Chapter 671 – The celestial wind blows gentle, the trees are not silent

Someday that life and death was the most unpredictable thing in the world. This was because mortals was unable to tell when they will die. The mysteries of death was like an unpredictable knife over their head making people feel fear from the depth of their soul.

However they didn’t knew that life and death was merely a small part of something bigger. If they chase it to the source it was just a type of karma.

No can can escape yesterday’s karmatic cause and today’s karmatic effect.

Just like the current Liu Mei sitting cross legged in a room on planet Thousand Illusion. She looked at the strange environment outside as she touched her bag of holding and her heart felt more steadfast.

It was as if she had the object inside her bag of holding with her she would no longer be lonely.

She gently stroked her bag of holding. Liu Mei once more revealed a trace of pain but this pain was once again quickly replaced by indifference.

It was as if something inside the bag of holding send out waves of ripple.

As if she felt the fluctuation inside the bag Liu Mei bit her finger tip. She squeezed out a drop of fresh blood and flicked it into the bag of holding. The fluctuation gradually disappeared.

Liu Mei sighed “The treasure I prepared for him is now useless…”

A big event happened on planet Thousand Illusion. An ancestor that left thousands of years ago had returned. He also brought back a disciple with amazing talent and three months from now a bloodline ritual will occur for this disciple making her a core member of the Huan family.

This matter quickly spread like a storm until every planet that was related to planet Thousand Illusion knew before it gradually stopped.

Planet Ran Yun was a subordinate to planet Thousand Illusion.

After Sun Tai left Wang Lin quietly cultivated inside the room. There were more than fifty thousand pieces of celestial jade in the bag Sun Tai left behind. It was the limit of how much Sun Tai could obtain.

Adding on the celestial jade from before Wang Lin had a total of a bit below three hundred thousand celestial jade. His eyes lit up and muttered to himself “It should barley be enough!”

He stood up and with one step he disappeared from the room. When he reappeared he was more than fifty thousand kilometers away from the house. His divine sense swept the area before slapping his bag of holding and large amount of celestial jade flew out.

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position and his hand formed seals ending out restrictions. After dozens of restrictions the celestial jades fell one by one forming a giant formation.

This formation was nameless, it was something Wang Lin derived himself from his underworld river’s third ability. It could absorb a large amount of celestial jade and use the powerful impact to improve his cultivation.

As more than three hundred thousand celestial jade descend Wang Lin slapped his bag once more and the Seven Star Sword Formation flew out. It hang around Wang Lin protecting him. The celestial guard also came out from his shadow and fused into nothingness. If anyone dare to disturb him the celestial guard will kill without hesitation.

After taking a deep breath Wang Lin closed his eyes. His hands formed a seal and rested on his knees as he softly said “Shatter!”

The sound became a spell and spread out like a loud rumble. It immediately caused the surrounding celestial jade to explode and turned into dust. At this moment it was as if the entire heaven and earth was covered by dust from the celestial jade. Then an unimaginable force of celestial energy suddenly exploded forth.

This celestial energy was very powerful to the point of being terrifying. It turned into a tornado of celestial energy with Wang Lin as the center and charged straight into the sky.

A powerful ripple spread out causing thunder to rumble across the world.

The celestial energy tornado became even stronger as more and more celestial jade exploded. The celestial energy from the jade fueled the tornado making it more powerful. It felt like it was ready to charge out of planet Ran Yun.

At this moment only three people on planet Ran Yun clearly felt this powerful storm of celestial energy. The first person was naturally Sun Xi who was the closest.

Sun Xi was cultivating when he suddenly opened his eyes and they were filled with shock.

The second person was a middle aged man who was in the depth of a glacier on the other side of planet Ran Yun. This person was inside a piece of never melting ice absorbing the cold energy within. At the moment the burst of celestial energy occurred he opened his eyes. His eyes emitted a cold like as he looked toward the location of the mysterious celestial energy storm.

“Is it a warning…” The middle aged man hesitated for a moment and then ignored it.

The third person was at the central part of planet Ran Yun, where the Ran family was located.

In the Ran family ancestral home an old man with head full of white hair narrowed his eyes as he listen to report of the auction from a family member. After hearing the rank eight pill was sold for only one piece of celestial jade he let out a cold snort and his eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

Just as he was about to speak he detected the appearance of the storm of celestial energy. He immediately stood up looking at the direction of the celestial storm and his expression was gloomy.

After a long time he muttered to himself “What does he mean…”

Inside the tornado Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal. He suddenly opened his eyes and shouted “Absorb!”

That one word was like a roaring thunder that could shatter the tornado. Wang Lin opened his mouth and the tornado was rapidly sucked into his mouth.

