Chapter 679 – Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao

Wang Lin put away the star compass and stepped into planet Ran Yun. At the moment he entered the atmosphere a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

When he was outside he already noticed that the planet was in ruins. Waves of celestial energy echoed the area, it was clear a great battled had just occurred here.

He took a deep breath, his divine sense had already seen Liu Mei’s figure in the southern part of planet Ran Yun.

Liu Mei’s appearance had changed somewhat, it could be said that she looked even more stunning than before.

Frowning slightly Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared. When he reappeared he was in the southern part of the planet, only one thousand feet from Liu Mei.

Liu Mei stared at the figure that appeared one thousand feet before her and the mysterious light in her eyes became even stronger. When this person neared the planet she already noticed him. She felt he was vaguely familiar but his appearance was completely foreign to her.

She didn’t speak, instead she silently looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Liu Mei and calmly said “You had already killed them you can leave.”

He came here wondering why Liu Mei was at the southern part of the planet. When he spread out his divine sense he immediately saw Sun Xi’s clone. After pondering for a bit he was able to understand what had happened.

Since the three of them were like this then there is no need for him to stand out for him. As long as he try his best it was enough.

In addition what made Wang Lin’s heart sink was this Liu Mei’s cultivation had already reached peak of late stage ascendant. This kind of cultivation caused Wang Lin’s pupil to shrink imperceptibly.

“How could this Liu Mei’s cultivation reach such a state. Could it be related to the Huan family ancestor… It must be so!” Wang Lin’s gaze swept Liu Mei’s body and revealed a hint of clarity.

“There are still some celestial energy around her, I’m afraid someone forcibly raised her cultivation. However this kind of force raise in cultivation is only in celestial energy. It would be impossible for her domain to reach the same step!”

Liu Mei stared at Wang Lin and softly said “Have we meet before?”

Wang Lin calmly said “No!”

Liu Mei looked at Wang Lin for a long time before she revealed a smile that was like the spring wind. However what it got in return was always Wang Lin’s calm as water gaze.

“Enough, leave now before I change my mind!” Wang Lin’s voice turned cold. This smile of hers disgusted him a lot. Back on planet Suzaku she was like this as well.

Liu Mei’s eyes exposed a trace of complex emotion and softly said “I didn’t expect your cultivation had already reached such an incredible degree. Even I can’t see through it…”

Wang Lin frowned and coldly looked at Liu Mei before turning around to leave. Since the three people on planet Ran Yun lied about their clones then there was no need for him to continue to participate in this matter.

“Wang Lin do you really think I can’t recognize you!” Liu Mei’s voice contained a trace of coldness.

Wang Lin stopped, turned around, his eyes turned cold, and said “There is no need to test me I’m Wang Lin. If you continue to bug me like back on planet Suzaku then don’t blame me for killing you!”

Currently the inside of Liu Mei’s heart was very different from her appearance. Right now her heart was in turmoil, she could had never imagined that she would meet Wang Lin in the Allheaven Star system. His cultivation was even strong enough to the point where she couldn’t see through him.

Scenes from the past suddenly flashed across her eyes. She stared at Wang Lin as the complex emotion in her eyes became even stronger and softly said “Aside from you no one else has such a cold gaze. You changed your appearance, changed your everything but you can’t change your gaze. I’m afraid you changed yourself because you don’t want me to recognize you.”

Wang Lin frowned as he coldly looked at Liu Mei and said “I’ll say it once more scram!”

Liu Mei revealed a beautiful smile and the complex emotion in her eyes disappeared. Instead it was replaced with indifference and she gently said “You cultivation is definitely not higher than me. You must have some kind of treasure that can hide your cultivation. Today you will not be leaving.”

There was a burst of wind and the finger of death shot out. Liu Mei’s expression remained normal as her jade hand quickly formed a seal and a spell appeared. A light screen appeared before her as the finger of death collided causing a loud rumble. Lightning flickered everywhere and countless crack appeared on the light screen.

Liu Mei shook her head and softly said “I didn’t guess wrong, your cultivation is only at early stage ascendant.”

“Wang Lin’s voice was filled with indifference and slowly said “A cultivation risen by force has too many drawbacks. I’m afraid your master has other motives!”

Liu Mei faintly smile and said “So what? Today you won’t be able to escape. If your cultivation hadn’t reach ascendant then it won’t had mattered but since you did let us finish our feud from planet Suzaku. Let me send you to reunite with Li Muwan…”

“Courting death!” Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the Seven Star Sword Formation immediately flew out. It turned into seven rays of light and flew straight at Liu Mei.

