Chapter 683 – The Huan Family Fractures

“Thunder Celestial Temple!” This was not the first time Wang Lin heard this name. He looked at the thunder beast thoughtfully before stepping into planet Thousand Illusion.

Putting away the the star compass he penetrated planet Thousand Illusion’s atmosphere. What appeared before Wang Lin was a large land mass. He spread out his divine sense and locked on to the south. He charged toward there like a meteor.

Inside the Huan family ancestral home in the southern part of the planet the Huan family ancestor Huan Wuqing hand his hand behind his back. He looked up at the sky with a gloomy expression. Beside him were the direct descendants of the Huan family. They stood in two lines and where all completely silent.

However they revealed a hint of dissatisfaction but held it back.

Liu Mei also stood next to the Huan family ancestor. She silently looked up at the sky, no one knew what she was thinking.

As for other family members they were arranged in various rooms. Not all family members were here, some weren’t able to make it back in time.

The Huan family ancestor looked at the sky and said in a serious tone “Huan Mei this old man will ask you once more are you sure that this person came from the Alliance Star System like you?”

Liu Mei nodded slightly and remained silent.

“How could people of the Alliance Star System have a thunder beast…” Even Huan Wuqing was extremely puzzled by this matter.

He didn’t knew that the creator of the god slayer chariot had many friends. In order to refine the god slaying chariot’s beast soul he ran off to the Thunder Celestial Realm and used some unknown method to obtain several thunder beast from the Thunder Celestial Realm Emperor.

At this moment under the gaze of the Huan family ancestor burst of thunderbolt came from the distance horizon. A meteor broke through the sky toward the Huan family, it was Wang Lin! Beside him was the thunder beast followed the thunder beast. The beast snorted as lightning moved through its body and it stared at the Huan family with its fierce eyes.

The light dissipated as Wang Lin stepped out. Below him was the Huan family ancestral home’s formation.

The Huan family ancestral home was very large, from a distance it looked like a city. It was black as if it was imitating the ancient home of an fierce primal beast.

“Hand over Liu Me!” Wang Lin’s voice was icy cold. His chilled gaze fell on Liu Mei, who was next to the Huan family ancestor.

Liu Mei’s eyes revealed a complex emotion. She turned her head as if she won’t willing to face Wang Lin.

“Arrogant!” Huan family ancestor’s eyes lit up and shouted “Junior break my Huan family’s formation before saying those words!”

Wang Lin’s expression was still cold as he patted the thunder beast’s head. The thunder beast immediately let out a roar that created countless bolts of thunder. The world was filled with thunderbolts.

The sky immediately became cold and large amount of dark clouds began to form. As the thunder beast continued to roar large amount of lightning began crackling through the clouds.

The thunder beast’s four limbs moved as its entire entire body gave off lightning. It suddenly let out a thunderous roar causing the lightning in the sky to increase before it all fell like crazy on the Huan family ancestral home.

A series of explosions echoed across the world at this moment. The thunderbolts seem to descend from heaven as they descended on the formation.

The Huan family ancestor immediately began to dazzle as large amount of ripples appeared on the formation. Large amount of lightning were absorbed and dissipated.

Wang Lin’s eyes became even colder. He bit the tip of this finger causing a drop of blood to fly toward the thunder beast’s brows.

“Seal open!”

After Wang Lin’s cold words landed the thunder beast’s body immediately trembled. At the same time the power of thunder exploded forth from the beast’s body creating a thunderstorm.

This storm was too big, the moment it appeared it affected the clouds in the sky. Bolts of thunder and lightning came toward the storm forming a net around it.

“Break the formation!” Wang Lin let out a roar and the power of the thunder beast reached its peak. At this moment large amount of sand and gravel was floating in the air as of a mysterious power had surrounded the world.

In addition even the Huan family member inside the formation felt the boundless power causing their expression to turn pale. Among them there were though that were very knowledgeable. They were able to recognize the thunder beast at a glance and their expression changed greatly/

“Ancestor this… this is the thunder beast!”

Earlier Qian Kuizi’s messenger was only for the Huan family ancestor so they didn’t knew about the existence of the thunder beast.

“Ancestor, the thunder beast represent the Thunder Celestial Temple. Ancestor think twice!”

“Ancestor, to cause a disaster for our Huan family just for an outsider is wrong!”

The direct descendant finally couldn’t stand it any longer after the thunder beast’s roar and spoke their complains. They had been holding it in since Liu Mei arrived, it reached its peak during the bloodline ritual, and at this moment it exploded.

“All of you shut up!” The Huan family ancestor’s eyes narrowed and coldly looked at the surrounded direct descendants.

At this moment the storm formed by the thunder beast arrived and the thunder beast crashed down on the formation. Earlier it was just lightning descending from the sky causing the formation to light up. Now the moment the thunder beast charged it was as if all the heavenly thunder fused into one and charged over.

