PSA: Wuxiaworld Under DDOS

Hey guys, just letting you know that Wuxiaworld is currently under a large scale UDP DDOS attack. Linode has already nullrouted some of our IP’s, as the attack is so large that it was impacting their service and their other customers. As a result, the site may be slow and some services like the forum will be temporarily offline. We will keep you updated as things progress, and I will refrain from speculating on who is behind it.

EDIT: DDOS still ongoing, and still large enough that Linode’s other servers/nodes are impacted when our IP’s are not nullrouted. A DDOS of this size and magnitude… someone certainly has a large botnet or deep pockets.

EDIT2: DDOS over! Things should be back to normal. Destickying after a few hours if everything stays normal!

193 thoughts on “PSA: Wuxiaworld Under DDOS” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. F****** Qidian stealing off wuixaworld this is why all of us other Asians all hate china and their people.. I guess the authors of these books are good but the people of Qidian are a bunch of lazy a holes who have to steal 🙁 I have dropped novels that are now on Qidian after they moved from here like AGM. lets DDos Qidan and format their servers and ( Optional:hack their banks )

    1. And as it turns out any legal threats they spout are actually bs since they don’t own any of the novel’s on their site. Rather they’re owned by the authors and Qidian doesn’t have any right to strong arm people they way they are.

      1. I remember reading a post by a web novel author which said that the copyrights were sold to Qidian & not held by the authors. There might be exceptions & I’ve no idea if the copyrights sold to Qidian also include the ones for international publications, etc.

        1. They forgot that even translations DO have a copyright value for the translator group, so that they can’t just ctrl+c ctrl+v them so easily.
          Maybe they just think they would earn more by stealing than paying the fine (sue). (like what big companies usually do)

          1. Wait.. why all complete series on wuxia like issth QD etc was copied on qidian International?

        2. Electronic copyrights of the original works for the majority of their authors. Basically, they are the sole publisher for the novel online of the author’s original work.

          Now, when we talk about translations, that’s a whole different ballgame. While they are derivatives of the original work, due to the effort spend in creating them, they could, in essence, be considered original works of the translators.

          Basically, what Qidian did here is they said we have original copyrights to the chinese text. Thus, we will be stealing your translation that you refuse to sell to us.

          That is illegal since the translations does not belong to Qidian. The chinese text does. But Wuxiaworld doesn’t publish the chinese text.

          Also, AFAIK, Wuxiaworld have purchased the rights to do the translations. Thus, Wuxiaworld should be the sole publisher for their translations and Qidian cannot translate those novels for the 10 year contract period. After that, they should be able to do their own translations or purchase the translations from Wuxiaworld or tell Wuxiaworld to pay them again to continue to show translations on their site.

    2. Hey, hey, hey let’s not jump to conclusions too early, DDOS is fairly common and it doesn’t mean Qidian is behind this. Even script kiddies can do this. Maybe someone doesn’t like how a chapter gone or something like that 😀
      I also don’t thing that other asians are racists and hate chinese people or china itself, I’ve a fair amount of asian friends (I’m from west of asia) and nobody hates china more than other countries.
      Qidian is a typical money-grubbing company like any other, read news what apple does with apple pay in china and you will see. They are companies and don’t care about reader unless it means money.

        1. That is not true
          I am Indonesian
          The truth
          Only minorities hate china and christian
          Only 10% of Indonesians are racist
          The reality
          I have many friends of christian and chinese

          1. Only minority hate USA, GB and all the western civilisation in Russia, too. The point is, it’s some really socially active, loud mouthed and government backed minority at that…

        2. i’m indonesian and i dislike your statement, only few people hating chinese and christian, that’s only at media. actually, we living at harmonize. so please becarefull with your comment.

        3. Dude, please don’t spout irresponsible comment like this. While it’s true that some Chinese are annoying, that’s not because of their nationality but their own personality itself. I have a lot of Chinese friends and am getting along with them just fine.

          1. I think your comment might be worse in terms of inherent racism.
            (Or maybe I misunderstood your first sentence)

            At least the first guy was being general, even though it is due to a loud minority, it is undeniable that there is an alarming amount of people who are like that.

          2. Also.. lol.. sorry, not trying to start a fight.

            I just felt that the “although some chinese are annoying” seems like loaded with other stuff.

