Chapter 689 – Never cultivate in your life

The sky was blue like a roll of satin silk spread out. The few pieces of white clouds were like embellishment that made the blue silk even more beautiful.

Under the Quilian mountain small river extended down. It extends for several kilometers before entering a large river. There was a mountain village that was lush and filled with life.

“Back then the water in this river was sweet and sometime cloud would appeared on the Quilian peak. If someone could take a breath in the cloud it was said their body would become very healthy and not get sick for ten years!” A youth’s voice came from the mountain village.

This youth was about fourteen or fifteen years old and looked very boorish. At this moment he was talking to the seven or eight children before him about what happened five years ago.

“You all look at me when have I ever been sick in all these years. This was because my father took me to take a breath of the cloud. That taste, ah it was so comfortable.” The youth was very proud as he gestured and was speak vividly.

Beside him the seven or eight children all had their eyes wide open revealing a look of excitement. It was obvious they were all engrossed by the story and all wish they could go suck a mouthful of that cloud.

“Wang Pin among us you really are the one that should go suck a mouthful the most. Unfortunately after the heavenly grandpa became angry that cloud disappeared. Otherwise let your father to take you there and can guarantee you won’t be sick for ten years.” The youth’s gaze fell on a boy among the crowd.

This boy was about five of six years old. This face was pale and his body was weak. He was a lot shorter than the other children but was very handsome. If it wasn’t for his sickly appearance at this moment he would like as lovely as a porcelain doll. He wear a sweater, his eyes were filled with excitement and said “Brother Zhou I’ll ask my dad to take me there once I get home.”

The youth laughed and said “Uncle carpenter Wang is good at carving but the clouds on Quilian peak are all gone now so how can he take you. Listen to me it’s better if you all learn from me and learn sword art every day. This can help strength the body and when we grow up we can travel the martial world.”

The youth’s lofty ideals made the excitement in the other children’s eyes even stronger.

Just as the youth also became excited various calls came from the village.

The youth raised his head and sighed “Ok today’s martial art assembly is now over. Once we finish dinner we can begin once more.”

The children scattered with a hint of reluctance. The child called Wang Ping walked toward the village with excitement in his eyes. He could sometime look back a the Quilian peak.

As he walked a burly man came from the village. This person was very large holding military fork and arrow used by hunter with a deer over his shoulder.”

The burly man saw the child and smiled “Wang family’s little child did you go with my family’s kid to have some martial art assemble?”

The child shyly nodded and said “Greetings uncle Zhou.”

The burly man’s smile became even wider. He rubbed the child’s head and laughed “You are indeed the child of a craftsman. Not only are you more handsome but you know more etiquette than that smelly kid of mine. You are about to go home right? Let’s go, uncle Zhou will go together with you. I need to discuss something with your dad.”

The child quickly nodded and lead the burly man back to home. Not long after a simple house appeared in the northern end of the village. The child ran a few step and shouted “Dad uncle Zhou is here.”

A young man walked out from the house. This person looked very ordinary and had nothing special about him, not nearly as handsome as the child. When standing with the child many people won’t think they were father and son.

The youth wore a coarse linen cloth. His hand were filled with blister as he walked out the door and smiled “Big brother Zhou today’s harvest look good.

The child ran into the room and took out a white steamed bun. He arrived next to the young man, pull up a wooden stool, sat down, and began to eat.

The burly man named Zhou put down the deer and laughed “Brother Wang, I encountered this deer just as I went up the mountain. The harvest was not bad.”

The young man faintly smiled gently. He touched the head of the child and laughed “With big brother Zhou’s martial art it isn’t difficult to take down a deer.”

The burly man from the Zhou family laughed “Brother Wang the boy in my family is not small. In two more years I’m going to him a house for my daughter in law. This house is about to be built and just lack a set of furnitures. This I’ll have to bother brother Wang.”’

Wang Lin smiled and said “No problem, big brother Zhou can rest assure.”

The burly man from the Zhou family laughed “Ok, this deer will be the deposit.” With that he turned around and left.

Just as he left the child jump off the stool. He quickly arrived next to the deer and examine it left and right.

“Dad, uncle Zhou sure is powerful. He was able to hunt this kind of beast.”

The young man revealed a gentle gaze and smiled “Don’t look at it now. Ping Er it is time to take your medicine.”

The child sighed, he raised his head to look at the young man and said “Dad the medicine is very bitter…”

The young man came out of the room with a bowl filled with a white liquid. This liquid had no smell. The child frowned as he drank mouthfuls of the medicine. After he finished drinking his little face was frowning hard. He quickly ran to the water and drank a few time before finally dispelling the bitterness from his mouth.