An underworld river vaguely appeared around Wang Lin. The underworld river revolved around Wang Lin formed an invisible force that condensed inside the tornado of celestial energy.

As if Wang Lin was devouring the heavens as the celestial energy tornado was being inhaled by Wang Lin like crazy. Large amount of celestial jade surrounded Wang Lin and his meridians immediately swell up several fold. The celestial energy entered his origin soul and was immediately devoured.

At this moment Wang Lin’s body was like the Tide Abyss and his origin soul was the black hole in the Tide Abyss that devoured everything.

The powerful celestial energy tornado was being devoured by Wang Lin. It quickly shrank until it was completely devoured. Wang Lin’s complexion was a bit red and his eyes lit up. Lightning crackled all over his body.

The giant tornado disappeared and the world restored back to normal. Aside from the fact that there were no clouds near by everything was back to normal. It was as if everything that had just happened was only an illusion.

The underworld river gradually faded until it disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He stood up and his eyes lit up like a torch.

“I only need enlightenment in my domain to reach mid stage ascendant! However I can’t rush domain enlightenment… It could happen in the next instant or ten years or one hundred years…”

“Now it’s time to settle some matter… I wanted to peacefully cultivate on planet Ran Yun but some people doesn’t want this peace to continue. Since he want involve me into this matter then they must show enough sincerity! I presume those three understood the idea of my performance just now.” Wang Lin revealed a sneer and waved his hand. The Seven Star Sword Formation flew back into his bag and the celestial guard once more returned to his shadow.

As he walked he used greater teleportation. At the same time he spread out his divine sense to cover the entire planet. After locking on to the middle stage ascendant cultivator Wang Lin disappeared.

In the Ran family ancestral home the old man’s expression changed and his eyes shined brightly. His body flickered and directly teleported out. Five thousand kilometers from the Ran family he appeared and his hand formed a seal. A ray of thunder appeared and without any hesitation he threw it at the void.

There was a boom in the sky as the old man waved his hand and a bolt of thunder appeared in the sky.

Palm Thunder, one of the Ran family ancestor’s ascendant spell!

The thunderbolt charged directly at the void. At this moment a cold snort came from the void and Wang Lin’s figure appeared. He didn’t move but the shadow under him flickered. The celestial guard flickered before Wang Lin and the Palm Thunder immediately collapsed.

At the same time the celestial guard’s shadow appeared before the Ran family ancestor and gently pushed him. The Ran family ancestor immediately cough out blood and flew back like a meteor. He cough out more blood and his became was extremely pale. He quickly took out large amount of pills from his bag and devoured them.

All of this happened in an instant. So fast that the Ran family ancestor only felt aghast in his heart along with deep sense of fear.

“What exactly is his cultivation… It’s too terrifying!! He didn’t want to kill otherwise I would have without a doubt died to the blow! This person could his cultivation be at the peak of late stage ascendant!” The old man gasped.

The celestial guard’s shadow disappeared behind Wang Lin. Wang Lin coldly looked at the Ran family ancestor and calmly said “It was you who wanted to drag me into the matter four years ago?”

The old man’s mind trembled. After pondering for a bit he clenched his teeth and said “Fellow cultivator this matter was my fault. I only did this because…”

“I’m not going to listen to your excuse. If you want to receive my protection you must show your sincerity! Your sincerity isn’t enough!” Wang Lin had his hand behind his bad and looked very calm.

The old man took a deep breath. Hundreds of ideas turned in his head and he immediately said “Fellow cultivator means?”

Wang Lin slowly said “Give me ninety percent of all the celestial jade your family have!”

The old man pondered and began to hesitate in his heart.

Wang Lin looked before him and calmly said “The two of you come out as well!”

Two illusions appeared where Wang Lin was looking. It was Sun Xi and the middle aged man inside the glacier. Their eyes were filled with terror. The scene earlier of the Ran family ancestor almost losing his life with one sweep had shaked their heart greatly.

“You take out your seventy percent of your family’s celestial jade for protection!” Wang Lin pointed at Sun Xi.

Sun Xi’s eyes became serious and immediately nodded “Fellow cultivator Xu I’m ok with his matter! As long as I can walk out from the shadow of four years ago I can accept this condition!”

“As for you give me ninety percent of all your family’s celestial jade!” Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the middle aged man that was inside the glacier.

“In addition there is also the remaining pills and bag of holding from the Huan family member from four years ago. Bring me everything without a single thing missing!

Also if I don’t have enough celestial jade you all have to get it for me. If there aren’t enough for my cultivation then I won’t bother with this matter!”