            And I don’t think what that guy said is that bad but clearly he is a bit less informed and he has kept his distance to it so I guess it can be brushed off as being careless.

        4. I’m Indonesian and I can tell you why many Indonesian hates Chinese.

          It’s wealth. Poor native Indonesians envy and hence hates newcomer Chinese – this doesn’t apply on on long term and poor Chinese on places like Bangka and Belitong islands.

          Similar cases happens on other ethnicities like how the newcomer from Madura island were hated by natives in Sumatra island (both islands are Indonesian) or how newcomer Turkey were hated in Germany for stealing native’s job because they’re willing to be paid less than the natives.

          The ethnicities is merely the cover, the fundamental is the hate between the have and the have nots, or some scholarly would call the clash of the classes (whatever classes you call them – white collar, blue collar, proletariat, etc). It’s misleading to treat it as clash between ethnicities, religions, etc, most conflicts are about money.

          PS: I’m poor Indonesian myself, so I see it from people around me and their motives are plain to see for me.

          1. hi, not all Chinese or Turkey or Madura peoples are bad and greedy… And you have to hate them… Some people from this places is also poor and some other rich. but no one know how their stories, some maybe look lazy like shit or greedy like a wolf, but you never know how their life before became like that… Some maybe so hardworking in his younger ages and some maybe so poor that they need to became a beggar and because some luck they became like now… we never know…

            The problem on Germany is not because they steal their job, but they just jealous for the Turkey or Asylum or Other Migrant because they want to work hard even though they got less and the Germany People doesn’t interest on the type of jobs that they do… but some people feel some threat that the numbers is keep increasing and they feels that the migrant is not so adapting with the native cultures…

            the feeling of poorness is not good, if you want to believe that you are poor, you will became poor in real life. If you want to believe that you have “fulfilled” in your life, do you will not feel poor anymore… For example that E-KTP case, many that corrupt people in the government is rich right? But they still steal the money from the people, and that means that they feeling poor in the inside and they always need for more money…
            Regarding the DDOS try install some honeypot and sandbox in your system and also IDS to prevent the DDos attack. with some configuration, you can create a blacklist ip address.

        1. China’s hacker troops are the oldest state’s hacker army in the world at some twenty years. They have the numbers and good average quality too.

          It was Bill Clinton that moved the CIA’s priorities from politics to economics, wasn’t it? Looks like they do use the economics sector to train their hackers for more important missions in China.

          1. it always helps when the COE of tencent ie qi’s owner is in fact part of the chinese communist party higher up

    3. Do you have a pay_pal account ? in case if you have you can create an extra 300 /week to your account working from home for 2 hours per day… check out…

    4. I hate china too mostly their government, but for entirely different reasons. The common folk in there are living normally too, and qidian is not some exception they are just a bunch of A-hole corp-orates who want everything under control.

      And all Asians hating china and there people is also false in respect to what I know, chinese movies and novels are acceptable all over the world( Acceptable at the very least) And if not for those novels you wouldn’t be here.

      P.S. Most of the chinese literature(Online ones) suck. RMJI and Ergen’s work are some exceptions, especially RMJI which is a written Masterpiece, beside the minority of even less than 1% of novels, there are not a single one that is worth reading on there site nor the translated ones, it is much better to play some games and read Korean and Japanese well written novels instead(watch anime if you want too). As most of the chinese have the same crap reskinned for the new and the old audience, the translators should abandon most of there novels except the selected few.

      P.S >P.S. They are too big and by the end most novels lose their lustre(Biggest example being ISSTH), it will be much more appreciated to that the translator work on small and more morally right novels with less racism and propaganda.

      The translators on wuxiaworld don’t host any novels like those kind that I mentioned above, but they should reconsider it.

      .P.S.>P.S>P.S I am from India and the chinese are always advancing in our territory so you should understand my hatred. And there greediness to start a war.(Though I know they are doing this to just make us annoyed.)

      1. I read RMJI up to around chapter 1700 and had to give it a break. I agree that what is currently translated is a fantastic story, but later the arcs feel repetitive and it seems like the author falls into a rinse and repeat routine like so many others. I was definitely impressed with the first half of the story, why else would I have read into the 1700s? But I might not finish it.

