Chapter 693 – Qing Yi

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, Wang Ping couldn’t see the sadness in his eyes.

No one knew the real reason he won’t let Wang Ping cultivate. Sun Tai didn’t knew, Wang Pin didn’t knew, only Wang Lin himself knew the real reason.

He was unable to to tell Wang Ping. For Wang Ping he couldn’t… All of this had nothing to do with Liu Mei…

Wang Ping also couldn’t hear his sigh in his heart.

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the wildness outside.

Inside the carriage Wang Ping was also like this. The silence between the father and son became even stronger.

After a long time Wang Ping turned his head and looked at his father. From the side his father’s face seemed to have even more wrinkles. His heart couldn’t stand it anymore and he softly said “Father, I was wrong.”

Wang Lin turned around, he revealed a kind smile but didn’t speak.

Vast Water City was the sub capital city of one of the three great empires on planet Ran Yun, it was second only to the capital in prosperity. It was also near the river so it was a very lively city.

The carriage entered the city and stopped at a station. Wang Lin and Wang Ping got off the carriage and entered this bustling city.

Wang Ping had never seen such a lively and big city. He looked around and seem to forget all the unhappiness from before.

Wang Lin stepped into a rather lavious restaurant in the eastern part of the city. The waiter inside the restaurant hurried over with a smile. He lead the father and son to a table near the window. Not long after wing and food were brought.

It might be because Wang Ping’s appearance was too handsome that after he sat down he immediately caught the attention of a lot of the women in the restaurant. As for Wang Ping he had long grown accustomed this during his boyhood back in the village.

Wang Lin didn’t move his chopstick but picked up the wine and calmly drank. As for Wang Ping he only tasted the dishes.

Wang Lin put down the wine and calmly said “From now on we will live here. First we will need to buy a house.”

Wang Ping nodded and smiled “Dad this place is pretty good. After being accustomed to seeing mountains and rivers seeing this bustling city feel like I suddenly entered the world.”

Just as Wang Ping finished speaking a sneer came from a table nearby.

There were three people sitting at that table. One of them was a old man wearing silk who looked very dignified. Although his eyes were dim but when he opened them his own body gave off a noble aura.

Beside him sat two people, one male and one female. The man was very handsome and dignified. He wore purple with golden lines embroidered on it, it looked very expensive.

As for the woman she was about in her twenties with black hair like waterfall. Although she wasn’t an absolute beauty but she gave of a very refreshing feeling.

The person who sneered was the man in purple.

The man in purple turned toward the woman beside him and laughed “This silly body is interesting, first time entering Vast Water City and start sprouting nonsense like accustomed to seeing mountains and rivers and first time entering the world nonsense.”

He didn’t whisper but said it so those words entered Wang Ping’s ears. Wang Ping frowned but didn’t say a word.

As for Wang Lin he picked up the jug and drank a mouthful. His gaze seem to randomly swept the three people at that table.

The woman also frowned and softly said “Is it funny?”

The young man laughed “Junior apprentice sister Qing Yi why it is not funny?”

The woman revealed a trace of annoyance and turned her head.

The young man let out a cold snort. The reason he laughed at Wang Ping was because when he entered this always cold woman actually raised her head and looked at Wang Ping.

With his status if not for this woman how could he eat in a place like this. Seeing her expression he let out a cold snort as he turned around and stared at Wang Ping.

The young man in purple softly said “This this appearance was born on a woman she would definitely be an enchanting girl. Unfortunately it is on a male, unfortunately… but for him to be a prostitute is still pretty good.”

The repeated provocation Wang Ping put down his chopsticks. He turned his head to look at the youth and said “What a good look, if it was born on a person he would be very handsome. It’s a pity it was born on a bastard, what a pity…”

The young man in purple’s expression sank but before he could speak the old man next to him frowned and shouted “Since when people like this could come into the Jingya Xuan, no upbringing at all! Just let this old man teach you a lesson or two!” As the old man spoke he threw the chopstick in his hand and it flew out like a bolt of lightning. His target was Wang Ping’s shoulders. If the pair of chopstick really hit then Wang Ping’s hands would be wasted.

At the moment the old man threw the chopsticks the woman beside them exclaimed. She stood up and was about to chase after the chopsticks.

However at the moment the chopstick closed in it immediately lost its strength and softly landed next to Wang Ping. Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he put down the wine and coldly stared at the old man.

One glance!

The old man’s body startled as if countless bolts of thunder exploded in his mind. That gaze was like a sharp sword that pierced into through his eyes. It broke through his mind and entered his soul. It seemed like it wanted to shatter his soul, extinguish his core flame, and cause his golden core to shatter.

The old man’s body immediately stiffen as if a powerful bolt of lightning had just his body. His hands and feet trembled uncontrollably.

“This… This is…” The old man’s mind trembled and his scalp felt tingling. There was intense pain coming from between his brows as if a blade had pierce through it.

The sound of his heart violently beating instantly echoed through the old man’s body as if it was about to collapsed. His body was covered in cold sweat as if he was about to face an enemy naked.

This entire being was about to collapse from this one glance!

A stream of blood came out from the corner of his mouth and it contained a trace of gold. A crack appeared in his core and his core energy leaked into his bloodstream.

The old man was a core formation cultivator! As for the young man in purple he had only started qi condensation and the woman hadn’t reach foundation establishment yet.

Since a core formation cultivator could be so unscruplious and act so viciously against a mortal then Wang Lin showed killing intent without any hesitation.

Moreover this old man provoked his son.

“You…” The chair the old man was sitting on cracked and he fell to the ground. His face was pale as he quickly took out pills to swallow and immediately crushed a message jade.

The restaurant was completely silent as many guests were still in confusion. However there were still some clever customers that quickly paid their bill and left.

The young man in purple was completely startled. He didn’t even look at the old man, instead his extremely gloomy eyes stared at Wang Lin and Wang Ping.

As for the woman she was in a complete daze as she stared at Wang Ping and Wang Lin. She never thought that such a change would occur.

“I don’t need you to teach my son!” Wang Lin withdrew his gaze, picked up the wine jug, and took a gulp.