“Dad when can Ping Er not have to drink this medicine?” The child looked back at his father.

This father and child were Wang Lin and Wang Ping.

Wang Lin’s gaze was gentle and softly said “Soon.”

Late at night the moonlight fell on earth as if a layer of silver silk was throw over the earth. The coolness of the moonlight began to spread causing the mountain village under the Quilian peak become silent.

Aside from a few weak barks there were no other sound.

Inside the room Wang Ping had already fallen asleep. Although his little face was pale but he was sleeping well. His mouth revealed a smile, clearly he was having a good dream.

Wang Lin sat next to Wang Ping. Thunder flashed between his brows. He slowly raised his right hand as the thunder moved from his brows to the tip of his right hand.

Wang Lin gently pressed his hand between Wang Lin’s brows. The thunder instantly flowed through Wang Lin’s body. Black gas emerged from the child’s body and gathered on his skin.

The black gas gradually became even denser and churned under the thunder. Finally it suddenly charged out from the body and Wang Lin quickly raised his right hand to grab it. All of the black gas were caught by Wang Lin and condensed into a ball of black mist.

His right hand formed a fist and the ball of black mist was crushed.

Wang Lin’s face showed a sign of redness.

Looking at the child Wang Lin let out a sigh. He covered the child again with the sheet that was kicked away and then walked out of the room.

Inside the courtyard the moonlight fell on Wang Lin’s body. This gave his body a hint of the moonlight’s loneliness.

Wang Lin muttered to himself “Five years…”

Five years ago Wang Lin returned to planet Ran Yun and settled down in the Fallen Moon Village. The reason he choose this place was because this village was very similar to his hometown.

Wang Ping was that resentful spirit. After taking the pill Liu Mei left along with Wang Lin thunder spell a lot of his resentment had dissipated and can be like a normal child.

However if he doesn’t take the medicine every day and be treated by Wang Lin he would still return back to what he was before. There was an entire process to completely expel the resentfulness.

Wang Ping’s memory had been wiped clean by Wang Lin and was given a new life.

Inside this quiet village Wang Lin’s heart also calm down. He was far away from the slaughter and strife, there was only the calm as water life.

Wang Lin’s life was very stable.

He was like his own father and survived off being a carpenter. It was his father’s wish, if he couldn’t pass the imperial exam then become a carpenter and follow the footstep of his father.

There were various carpenter tool in the yard. This was a portrait of his five years here.

Very time he saw Wang Ping went out to play with the children Wang Lin would think about when he was his age. He would do the same and won’t come home until it was time to eat.

Under the moonlight footsteps came from outside the courtyard. A staggering figure gradually approached.

“The child is asleep?” An ancient voice came following that was a slightly hunchback figure that entered the courtyard.

Wang Lin slightly nodded but didn’t speak.

The old figure entered the courtyard. The moonlight fell on his body, this person was Sun Tai.

Sun Tai looked even older, his face was filled with wrinkle. After Wang Lin had been here for three years Sun Tai came. He was like a lonely old man who didn’t want to be alone when he leaves.

Sun Tai looked at the house under the moonlight and his eyes were filled with kindness. He didn’t knew why but he loved this child call Wang Ping a lot.

Sun Tai withdrew his gaze and slowly said “How long do you intent to accompany this child?” The death aura on his body was even stronger.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a long time before looking up at the moon and softly said “One reincarnation cycle…”

“Reincarnation cycle…” Sun tai let out a sigh and said “Don’t you want him to become a cultivator? With your cultivation you can let this child have a much easier path on the road of cultivation. He could have even bigger advantage than some direct descendant of cultivation families.”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of decline and softly said “I’m will not let him cultivate in his life!”

Sun Tai pondered a bit and said “This child’s talent is very good…”

“I won’t let him cultivate!” Wang Lin’s gaze fell on Sun Tai and said “Forever!”

Wang Lin asked himself cultivation, cultivation, what is at the end of cultivation. His entire life was not happy and it was a lonely road. He doesn’t want his own child to experience it.

The cruelty of the cultivation world, the slaughter and dangerous of the cultivation world. He understood it all too well.

“Ping Er had already experienced many things that he shouldn’t have. I named him Wang Pin in hope that his life will be peaceful and safe like a mortal who will get married and raise children, live a quiet life… From now on never mention the matter about cultivation again!” Wang Lin’s voice was filled with resolve, it will not be changed and it can’t be changed!