        1. P.S. Guys I was banned from Wuxiaworld Forums too….. Though I am not angry as it was I who trolled first( That didn’t spread many flames to my dismay), but that was one time thing and I was trying to live my past.

          For now I just want to post my own stories and don’t know how to contact a mod? For now I am using Royal road to post my stories, but due to my search for a larger audience I wanted to post here. SO can anyone give me contact info of a mod, I will send an apology and see if it works, if not I will have to find other ways.(Age 19years can’t pay my own bills so searching to make some by stories and part time) P.S. I was banned less than a week ago.

      2. Quite frankly most webnovels from every country are not particularly good. It’s why they’re writing webnovels not published authors. That’s ok though, I go into them knowing i’m going to read a pulpy cliche story that is nevertheless fun to read. The only CN story I’ve read so far that I think is actually really well written is ZTJ, although I’ve heard the ending is a disappointment, and of course there are probably a few I’ve simply never read or had poor translations so I couldn’t tell they were good. I don’t think I’ve ever actually really thought anything KR or JP was well written that wasn’t actually an LN not a WN. Hell, I can only think of a few English WNs that are any good, Wildbow’s stuff and Mother of Learning off the top of my head.

        1. MoL is really good no questions about it. There are also some good stories in RoyalRoad like Savage Divinity or Iron Teeth. I didn’t had a story that meet all my needs but there are good stories nevertheless. ISSTH was a good one, DD is a classical Wuxia and good. There are many fanfics in Japtem that were very very good but got dropped because the author didn’t had much time. If you want to read some dropped stories and cry that there will be no new chapters: Monster-Less, Grave of the goddess, Re:Horn (very humorous) and many others.
          If you don’t want to harm yourself try active stories in Royalroad. Cheers

      3. Japan…
        Omamori Himari.
        “I’m a Spider, so what?”

        Isn’t Japan the motherland of rannobe? 😉 But I don’t have a good source of these titles at my hands now.

        Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
        Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon
        Book Eating Magician
        – here
        * Evolution Theory of the Hunter
        * I Grow Stronger by Dreaming
        The Gamer.
        The Gamer started the new direction. Ultimate Evolution in Korea, for once. Same ICDS. But all these Gods and Devils world, Terror Infinity and other China’s rannobe follow the Gamer mechanics too.

        1. The Gamer i take it you’re talking about the manhwa ( as not seen a LN for it) as i do have to say that was my 1st korean read i love it , it’s a great webtoon

        2. Thanks for suggestions.
          ATD is dropped and for good, the story was getting it’s way with Plot Armor.
          BEM is good but also it’s too “easy” the MC got super strong with practically no effort.
          The Gamer as I assume Manhwa from Naver was good, but now there is no story, no world building, no training just harem and slice of life. It’s just boring.
          I Grow Stronger by Dreaming seems interesting, I assume it’s like The Arcane Emperor? If you didn’t read it I strongly recommend.
          Evolution Theory of the Hunter… isn’t it a new LMS or Ark? I hope it’s good, I don’t like cheat like skills, I don’t like harem and I don’t like “MC is so poor he is against rich bastards so he must be a good guy” logic.

          Anyways I will look them up thanks. I you didn’t read them I suggest some original stories like Arcane Emperor, Savage Divinity, The Good Student.

        3. @tristus nah bro eth got nothing to do with lms or ark the story go in a world where dungeons appeared here the synopsis :In a world of dungeons and monsters you can become strong if you merely have enough money.

          Rare skillbooks that can magically upgrade your skills in an instant are sold at exorbitant prices. So only the privileged and rich are able to buy their way to become hunters – a much revered occupation that allows one to enter dungeons and hunt monsters.

          Our MC is a porter, a sort of caddie for hunters. He dreams of one day becoming a hunter when he comes into possession of a skillbook.

          But the skill is a level 0. Something unheard of. No one wants it. People laugh at it. But he learns the skill – only to find that it may be the most amazing one yet.

      4. A number of those stories you mentioned had been certified as crap by a lot of novelupdates reviewers, and I agree after reading them. From your choices, I see that you like genres with skill/status windows in them…so my suggestions are kinda limited (but I’ll throw in a few non-game related ones just in case you want to give them a try).

