Chapter 697 – Passage of time

Northern part of planet Ran Yun, the capital of the Di Shan empire. A person sat inside an extremely luxurious palace. This person was almost forty years old with a slight bit of white hair. Under his sword like eyebrows were a pair of eyes that were like the stars.

This person was very handsome, this green robe made him look very luxurious and gave him an aura of majesty.

There was a map spread out on the table before him. He pondered as he looked at the map, after a long time he withdrew his gaze.

It was now late night and the moonlight fell on the ground. The person stood up as he silently pondered and walked out of the palace. He stared at the earth covered in moonlight and gently sighed.

“I wonder if father is also watching this world right now…”

A cotton velvet cloak was put on the man from behind him. He raised his hands to hold it over his shoulder and smiled “Still haven’t went to sleep?”

A woman appeared from behind the woman. This woman was very beautiful and although she had aged she doesn’t look old. Instead she gave off a mature aura.

The woman’s eyes revealed tenderness as he looked at the man and softly said “The night wind is cold, rest early.”

The man grabbed the woman’s hand as he looked up at the moon in the sky and slowly said “Qing Yi, what do you think dad is doing right now…”

Qing Yi’s face turned red, she had accompanied his man for many years and even told him about her agreement with his father. The time they spend together had caused their feeling to grow but at this moment her face still turned red like a little girl.

Qing Yi softly said “It should be your dad…”

The man held onto Qing Yi’s hand and laughed “My father is your father.”

Qing Yi’s heart felt sweet, she followed the man’s gaze toward the moon and softly said “Dad should be resting…”

The man’s eyes revealed a strange light and shook his head “I can feel that father should be watching me right now…”

In the Wang Mansion in the Vast Water City Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the distance. He at in the courtyard under a tree accompanied by the autumn wind and listening to the leaf rustling.. Sometime one or two leaves would fall and drift before his eyes.

Those fallen leave would all return back to the bottom of the tree. This was how like children who leave when tired would always return back to their love ones.

Time seem to silently flow by as the leaves fell. Time began moving and in the blink of an eye another five years passed.

The School of Heaven was extremely large and enveloped the three empires, spreading all over planet Ran Yun. If it remained so it would had been fine but 3 years ago there was a sudden change in the Di Shan empire. They began to crack down on the School of Heaven and even sent out large amount of troop to wipe them out.

This sudden change was like adding water into hot oil. This change caused the mortal world to go into chaos and caused a great uproar.

The School of Heaven’s counteraccout was extremely fierce, in just half a month they were able to gain control of the military in the Di Shan Empire without any bloodshed. Six or seven out of every ten people in the Di Shan Empire were followers of the School of Heaven.

Taking less than a month to beat an empire was like a spring thunder that exploded in everyone’s hearts. No one was prepared for it and they were shaken to their soul.

Da Qin and Chen Yun didn’t recklessly move. They send out messengers to the School of Heaven to sign an agreement to not invade each other.

Di Shan Empire no longer exist and was replaced by a giant empire called Heaven Empire.

In the Heaven Empire’s capital Wang Ping wear the dragon robe while standing high above looking down at the world. Beside him Qing Yi silently accompanied him.

The officials of the Heaven Empire looked up at their new emperor. They could never see through this person, as if nothing in his world had any value to him. It was as if even him standing here today was just him trying to prove something to someone.

Wang Ping’s eyes swept past the world beneath him and looked into the distance.

The matter with the Di Shan Empire attracted the attention of the cultivators on planet Ran Yun and they showed signs of interfering.

Wang Lin’s life was still as calm as water without any ripple and his face grew even older. This year was the fifth year since the Heaven Empire was established.

Da Qin and Chen Yun broke their agreement and launched their attack on the Heaven Empire.

Wang Lin didn’t paid any attention to any of these. He sat in the inn all day listening to people talking about the rumors of the three empires. He just silently drank and never said a word.

The waiter from back then borrowed some money from his relatives and brought this inn, he was no the shopkeeper. The new waiter was also very familiar with Wang Lin, seeing Wang Lin arrive he quickly brought the wine and food he brings every time.

The waiter was very kind, after putting down the food and wine he caringly said “You are getting old, it is best to drink less.”

Wang Lin smiled and nodded “Today I’ll drink only one jug!”

The waiter smiled and went to greet other customers. When he had spared time he leaned against the counter by the door looking at Wang Lin and sighed “This elder Wang is also a man with bitter life. This old and have no children to accompany him.”