The force of the impact was extremely powerful. At this moment the dark clouds became even more dense. Sand and gravel flew into the sky/ It was as if at this moment the only thing that existed was the thunder beast and the thunderstorm it brought with it.

The thunder beast’s roar echoed across the heaven and earth, it was extremely shocking. It suddenly slammed into the formation.

A thundering sound that echoed across the entire planet exploded forth at this moment!


The thunderstorm formed by the thunder beast turned into countless lightning bolts that constantly striked the Huan family formation. At the center of the storm the thunder beast was like a spike that caused the formation to concave down due to its impact.

The sound of lightning and thunder echoed across the heaven and earth, it was as if the heaven was angry. In the Qian family home Qian Kuizi sneered.

The Huan family members’ expression were all pale. Aside from the Huan family ancestor everyone was starting to panic.

The people of the Allheaven Star System grew up under the Thunder Celestial Temple so they have unimaginable awe and respect for thunder spells. At this moment facing the attack of the thunder beast that represented the Thunder Celestial Temple what began to panic wasn’t their cultivation but their heart.

The thunderous roars of the thunderstorm didn’t stop and continued to gave off a large amount of thunderbolt destroying the formation. However this was after all the great formation of the Huan family so its power was amazing. Even under this kind of attack it still stood there without any signs of breaking.

The Huan family ancestor’s expression was gloomy as he stared at Wang Lin outside the formation and thought “Use the sword energy! Otherwise this formation will not be so easily broken. Only by constantly consuming your sword energy will I attack and kill you!”

As the thunderstorm created by the thunder beast continued to attack the shadow under Wang Lin flickered. The celestial guard appeared, took a step forward, and threw a punch.

This punch seemed to replaced all the light in the world as the punch released a dazzling golden glow. At this moment even the thunder seem to dim somewhat.


The celestial guard’s punch landed on the formation and immediately a crunching sound as of it could hold it anymore appeared. The thunderstorm and celestial guard continued to attack the formation. Countless ripples appeared on the formation dissipated all the power.

The celestial guard withdrew his fist and without pause threw another pause. Shortly after the celestial guard created countless afterimages as it threw one punch after another. The fist fell like rain on the formation. The thunder beast let out a roar as lightning filled its body before it showed off its might once more.

The loud rumbling echoed across the heaven and each. The faces of the Huan family members became even more gloomy.

“Ancestor!” A low voice came from the front of the Huan family direct descendants.

The Huan family frowned. If it was an ordinary family member he can ignore them but this person’s identity was a bit special. The Huan family ancestor turned around to look at the person who spoke.

The person who spoke was the Huan family head Huan Fengshen!

Huan Wuqing said in a low tone “Fengshen are you against me too?”

“Fengshen doesn’t dare, ancestor regardless of if this person is from the Thunder Celestial Temple or not. He possesses a thunder beast and a Illusory Yin puppet. I want to ask ancestor is such a person who would be making friends with or fighting to the death with?”

Huan Fengshen’s eyes were bright, he looked at the Huan family ancestor without flinching and said “Making friend with him would give our family an extra friend but what benefit would we gain from fighting with him to the death? Just to protect a foreign family member? Her cultivation had been forcibly raised to late stage ascendant and her domain can’t keep up. Even if she breakthrough in her life she will stop at the Yin and Yang stage. I understand ancestor’s thoughts but just for your own desire this risk perhaps is somewhat too big!”

Liu Mei showed no expression toward all of this. She just silently looked head, her eyes were dull.

The Huan family ancestor’s expression was gloomy as he looked at Huan Fengshen. After pondering for a while he flatly said “I know how to handle the situation!”

Huan Fengshen let out sigh and clasped his hand “Since ancestor insists then Fengshen doesn’t dare to disobey. If this person can’t break the formation all is well. However once he breaks it I’ll immediately retreat just in case! What I want is stability and not risk!”

The Huan family formation continued to shine and ripple appeared everywhere. Under the constant barrage of attacks it gradually began to show signs of decline. The light seem to had reached its limit and the ripple seem to covered the entire formation. One can’t even clearly see outside the formation anymore as if there was a layer of water separating the inside and outside.

The thunder from the thunder beast and the punches from the celestial guard reached its peak. At this moment Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he slapped his bag of holding. A large sword suddenly appeared in his hand!

This sword was the rain celestial sword. Zhou Yi separated it from the other rain celestial sword so now it belong to Wang Lin to be inherited for eternity!

The sharp sword energy extended out three inches from the sword and it was like a drawn bow. Waves of pressure came from it. In Wang Lin’s hand it seemed to become one with the world because Wang Lin was its true owner!

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm as he held the celestial sword and leaned forward.

“Heaven Chop!”