Liu Mei’s expression was normal as her jade hand pointed between her brow. A ray of red light came out from between her brows. The red light suddenly wrapped around her body and turned into the appearance of a woman.

This woman was very arrogant, her eyes were fierce and she was beautiful. A pair of phoenix eyes looked at Wang Lin with killing intent.

“Red Butterfly!” Wang Lin’s eyes released a burst of golden light.

This woman is red butterfly!

Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin and calmly said “Our feud need to be dealt with as well!” With that she slapped her bag of holding and a red rose appeared. She threw it forward and all the petals scattered. The petals floated toward Wang Lin with a mysterious force.

“What kind of spell is this!” Wang Lin’s pupil shrank imperceptibly. The Liu Mei before him suddenly turned into Red Butterfly. Even with Wang Lin’s divine sense this was the real Red Butterfly without any of Liu Mei’s aura.

Facing the petals Wang Lin’s right hand forced a seal and with a thought the Seven Star Sword Formation closed in. The seven sword formed a circle and rapidly rotated created a powerful sword wind that crushed the flower petals.

The arrogance in Red Butterfly’s eyes became even stronger as she flicker her finger and the flower stamen flew out. Her left hand pointed a few times before ehr and the flower stamen suddenly combined to form a rune. She pressed down her hand causing the rune to immediately flew out. The rune continued to expand until it was more than one thousand feet wide and pressed down on Wang Lin like a giant mountain.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he raised his hand and pointed at the sky. A thunderbolt flashed across the sky as a long underworld river suddenly appeared and crushed the rune. The underworld river was filled with bloodlust. Under Wang Lin’s control the underworld river moved like a roaring dragon and immediately surrounded Red Butterfly. It was about to pull her entire body into the underworld river.

Red Butterfly’s eyes shined brightly and calmly said “Dao intent! You actually have your own dao!

Wang Lin let out a cold snort, as the underworld river moved the sky darken. There were flashes of lightning inside the underworld river making it even more powerful.

Red Butterfly felt a sense of crisis as her right hand pointed between her brows once more. This time a yellow light surrounded her body and when it disappeared it revealed a small and thin figure.


Those two words contained a mysterious power that caused Wang Lin’s underworld river to suddenly pause.

“Zhou Ru…”

That small figure was Zhou Ru. She timidly looked at Wang Lin with her eyes wide open and her face filled with terror.

“Uncle I finally found you. Please don’t abandon me ok?”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a painful expression and shouted “Enough Liu Mei!”

The underworld river churned and Zhou Ru was immediately pulled into the underworld river. Zhou Ru’s eyes were filled with fear and confusion as he looked at Wang Lin. A tear came out from her eyes and she softly said “Uncle are you going to kill Ru Er?”

“This is fake…” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his heart became determined. The underworld river went for the skill and rushed into Zhou Ru’s body. It was above to completely submerge her.

Just at this moment a low and weak voice echoed.

“Tie Zhu…”

This voice was like a bell that echoed inside Wang Lin’s body. He saw inside the underworld river the mother he had been separated from for eight hundred years looking kindly at him.

Wang Lin’s heart trembled.

His hand trembled, the underworld river collapsed and disappeared into nothingness.

“This is also fake.” Wang Lin’s eyes glowed red.

“Fake… Wang Lin under my Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao there is fake and real!” Liu Mei’s voice was illusionary and came from all direction.

Zhou Ru, Red Butterfly appeared from the void. At the same time Wang Lin’s father appeared and looked at Wang Lin with a gentle gaze.

“Wang Lin do you still remember me…” Wang Zhuo walked out from the void. He was no longer an old man but a high spirited youth.

“Disciple you have to remember to pass on the legacy of the Soul Refining Sect…” Du Tian’s ancient figure walked out from the void.

Shortly after figures familiar to Wang Lin walked out one by one. Each of them silently looked at Wang Lin. Their gaze were all difference, some complex, some filled with lose, some filled with joy, some filled with sadness…

A flash of blue light appeared in the sky and turned into a woman. This woman was Li Muwan!

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin with a gentle gaze and softly said “Wang Lin am I also fake…”

She stood beside Wang Lin’s mother. It was as if they were mother and daughter as they calmly looked at Wang Lin.

“Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao…” Wang Lin looked at the familiar figure before him and his eyes revealed pain. He closed his eyes and softly said “The Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao is like the heavenly devil. It invades the body and ignite one’s origin soul to burn the mind and body… Liu Mei how much hate is there between us for you to collect so much of my past…”

Every figure around him suddenly turned into green smoke and rushed into Wang Lin’s body.