Chapter 694 – Just this once

The old man didn’t dare to open his mouth, his core energy had already escape to his body. He feared that if he opened his mouth his core energy will immediately disperse. Even if he doesn’t die his cultivation will drop greatly.

The current him was completely relying on the pills he swallowed earlier to help stop the lose of his core energy, but the effect was very little.

Strands of spiritual energy came from his body, they were like green mist.

The young man in purple stared at Wang Lin and nodded “Didn’t expect you to be a cultivator. Very good, on planet Ran Yun since you offended the Sun family the is the same as…”

Before he could finished speaking Wang Lin waved his right hand. The young man’s body immediately trembled, his face turned pale instantly and fell on the ground.

Wang Lin didn’t kill him, he didn’t have much spiritual energy inside him and was still considered a mortal.

With Wang Lin’s experience this young man in purple was either the direct descendant of a cultivation family or was a of a noble bloodline among mortals.

However no matter what identity they had Wang Lin won’t care. On planet Ran Yun he was the supreme ancestor.

The scene before him caused Wang Ping to gasp as he looked at his father. At this moment he suddenly found that his father was not a ordinary cultivator. Only a glance from his father was able to make the old man like this.

Qing Yi stared at this father and son, after hesitating for a moment she stepped forward and respectfully said “Senior it was us who were reckless…”

Wang Lin picked up the wine jug, took a sip, and didn’t looked at her.

Qing Yin bite her lower lip, while she was in a dilemma Wang Ping smiled. He was already very handsome and now his smile made him even more beautiful. Wang Pin looked at Qing Yi and said “Miss your name is Qing Yi? My name is Wang Ping. Is miss also a cultivator?”

Wang Ping’s smile made Qing Yi’s face turn red and softly said “Yes, but master had already said before reaching foundation establishment I can’t kill myself a cultivator. Your name is Wang Ping, today’s matter is our fault it’s just… You guys should quickly leave, just now… just now master had already crushed the message jade. I fear someone will arrive soon…”

Wang Ping faintly smiled, he didn’t seem to care about this matter and began chatting with Qing Yi.

Just at this moment whistling sound came from outside the restaurant. A powerful wind blew by and three old man suddenly appeared inside the restaurant.

Qing Yi quickly and respectfully said “Ancestor Sun!”

One of the old man among the three had white hair and his eyes were like lightning. He gave off a sense of pressure without being angry. After entering the restaurant his eyes swept passed the core formation cultivator sitting on the ground. He withdrew his gaze and then looked at Wang Lin and Wang Ping.

In his opinion Wang Lin was only a mortal without any spiritual energy. However it was the young man that caused the old man’s eyes to narrow. He took took a closer look and his eyes revealed a strange color.

“This child’s talent is excellent, although his body is that of a mortal. However his soul seem to contain the world and is filled with might. This kind of mentality is rare even among cultivator! These two people definitely isn’t as simple as they look on the surface!”

The core formation cultivator on the ground seem to notice the old man’s arrival and opened his eyes. He couldn’t hold in the mouthful of core energy and let out a miserable hum. Mist came from all over his body as hsi expression paled and he urgently said “Uncle it was him who harmed me, save me!” He suddenly pointed at Wang Lin.

The old man’s right hand formed a seal and pointed at the old man. A seal flew out and landed between the old man’s brows. This spell immediately expanded and formed a seal that locked down the core energy that were escaping.

After he finished all of this he gloomily looked at Wang Lin and said “Your method sure is ruthless, do you think my Sun family had no one!”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at the old man. He put down the wine jug and calmly said “Ping Er let’s go.” With that he stood up and walked toward the exit.

Wang Ping smiled at Qing Yi, this smile fell in Qing Yi’s eyes causing her face to turn red. Wang Ping had very good feeling toward this girl. This feeling came from the fact that when her master acted against him she tired to stop her master.

After standing up Wang Ping followed his father out the restaurant.

The old man coldly snorted as he stepped forth to stop them. The two old man beside him also did the same.

“Let’s finish speaking then leave!”

Wang Lin’s gaze was calm and casually took a step. Although this step was simple but a thunderous roar echoed in the three old man’s mind. It was as if this step didn’t land on the ground but in their mind!

The two people behind the old man had reached mid stage nascent soul. Their expression changed greatly as they immediately activated the spiritual energy inside their body and subconsciously took several steps back.

This wasn’t a dao technique or spell, there wasn’t even a sliver of celestial energy coming from Wang Lin’s body. However in the view of the three old man ti was something that far surpassed any spell they had seen!

This was an aura, an aura that only appeared once someone had reached the peak of a generation. Anyone who had their own dao contained the heaven and earth in their body. They can borrow the power of the heavens to create an pressure. Not to mention the three old man not even normal ascendant cultivators can resist.

The old man in the middle had the highest cultivation, peak of late stage nascent soul. He was in the process of comprehending the heavens and was half a step into soul formation. Wang Lin’s aura was extremely profound in his eyes. It was as if his soul was directly impacted by the other, his face turned pale and he took two step back.

Wang Lin walked by him and left the restaurant. Wang Ping followed and at the moment he walked out of the restaurant he turned around to look at Qing Yu and revealed a gentle smile.

Qing Yi’s face became even more red.

“Just this once!” Wang Lin’s voice came from outside the restaurant and slowly echoed in the Sun family cultivator’s ears. It was a long time before they recovered and their eyes were filled with horror.

After leaving the restaurant Wang Pin hesitated for a bit before catching up to this father and smiled “Dad do you know the Sun family?”

“I had some encounter with them. Your father promised to shelter their family for a century.” Wang Lin didn’t hide anything from Wang Pin aside from the reason reason Wang Ping wasn’t allowed to cultivate.

“That girl named Qing Yi isn’t bad.” Wang Lin looked at Wang Ping with a smile that was not a smile.

Wang Ping was startled, his handsome race show a rare hint of red.

In the northern part of the Vast Water City Wang Lin and Wang Ping brought a large courtyard. After cleaning it for a bit they settled down. This courtyard was very big and it had many rooms. When the previous owner sold it they left behind some servant girls as well.

At this moment a huge commotion occurred in the Sun family branch in the Vast Water City due to Wang Lin’s words.