        Overlord (LN, the characters have depth, unlike most cookie-cutter JP novels, also has good politics) <– You'd have to google a bit harder to find the translation for volume 10/11, there's a link in reddit somewhere
        Death March (WN, a harem OP MC standard, but the MC is rather likable, unlike most of the others in its genre)
        Death Mage Who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time (MC does not act in a cliche JP manner, and is pretty fun to read, it also contains a considerable amount of slice of life elements)

        Non-Game Related:
        To Aru Majutsu No Index (currently has 2 seasons with close to 40 volumes, amazing world-building and consistency with intelligent and sophisticated battles involving a lot more than raw strength. Might have to look around a bit harder to locate the earlier volumes online due to licensing)

        The Book Eating Magician (available on this site, pretty good so far)
        ICDS (available on this site, the writing isn't amazing but it's a lot of fun)
        Everyone Else is a Returnee (same author as ICDS, same style with similar good points)
        The Tutorial Is Too Hard (A bit bland imo, but better than the average of its genre)
        Max Level Newbie (Lots of grinding, very game-ish, but interesting to read so far)
        The World After The Fall (Just 11 chapter so far, but seems promising)

        The Amber Sword (has a convoluted game system which you can totally ignore, with great story, MC and action)

        I might've missed a few others… but this list is what I can remember off the bat. Hope you can at least find something you'd like from here.

        1. Thanks for suggestions. Sorry for not making it clear, I read many genres it doesn’t need to be game/skill page genre but there are some things that I don’t like: OPness, Harem, Black/White worlds and most of them is Plot armor, I hate Plot armor.

          I had Overlord and Black March in my reading list but I dropped before beginning because somebody told me MC is too OP.
          To Aru Majutsu No Index seems interesting, I love good world building.
          I’m reading BEM (even supporting as Patron) but the story is going in a very bad way, development is too fast, no struggles, everything goes with Plot armor.
          ICDS I didn’t read maybe I’ll do, I read the synopsis and didn’t liked it.
          I’ll look up to others too. But 11 chapters are no good. If you think about it many stories begin with good potential. You need at least 50 Chapters to even understand the way Author wants to go.

          Yesterday I started reading Godly Hunter. It’s also a VRMMO but it’s much better than I initially thought. But the technical details are killing me, this author has at least played some games (but don’t understand many technical details)

          I also read many original stories (from Gravity and royalroad) many of them are better than cheap stuff that you get. Savage Divinity is like a Wuxia but much better, Arcane Emperor is a good “Transported to another World” story. Bound Dungeon and The good Student are also good. And you can always speak to author himself if you feel that he makes something terribly wrong. (Which most likely never happens as the authors know the things that we discuss here).

      5. – Most of the japanese novels fall on cliques: autistic MC and annoying girls.
        – Most of the korean novels fall on drama: a nosebleed means instant death due to cancer, and MC will fail all the attempts on doing anything because everything must be “too dramatic”.
        – Most of the chinese novels fall on repetition: the same sentence is repeated over and over across any chapter (beside giving “face” to second/third-rate characters that should just directly be oneshoted)

        I checked and started reading several chinese novels, but, in the end, only ISSTH/AWE/WMW were the only ones I didn’t drop. (I have yet to check RMJI, DD and BTTH’s novels)
        Their quality is way too high in comparison to almost all the remaining novels up there.

        What about JP novels to begin with? Well, most of the translations are cut off due to copyright, and YenPress is slow af and mostly just for US. (an almost-similar wuxiaworld business model would be gold for jp novels: getting access to the translations immediately after pay, even if the translation is ongoing… instead of waiting 6 months later)

        What about JP animes? There are more than 1 hundred of animes per year, but less than 10 of them are actually worth to be considered.

        PS. On the western: chinese movies are almost ignored, and chinese novels were unknown until nowadays when people started translated manhuas (TDG/BTTH/DD).

