only ones who could fight them had the same dimensional power, the old Elder Lord users.

They came to be called ‘hunters.’

“Mother, what is this?”

“Yes, sleep well my baby.”

“I see something strange. What is this? Status window?”


Planet Earth, the era of creatures. Open!

<The End>

Author’s Note:

Hello. This is Lee Jungmin.

I was able to continue writing this thanks to all the readers. If you haven’t read this story, it would be no different from me writing a soliloquy on a notepad. I sincerely thank all the readers.

This was my first proper novel so I was worried about how to end it. There were many lacking areas and some regrets, but thanks to your patience, I was able to complete it.

In addition, I would like to thank the editors, the team leader and the publishing company who gave me the opportunity and continued to believe in me. ㅜ ㅜ I gave them a lot of trouble.

This was my first monetized work and I hope you stayed to see the end of the brave warrior, Crockta.

I would like to speak a little bit. [Praise the Orc!] is finished, but my life isn’t over yet…ㅋㅋㅋ
I hope that you continue to follow Lee Jungmin, the keyboard worker who is still lacking skills.ㅜㅜㅋㅋㅋ
Then I will be preparing my next work. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t a world that continues or shares the world of [Praise the Orc!]. ^^
I will end the story of Crockta and his friends here. I’ll be back in the near future.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who read this.

Stay alive until we meet the next time…. Bul’tar…~~~~!

Translator’s Note:

Thank you to all the readers who stuck with this novel. Thank you to my editors Superposhposh and LD who helped out near the end. Praise the Orc was probably one of my favorite novels that I have translated so far. The author said that his next work won’t involve Crockta, but he does leave room for a sequel, so maybe he’ll come back to it later.

I haven’t decided my next novel yet. I am currently torn between two choices. I will  I say this every time, and people never listen, but no suggestions, please. Trust me, I know all the Korean novels that you would know and want to be translated and have probably already considered them or dropped them. (Cue dozens of comments asking me to translate something, with half of them probably not even Korean).

Anyway, I will continue translating BEM and will come back soon with the next novel to be translated.

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