Chapter 669 – Sun Tai

A middle aged man wearing red robe on the second floor of the auction hall held a jade box in his hand. He opened it revealing a pill the size of a baby’s fist.

It didn’t give off any medical fragrance, the pill looked very normal.

Waves of discussion echoed in the hall, every cultivators here naturally had good eyesight. A rank eight pill was an absolutely rare treasure for them. However without enough cultivator devouring it was like poison.

If it can’t be devoured then keeping it on them would be a curse. If any cultivator who doesn’t have the ability to protect it would encounter a great disaster the moment they left the city.

As a result although the hall was filled with discussion in the end no one bidded.

Even if some young cultivators wanted to bid they were immediately stopped by elders near them. In their eyes this object was not a pill but a human head!

Whoever buys it their head will no longer belong to them.4

Moreover this matter was simply too strange. How could the Ran family sell a pill like this. Could the Ran family ancestor not need a pill like this, why would he auction it? Some with more active minds began to become filled with uncertainty and was even less willing to bid.

Time slowly passed and still no one bidded at all. The man in red wasn’t impatient at all as he wasn’t surprised. The Ran family carefully send out the tokens for the people to participate at this auction. They were confident that none of them would bid for this pill.

If anyone was so blind then the Ran family won’t mind killing them to steal it back.

The man’s gaze sometime swept at the fourth blood and loudly said “Is anyone willing to bid? If no one is willing to bid the rank eight pill will be stored in our Whole Treasure Pavilion.

Wang Lin’s gaze landed on the pill for a long time. His eyes revealed a hint of coldness and calmly said “One celestial jade!”

If you want to sell it to me then I’ll buy it!

Although his voice was calm but it clearly fell in the ears of every cultivator on the second floor. In a instant there were bursts of discussions.

“One piece of celestial jade? Who is this? Could he be crazy!”

“The starting price was ten thousand celestial jade yet this person actually said one piece. This is ridiculous, even for the Whole Treasure Pavilion something like this had never happened before.”

“The Ran family stands behind the Whole Treasure Pavilion. This kind of behavior will indeed attract a great disaster. This is clearly trying to embarrass the Whole Treasure Pavilion.”

“The sound should be from the fourth floor. Anyone who is on the fourth floor is not simple but doing this is offending the Ran family.”

The man wearing red was startled and raised his head toward the fourth floor. He was not from this city but someone from the main Ran family. His purpose was to sell the pill to a specific person.

He wryly smiled in his heart as the person he was waiting for appeared and made a bid. However the price was not acceptable. If this price was accepted it was tantamount to telling everyone there was some big secret behind his sell.

The Ran family’s reputation will take a hit, more importantly if it was sold to this person it would tell everyone the Ran family was afraid.

Absolutely no one would believe that a rank eight pill would sell for one celestial jade. However if it really did happen it would create a series of unimaginable trouble.

However he had to sell it. The old ancestor already order that this pill must be auctioned off here!

Inside the room in the fourth floor Sun Xi, who had the tea cup next to his mouth, was startled. His eyes were filled with strange expression before putting down the cup and sighed “Brother Xu… I admire you! I admire you!”

Sun Qiming on the side was also very serious and was speechless for a while.

“A single piece of celestial jade to purchase a rank eight pill…”

Not only them but even the youth named Lou had his eyes opened wide and was incredibly shocked. That sound was very familiar, it was the youth he stopped outside several days ago.

At this moment when he hear the other bid one celestial jade the youth named Lou muttered to himself “This person had gone crazy!”

At this moment no one noticed that in the single room on the third floor an old man’s mind shook violently after hearing that voice!

He suddenly raised his head to look at the fourth floor and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“This… This isn’t his voice but why did my mind tremble… In his old man’s life only t hat Chen Niu had a branding left in my soul.” The old man was silent for a long time. He stood up and after hesitating he sat down. Then he began to stared blankly at the ground.

“My branding should have been broken on planet Dong Lin, why… is it there still…”

The red robed man on the second floor hesitated for a while before clenching his teeth “Since only one person bid then it will be sold for one piece of celestial jade!”

Wang Lin revealed a sneer and his right hand reached out. The pill flew out of the red robed man into Wang Lin’s hand and he threw a piece of celestial jade. Then he clasped his hand at Sun Xi and left.

Wang Lin completely ignored the uproar behind him. With one step he teleported outside the Whole Treasure Pavilion.

“Just one pill isn’t enough to drag me into this!” Wang Lin walked away from the pavilion.

On the third floor the old man clenched his teeth and disappeared.

As Wang Lin walked to a remote place and turned around. The old man from the Whole Treasure Pavilion appeared behind him. He carefully looked at Wang Lin and revealed a look of doubt.

Noticing Wang Lin’s gaze the old man sighed and said “Fellow cultivator this old man mistaken you for someone else I hope you won’t take offense.” He turned around and walked off into the distance, this figure was filled with vicissitudes.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said “Sun Tai!”

The moment those two words entered the old man’s ear his entire body shook. He jerked his head, looked at Wang Lin with shock, and exclaimed “You… It really is you!”

Wang Lin’s scanned Sun Tai with his divine sense before frowning and said “How could the Giant Demon Clan Ancestor’s bloodline ability send you to the Allheaven Star System?”

Sun Tai revealed a bitter expression and said “I was also puzzled about this for hundreds of years. To my understanding the bloodline ability shouldn’t be this strong.”

Wang Lin asked “The branding on your body is very weak, why!”

Sun Tai pondered a bit and said “Do you know that in the Allheaven Star System there is a planet Dong Lin?”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and didn’t let Sun Tai continue speaking. He waved his sleeves and the two of them disappeared. They reappeared outside his house in the northern part of the city. Wang Lin lead Sun Tai into the house.

Sitting down in the lotus position Wang Lin looked at Sun Tai and said “You can speak now!”