        1. Then my friend you haven’t read much novels and comics. There are a lot of good ones out there that though have been picked up by yen press and fan translation on sites have been banned. But people always find ways, the people have been translating yen press owned novels and posting on reddit through mirror links and cloud sharing sites. You don’t need to watch every anime, I only ever read romance comedy novels, never watching an anime with those themes. Annoying voiced girls…. They are lame seriously but I am lucky that I have only seen them on threads and youtube, all the anime I watch don’t have those annoying girls accept Tatsumaki(From OPM) I can handle her.
          And the ones with autistic MC are really annoying, but it is not bad writing the writers focused group is to relate to a bunch of social freaks/nerd or the writer himself is a social freak, wanting to live a false li(f)e and having lots of waifu’s though him being an op loser.

          And TDG/BTTH/DD are some of the bad comics according to me, they will only be famous with younger audience due to their bland storyline and paper cut MC’s. I know they are colored and stuff, but their art is really bland unlike the original chinese comics like Feng Shen Ji and World of Cultivation they are much better but them being a little strong on the narrative side with strong character depth and development are set aside. This is not due to them being bad, but the audience being stupid(I used to be one of them).

          P.S. the Thing about quality depends mainly on the translator as great translators like deathblade and RWX being well versed in native are able to convey meaning much more, there are a lot of novels like that. In the japanese side they have translators like SkyTheWood, and the Baka-tsuki group.

          Most of the korean novels are focused on magic and games, which is because of the gaming being so integrated in their culture, while their comics are totally different things. GO read the Tower of Gods or Noblesse you will find a totally different world(I stay away from ecchi and adult novels they suck). And as for my present fav Korean comic I will only say it 4-cut hero. it is truly unique with pervertness through the roof.(Not the kind of pervertness you may imagine.

          1. I read tons of novels/mangas, and several hundreds of animes, so I’m not the new arrived.
            Even though we’re not forced to watch any anime, most of them are like this.
            …And even the good ones usually fail on those points, even if it could be easily avoided.
            Even though there are people willing to translate those owned novels, there’s actually a huge limitation preventing many translators to pick them up.

            TDG has indeed a crappy art that shouldn’t even be seen. BTTH and DD are colorful enough to enchant many people.
            Whether they are top class or not, they are the main reason why chinese novels are getting very popular in the West nowadays.

            Yes, the quality of the translation depends on the translator, but the quality of the novel itself comes from the authors themselves.
            If the narration is filled with spamming repetitions, and other bad things, even a translator can’t save it.
            So in the end, a translator has the importart job to pick up a very good novel to translate to begin with.
            BakaTsuki’s translations were really good. It sucks that the jp industry killed it with several dmca after lightnovels became famous in the West thanks for them. (companies much more ugly than qi)

            Well, korean mahwas usually fail on drama (mostly netorare), even if they are talking about games and magics. (like the gamer and dice)
            Tower of Gods is one of the few who have less drama in comparison. I stop reading it at chapter 308, because the drama was triggering me.

        2. exactly my ideas, you forgot about OPness which is a big problem in most cultures:
          – Chinese: The authors care about face too so most MCs are too dignified to suffer terribly a notable exception being Ergen’s stories, RI has most realistic settings, MC can lose and lose terribly, ISSTH has silkpants not every rich people is shown as bad. Think about it from korean stories perpective
          – Korean: You forget about being rich problem, the MC is always poor, hates rich people, even if he gets rich it doesn’t change, rich people are scum period. I mostly read MMO genre ’til now with some exceptions as they are the most stories.
          MC must be fighting alone against guilds, soloing Boss’es etc. I mean come on it’s a MMO which game designer supports the idea of supporting solo characters? If there were no need for parties support characters would not be played, there were much less fighting spots for everybody and it doesn’t have social communication than. Why make it MMO? There are even books about this (I studied CS so I know my stuff)
          – Japanese: Most MC’s are too unique, I mean no other character/villain/rival has much of details uniqueness. Most people in such stories are just mob.

          To suggestions:
          DD is really good, only the translation is too slow. It’s a more classical Wuxia but I recommend it. RMJI is also good just a little bit more OPness but no junk.
          DON’T READ BTTH, it’s the same I’m OP, I’m cool stuff.
          I suggest you to read Renegade Immortal, it’s also a story from Ergen and it’s good.