The cashier from behind the counter lifted his hand off the abacus and shook his head “I heard from the servant girl from their mansion once said that he had a son. However the son left home many years ago and never came back.

Wang Lin held the wine jug and took a drank. His gaze fell outside the window and he sat there for a whole day.

At dusk the old servants came to the inn. In their opinion the master was getting old. If he didn’t drink it was fine but after drinking there should be someone with him. Otherwise they fear he would fall and hurt himself.

Stepping under the gradually rising moonlight as Wang Lin returned home with the old servants. The empty large house was dim without any light.

After telling the old servants to leave Wang Lin sat down in the courtyard and looked up at the sy as he muttered “Time passed very quickly, Ping Er is already forty seven years old… Perhaps he had found some clues himself…”

The battle between the three empires slowly unfold but with the interference cultivators there were many unexpected turns of events. However this all changed when the emperor of the Heaven Empire personally took charge.4

No matter what cultivation the cultivators were at would retreat before him. Slowly all the interfering cultivators withdrew from the mortal world.

Aside from Wang Ping another big reason was both the Sun, Ran, and Zhao family all gave their orders.

Wang Ping was sitting in the head position inside a golden tent inside the army. Waving away a few courtier he walked out of the tent. His eyes passed several of the passing soldiers before looking at the Quilian mountain in the distance.

Wang Ping’s appearance looked slightly older and his hair around his temples were completely white. After becoming a supreme ruler among mortals there wasn’t much happiness in his life. All the things he had to worried about made his heart feel fatigue.

He suddenly missed the 19 years of his childhood, everything he experience in the village while was a body.

While he was looking at the Quilian mountain pondering Qing Yi walked out from the tent. She stood next to Wang Ping and softly said “You said that was where you grew up, do you want to go see it?”

Qing Yi’s appearance also revealed trace of time, she gently looked at Wang Pin.

Wang Ping sighed and said “Let’s go see…”

A par of sergeants followed as Wang Ping and Qing Yi walked toward the Quilian mountain. Wang Ping looked at the surrounding, the unfamiliar surrounding gave him a sense of familiarity.

He gradually saw the smoke in the distance, the Fallen Moon Village appeared in his sight.

As soon as they got near maybe it was because of the soldiers but fierce barking came from the village. During these chaotic times the villagers of Fallen Moon Village were all vigilant. Now that they heard the dogs barking they immediately got up and took their farming tools and torches outside. They saw not far away was the soldiers in full armor and the man and woman wearing civilian cloth.

Facing the hostile gaze of the villagers Wang Ping didn’t say a word. He stared at the villagers but in the end wasn’t able to recognize a single one of them.

His face revealed bitterness, time was like song and in a flash many years had past. He wasn’t able to recognize the people he was familiar with back them because at this moment their changes were too great.

Moreover nearly thirty years had pass, he didn’t knew how many had stepped into the reincarnation cycle and were no longer here.

“Let’s go to the back mountain, grandpa Sun is buried there.”

Qing Yi let out a sigh and walked forward with Wang Pin. The villager before them hesitated as they slowly spread out and exposed a passage.

Just at this moment a weak voice filled with uncertainty came.

“Wang Ping…”

Wang Lin stopped, he turned around and his gaze fell on a villager that was woman who looked about forty years old. The woman’s appearance was slightly old but in Wang Ping’s eyes he seemed to had seen the girl who said “I hate you.”.

At this moment in the distance space near planet Yun Xia Greed moved like a meteor passed by. He looked at planet Yun Xia as he sniffed and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“Just as I entered the northern domain I had a hunch there was treasure here and followed its aura leading me here. There is no mistake, the dense fog is clearly covering up the treasure’s light.

However the appearance of this planet is a bit strange!”

Greed stared at planet Yun Xia, after hesitated for a moment he flew toward the planet. In his life he never went to any place without treasure. He has a terrifying intuition about where treasures are.

As he closed in his heart beat wildly and his eyes glowed even brighter.

“I only had this feeling when I got that giant furnace, could this place have a treasure comparable to that giant furnace!” Greed’s eyes were filled with excitement. At this moment he completely forgot about Wang Lin and the restrictions placed on him.

He clenched his teeth as he slapped his bag of holding and the giant furnace appeared before him. Using it to clear a path Greed followed and slowly disappeared inside the fog.

“This old man have to see what kind of treasure this is!” Greed licked his lips.