Chapter 676 – Huan Mei Approaches

The southern part of planet Thousand Illusion belong to the Huan family. There is a deep pool here called the Illusion Moon pool and the bloodline ritual will be held here.

The water in the pool had already been taken away by the Huan family ancestor leaving beind only a deep pit in the ground. At this moment he floated above the pool with a very serious expression.

Below him there were more than tens of thousand of Huan family member. They were all silent, the entire area within dozens of kilometer was completely quiet.

The Huan family member went up one by one to the edge of the deep pit and cut their ram to release blood. Once they released enough blood their face would turn pale and retreat with a gloomy expression.

As the clan members went up one by one blood gradually began to fill the deep pit. The dark red blood gave off thick sense of blood that surrounded the area.

The blood of tens of thousand members of clan members weren’t enough to fill the pit with blood. However there was still a lot of blood inside. The last person was the Huan family ancestor, he didn’t hesitate as he cut his own wrist and let out a large amount of blood. He released the most blood and his expression gradually turned pale. Eventually he withdrew his wrist, formed a seal, and softly said “Melt!”

With one word a vortex appeared inside the pool and slowly rotated. The blood of tens of thousands of people were gradually merged together until it was impossible to separate them.

The bloodline ritual was to refine the purest Huan family bloodline out of tens of thousands of Huan family members. Then turn that into one thousand blood runes to imprint on a person. Then finally extract all their current blood.

The Huan family ancestor’s eyes revealed a profound gaze and said in a serious tone “Huan Mei!”

“Step father.” Liu Mei walked out from the crowd. Her white dress gave her a feel of holiness.

The Huan family ancestor slowly said “Enter the blood pool and cultivate attentively.”

Liu Mei nodded and walked toward the blood pool. Sh enter the pool naked and the smell of blood rushed toward her. She frowned slightly but decisively stepped into the pool. As she continued to enter the blood pool the blood gradually submerged her knees, waist, chest, and eventually completely submerged her entire body.

Inside the blood pool one can only see the vortex but not even a hint of Liu Mei.

The Huan family ancestor took a deep breath and his hand quickly formed different seals. Many seals flew from his hand into the blood pool. A powerful aura benga to spread out from him and slowly spread out.

As he made seals faster and faster the blood pool seem to boil and the vortex spin even faster.

After a long time the Huan family ancestor’s eyes suddenly lit up and shouted “Long time ago the Huan family ancestor was once a celestial of the Thunder Celestial Realm. Although the celestial realm was destroyed but the bloodline still remains. Today’s bloodline ritual is to refine out that bloodline so that one more person can be added to my Huan family’s future glory.”

A complex spell came out from the Huan family ancestor. The spell immediately turned into imprints the moment it left his mouth and entered the blood pool.

“Bloodline, appear!” The Huan family ancestor shouted and the entire blood pool suddenly stopped. Then there was a loud rumble and the blood pool became a blood pillar.

In an instant the blood pillar collapsed turning into blood runes that floated in the sky. Inside the pit sat Liu Mei, she was sitting in the lotus position with her eyes closed.

The Huan family took a deep breath as his right hand formed a seal and pointed at Liu Mei. In an instant a wound opened on Liu Mei’s forehead and blood constantly flowed up. As blood continued to flow out Liu Mei’s expression grew paler.

Just at this moment one of the blood rune in the sky suddenly landed and imprinted on Liu Mei’s body. Following that large number of blood runes descended and imprinted on her body.

As blood runes continued to descend almost every inch of Liu Mei’s body was filled with blood runes. The Huan family ancestor’s eyes narrowed and took a step forward. He arrived before Liu Mei and raised his right hand. A mysterious light appeared in his hand. This light changes tens of thousands of time. Anyone who looked at it would immediately see all the possibilities in their life. From being born to their death. All the sickness, love, and hatred are all within this illusion.

This was the Huan family ancestor’s dao, the Ten Thousand Illusion Identityless Dao!

He pressed his palm down on Liu Mei’s forehead. The powerful dao in the Huan family ancestor directly entered Liu Mei’s origin soul. At the same time his own celestial energy poured into Liu Mei without any reservation to help her increase her cultivation.

The amount of celestial energy needed to reach peak of ascendant was extremely large. No first step cultivation could do this. Not even cultivators in the Yin and Yang stage could do this.

Only those who truly entered the second step would have this kind of heaven defying power.

The Huan family ancestor was a powerful cultivator in the second step, his cultivation was early stage Nirvana Scryer!