          1. I read DD and started from beginning the only problem is the slow translation, I believe GGP translates it he has too much to do with other projects and site. I wish we could get 7+ chapters per week like ISSTH 🙁

      6. few of my favs are
        overlord , Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? , Dungeon Defense ,
        The Dark King….
        visit royalroad for more western fan novels

      7. Hi !

        Seeing as you seem to like to like stories that are worth their salt in terms of actual story writing instead of standard, over-the-top characters and MC’s, might I suggest a few novels to you. Most of these subvert the genres itself, or are an excellent example of, their topical fields (at least, in my humble opinion)-
        – Dungeon Defence (a genuinely smart MC and story, definitely worth read).
        – Your and My Asylum (Similar, but focusses a lot more on the psychological makeup of the characters, though the author does have a tendency to drag in the middle).
        – My Disciple Died Yet Again (subverts and makes fun of typical xianxia novels, but serious when it needs to be).
        – Spice and Wolf (both the novels and the anime, are bloody amazing, especially if you have some understanding of economics).
        – The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife (just plain, frikking, heartwarming).
        – Altina the Sword Princess (interesting-ish)
        – Ore no Seishun love-come ga machigatteriru (spell check) (high school angst satired like never before, the anime’s awesome as well)
        and of course, for a flat out laugh on the entire RPG trope – Konosuba (both anime and light novels)
        of course, these are taken from, Chinese, Japanese and Korean web/light novels, but I think they would fit your needs

      8. Have you tried reading, Legend of the Sun Knight or Half Prince which was fully translated by Prince Revolution a few years back? It was what brought me into the light novel scene, and I thoroughly enjoyed them, Legend of Sun Knight more than Half Prince.

        1. I won’t read Half Prince. Ever. I started it and dropped, too boring, too illogical. Sun Knight had a very interesting beginning and I find it humorous but the problem is, the author has it’s way with words and needs many words to describe even simplest things. I’m just impatient, I plan to read it when I go to vacation so it’s my emergency novel 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions through.

    5. 2 days ago on Qidian :
      This brings us to our announcement, previously, Qidian came to an agreement with Wuxiaworld over the authorizations of 20 Qidian novels. And today, as part of that agreement, we have decided to dual-host the 20 authorized novels on Our decision comes from our hope to see these translations spread to the largest possible audience and for more people to be able to enjoy these translations. Feel free to leave your questions and comments, we will do our best to answer them and make sure we keep you updated and informed.

      Truth ? Sorry i never went to Qidian before sooo . . .

  2. Just destroy whoever it is. They’re not enough to reach the Apex. Call upon Lin Ming, Chu Feng, Meng Hao, and the others. Contact those who have ascended to Invincibility (E.g. Linley Baruch)

    Let the war Begin!
    *Maniacal Laughter*

  3. QI wants to do this then I’ll read all their novels at readlightnovel. See if I go to their site. Still coming to WW to read the ones here though.

    1. F**k yeah, no more Qidian, and giving a very bad review on App Store and google play, I’m fed up with all this bullshit from Qidian f**k Qidian to death.

  4. I still read all of the good novels that’s released on Qidian, just not on their site 😛 I even support some good novels like Library of heavens path through Patreon and read them on there so i’m good. Hope Qidian HQ explodes or something

  5. HEY ALL! I just saw some updates on the QI website are there moves for a few more stories from this site? By the looks of it BTTH, HJC and a few seem to be changing over. I’m just wondering if there are any updates regarding tht

    1. it has been addressed in a previous post. they aren’t moving over, they are stealing without asking the translators permission. Ren is dealing with it which is why there is no DE for a while. The dark sect known as Quidan is being underhanded as per their reputation.

  6. Honestly anybody could DDOS wuxia but everyone would put the blame on QI (judging from the comment) and I’m no expection, so let’s not jump to early uncertain conclusion.

    1. with everything Qi has done in the last few days it not super surprising people accusing them although it could be other groups doing it using Qi as a cover i quess

    2. I agree with you. However, even if they didn’t initiate the DDOS attack they’re still despicable enough to literally steal translations. Like I saw they had AWE on their site with the translator listed as DB clearly showing that they just stole it and acted like it was fair play to host all of the chapters on the site (which gets them money instead of WW if it’s read on their site).

  7. This is not even really a matter anymore…Like really? Acting like spoiled children throwing a tantrum because they were trying to be overbearing and failed miserably. What is the world coming to…

    1. You think things that happen in novel (arrogant/overbearing but face slapped) are all made up? Well, well, look at what’s happening now 🙂 It’s template in CNovel for a reason… 🙂

  8. Thanks for the transparency as always. This is turning out to be a quite an eventful week.

    Although we all know who’s likely behind this (not certain, but IMO at least 90%), I suspect that Ren can’t call them out for this DDOS, because without evidence (which is impossible for this kind of thing) it could count as slander… (Or maybe I’m wrong; I honestly don’t know anything about law.)

  9. Is it even obvious. Do you really need to speculate? Firstly qidian stealing all the work done by the Translators of Wuxia World. And then trying to sound righteous with some shit like “We believe the fans should be able to read at a faster pace” and all that shit. No need to speculate it’s damn right Qidian. Why make it sound like you’re beating around the bush?

  10. I’d like to ask everyone who enjoys Wuxiaworld and the way they deal with things to launch a full-on assault on Qidian International if you are capable of doing so. Unfortunately, I haven’t studied anything regarding this topic, but if you are able to do any damage to them then please do so.

  11. Yesterday I noticed the site being slow and thought: “Hmm, i wonder it wuxiaworld is getting ddosed.” And lo and behold, it actually was. Hope you get it taken care of!

  12. While I wouldn’t be surprised if it was QI, we shouldn’t make assumptions. All that does is create more anger and therefore more wasted energy. Also, QI doesn’t deserve anyone’s attention. This kind of thing happens on sites around the world on a daily basis. It happens at least a couple of times per year at my company and you could easily say that you’ve never heard of where I work, most of the world hasn’t, yet they still get hit. Bigger sites are usually more fun for those attacking though, so something like WW probably looks delicious.

  13. If I am not wrong, WW is hosted on Hongkong servers, if that is correct then stop using Hongkong web servers.
    In china they are blocking all the VPN by feb 2018 so DDOS attacks will be harder as it need very large numbers of network connections and these DDOS most likely from china.
    Now come to another suggestion about them stealing your content –
    Your website needs to be overhauled to make it up to the modern stranded.
    > Use of push notifications when new chapters are added.
    > Use robots.txt to prevent bots crawling your content although it might also prevent search engines but
    there are already large number of people know WW so you don’t need search engine crawling new content.
    > Use algorithm which generates chapters URLS in random which could include number, letter or anything
    else, which could prevent any logic to copy chapters.
    > Forbid Right click or use your own custom context menu which will prevent content from page to be copied and
    > If possible use algorithm or tool to convert chapters into image which would prevent anyone to copy
    directly, they can still do it but it will be time taking as they need to write whole chapter, yah! there are OCR
    but use some wierd font which makes OCR less accurate.

  14. Hmph, this Qidian sect is courting death with their petty tricks…
    We have to call upon those who are skilled in the dao of formations to defend us from this!

    1. the short story: Q is one of the chinese publishers whom monopolizes the chinese market for these stories, QI is their ‘international’ division. WW had a contract with Q for the rights to be able to translate some of Q owned stories and publish them in english format. After a while of relative peace, cue disagreements between WW and QI about the handling of the english translated content, which are now the focus of the dispute. Relations have broken down into alleged attacks, and due to Non-disclosure agreements of the contract between Q and WW, the readers are unable verify anything worthwhile other than observing as it pans out.

      Major events includes QI demanding that WW forfeit all the english translation of Q novels while proceeding to ‘dual-host’ on their own website because the (undisclosed) contract allows them to. WW is accusing QI of breaking the (undisclosed) contract, and is pursuing them in legal action.

      1. I see. I thought something like this was gonna happen sooner or later. But Q will realize that it will be an mistake. For one thing they won’t be making as much money as they think they will.

        They are now international and not behind China’s Great firewall aka golden shield, so many more of their new readers will be using AD Block, in China ad block is banned so I’m thinking they forgot the rest of the world uses AD Block.

        Secondly most of the sites that translate Chinese novels like WW operate with donations and if met, any person can read the translations. Meaning not all it’s reader actually donate so if they were to put up an paid wall they will lose more than half of the current readers.