Vast amount of celestial energy and endless amount of dao fused together and was transfer into Liu Mei’s body by the Huan family ancestor. The Huan family ancestor obviously care a lot aobut this disciple and intent for her to take over the Huan family. Otherwise he won’t be willing to damage his own cultivation to help Liu Mei increase her cultivation.

Liu Mei’s body trembled and all the blood runes around her body suddenly entered her body turning into the Huan family blood. It flowed inside her body and force out all of her own blood.

At the same time her origin soul glowed brightly and was rapidly growing stronger.

Early stage ascendant, mid stage ascendant, late stage ascendant, peak of late stage ascendant!

Jealous gaze came from the tens of thousand of Huan family members nearby. Their jealousy was reasonable. Ascendant was a powerful realm, how many cultivators were stuck at ascendant. How many cultivators who had to spend thousands of years of cultivation to reach the peak of late stage ascendant on their own.

However this Liu Mei only took less than half a incense stick of time to reach many people’s life goal.

The Huan family ancestor’s arm shrank and he instantly became a long older. He retreated a few step and even the color in his eyes dim. He looked at Liu Mei and softly said “From today onwards you are a member of the Huan family. The Huan family blood flows through your body. Your father need to go into closed door cultivation. During this time you have to strive to reach the Yin and Yang stage as soon as possible.”

Liu Mei turned around and quietly looked at the Huan family ancestor. She didn’t say anything and merely nodded.

“Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao, this old man really want to know what kind of change the Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao will have at the second step!” The old man laughed and didn’t seem to care the slightest about Liu Mei’s indifference. He waved his sleeps and disappeared.

The old man’s voice echoed “Go to planet Ran Yun, Huan Mei this is your first battle as a member of the Huan family. Slaughter a name for yourself!”

Liu Mei raised her head, she didn’t even look at the tens of thousand of clan member. Instead she floated into the air like a celestial, her target was planet Ran Yun.

She didn’t even bring any attendants and went alone.

Inside the crack inside the ground Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the Wang Yue, there was still shock in his eyes.

“This Wang Yue is tens of thousand of feet long, its power I’m afraid isn’t any weaker than Nirvana Scryer cultivators. If there are no ancient god then their offensive abilities aren’t stone. As long as I don’t take the initiative to provoke them they would maintain their first form.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, according to the memory of the ancient god these parasite that lives inside the ancient god had three forms. The first form was like the one that just passed by, it had no offensive capabilities.

As for the second form it was when all the hair on its body shrank and morph into various stage shapes inside the ancient god’s body. This second form usually means it’s sleeping.

The third and final state was when it attacks. Their hairs would extend our and can reach up to the same length as its body. If one encounters a Wang Yun in that state one should immediately run or risk being attacked.

As Wang Lin pondered he went deeper into the crack. He spread out his divine sense looking for the metal element vein.

“It is a bit strange for a Wang Yue to appear here. This is not a beast I can provoke so it is better to ignore it and focus on finding the metal vein.”

Wang Lin’s speed was extremely quick and continued to move deep underground. Soon he reached a dead end but he didn’t pause and charged into the wall. His body entered the way and he continued to descend using the earth escape technique.

As he moved Wang Lin slightly frowned. There was a sticky fluid that kept coming out of the dirt around him. If it wasn’t for the fact he had his celestial energy around him he would had already been covered by that liquid.

“This place is very strange!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out farther and farther. He felt some powerful fluctuation and every time he would go around it.

As his divine sense continued to spread out and his divine sense almost completely swept the planet. Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly narrowed, at the deepest part of this planet he saw a metal vein that stretched for endless kilometers.

This vein was deep inside the planet with an end of it slightly breaking out from the ground on the other side of the planet. This was how the Huan family member found this metal vein.

Wang Lin frowned harder and harder. He didn’t immediately move but began to ponder.

“If this metal vein was hidden extremely well then it would make sense. However this vein isn’t hidden at all, as long as any ascendant cultivator come they would immediately find it. There is something strange about this.” Wang Lin carefully checked the vein but wasn’t able to find anything.

After pondering for a while Wang Lin revealed a decisive gaze. He waved his right hand and torn apart the earth before him. He charged directly into the deepest part of the metal vein.

It didn’t take long before he arrived at the vein. What appeared before him was a huge vein with specks of golden light. The huge vein was like a dragon coiling around planet Yun Xia.

After pondering a bit Wang Lin slowly moved forward. He always felt something was wrong. After seeing the Wang Yue there was always a cloud hovering over his heart.