        Third pirate sites, their are many new Chinese novel pirate sites have begun popping out recently so even if legit sites like WW gets taken down those other sites will still be up and the readers will flock to these other sites. Plus taking down these pirate sites will be diffcult, I mean ask Japan on their opinion on Japanese Novel, Anime, and Manga pirate sites.

        And lastly with this development the hardcore Chinese Novel fans will know how Ql copy and paste the translations so they aren’t gonna go to their site knowing their hostory.

    2. QI is one of the companies in China who own the rights to distribute the novels we read here and elsewhere. As I understand it WW was given permission to translate and host 20 of their novels. Then they decided to make a website for English language distribution and they offered some of the translators here terms they were happy with to translate the novels on their site. Talks between them and WW broke down and now they are being underhanded and stealing translations, and if they aren’t responsible for this ddos I’d be surprised. I think that’s an accurate sequence of events but I could be wrong.

      There’s several other publishers who currently seem happy to work with WW so its not like you would ever be unable to find things to read here. If QI is stupid enough to have no consideration for face (I still remember Ren’s comment about his mom being concerned we would all think Chinese only cared about face lol!) then they will lose exposure on this website while their competitors get it instead.

  15. Hm, didn`t notice anything. But others sites that i visit, works too slow, greedy fools, they don`t want to buy new servers and it creates burden on servers or maybe it`s DDOS as well.

  16. I just saw the novels they(QI) stole from here and i have to say its first class plagiarism they even changed the cover photos of the novels, lol , its obviously the work of a professional (theif), and this attack is just them being shameless b*tchs

  17. WTH!

    Are there triads behind QI? Because they behave more and more like criminals instead of businessman.

    I knew there were some screw loose on them when they expected Wuxiaworld to hand over their works after WW paid QI for them (it’s like expecting the employees to pay the employer their salary), but stealing (they called it dual hosting) after DMCA so they will be the only one to host it, and now straight to DDOS???

    This is NOT Business. This is WAR!

    I hope someone raise the banner, for I don’t have the power.

      1. Someone with better communication skills will do better than me, at least.

        Well, many people are enraged with Qidian and they have many enemies in business for their lack of manner (and reason too, I think). I have just read the tencent (QI parent) vs 360 and how tencent lost their worth from their war there, QI seems to determined to lose whatever worth they have in translation business, too.

        I’d say it’s not about losing face, but self destructive manners of a suicidal company trying to swallow more than it can chew and got choken in the end.

  18. Yo guys check out Qidians newest update.

    Hello Thief Community,

    Thief International was founded on the belief that we would Steal a better experience for reading translated Chinese webnovels. We’ve made large strides in this Stealing Books, Being Feggots, DDOSING Wuxia World, and keeping a smooth and clean interface. In addition, on the other side of the spectrum, we’ve created a standard pay for translators so that translators can bring their translations to be more than just a hobby. But rather a stable part-time to even full-time job. Our vision is so that, one day, oversea readers have access to just as large as a library that the current Chinese readers do. (By paying money to read each book. That us the readers currently have for free but have the option to support the translators whenever we want to and have the spare money to do so.)

    This brings us to our announcement, previously, Qidian came to an agreement with Wuxiaworld over the authorizations of 20 Qidian novels. And today, as part of that agreement, we have decided to copy and paste the 20 novels on Our decision comes from our hope to see these Thefts spread to the largest possible audience and for more people to be able to enjoy these Stolen Translations. Feel free to leave your Hate and Rage, we will do our best to increase your hate for us and make sure we keep you updated and informed on all our future plans to illegally copy and paste novels from other websites.
    (We are also looking for people with experties in Copy and Pasting light novels that want to hit us up and PM everything so that their is no evidence left behind.)

    Thank you for your support,

    The team at Theft International

  19. Wow, sad. It’s really pathetic when people resort to dirty tricks like this. I’m glad you guys pulled through! Ren and staff have always been full of integrity, consistency, being kind and more. I really respect what you guys do and I’m happy that we can count on you to make it through all these trials 🙂

  20. WW and other sites contents and translations are still getting copy pasted on The-Site-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, did they really think that we’d flock to their site and just abandon our sect? Though I’m wondering what would be the response of Ancestor RWX and the other Forefathers regarding this attack.

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