Emperor Old Xian

Chapter 1149: Hidden Immortal Hall

At this point, Li Qiye slightly frowned. He thought about something and looked over at the old man: “Usually, if it wasn’t before a disaster, your Su Clan wouldn’t open this secret pathway. Not too many things necessitate this action, could it be that that some items in the ancient temple have gone missing?”

“How, how does virtuous nephew know about this!?” The old man was shocked. Only their clan knew about these treasures. No outsiders should have been privy to this information.

“Nothing surprising.” Li Qiye continued: “So your clan has really lost them?”

The old man wryly coughed: “Well, yes. A few things happened back during our forefathers’ generation. One ancestor during that time fell in love with a woman from the charming race at the Heaven Spirit World. Later on, due to various reasons, she was detained back in her race so my ancestor personally went to their world.”

“Thus, he brought that item along. If the other party did not let her go, he would barrage that place back to the origin.” After hearing this, Li Qiye could faintly guess the reasons.

The old man smiled and continued on: “I heard that ancestor back then talked to that race and said that he only wanted to marry her. But who knows what happened afterwards. The ancestor who brought along the item was never seen or heard of from then on.” The old man sighed at this point: “In future generations, our clan has sent different people to the Heaven Spirit World to try and find it but we never found anything. The treasure disappeared from then on.”

“But you guys have gotten some news now.” Li Qiye stared at the old man.

The old man gently nodded: “A few days ago, we finally received a response so we summoned the family for a meeting. A bit later, my daughter insisted on going to the Heaven Spirit World so we opened the secret pathway.”

With that, he looked over at Li Qiye: “Ever since she went to the Heaven Spirit World, there has not been any message. It has been a while so I’m worried that something might have happen to her. Right now, we still need to wait for a bit before opening the pathway again so I came here for help from you. I heard you have another method to reach the other worlds.”

Li Qiye replied: “I understand. I will personally go to the Heaven Spirit World. Don’t worry, I will bring the sect master home.”

“Nothing could be better then.” The old man was very happy. He has heard of Li Qiye’s legends so Li Qiye was the perfect person for the job.

“Just wait back at the Su Clan for the good news.” He told the old man.

The ecstatic old man quickly bid goodbye.

Li Qiye stared at the distance in silence after the old man left. Heaven Spirit World… There were a few things there that he didn’t know how to face.

“After all is said and done, one has to pay back one day.” Eventually, he withdrew his gaze and gently sighed: “Everything should end in this generation, both feud and hate.” 1

He called for Gu Tieshou and told him: “Contact the War God Temple, tell them that I want to go to the Hidden Immortal Hall. Make sure they understand that I must go, no room for discussion.”

After seeing his demeanor, Gu Tieshou didn’t dare to say much and affirmed before leaving right away.

The War God Temple was the oldest lineage in the Mortal Emperor World. After millions of years, very few knew where it was located. Some said that it was built in the middle region, others believed that it is situated at the eastern Hundred Cities. Of course, some thought that it was within the depth of space.

Despite very few cultivators in the present time who could tell its exact coordinates, it still had many disciples staying at the Mortal Emperor World. Thus, it was not hard to contact them.

There were even fewer people who knew about the Hidden Immortal Hall. This number could be count on one’s hand. It was a secret of the temple. Only the highest level ancestors knew what the hall was hiding.

The hall was shrouded in primordial chaos with many ancient temples. After being polished by the countless years, each bricks and stones in these temples have an air of vicissitudes. One could feel the flow of time by looking at them.

While walking on this chaos, travelers could sense a moving immortal intent. This intent gave them wings as if they have turned into an immortal. It seemed that one could climb to an immortal land from this place. It was a wondrous feeling.

Li Qiye slowly walked through these halls. He basked in the chaos and immortal intent while channeling their profundities. Others might be unaware of what this temple was hiding, but Li Qiye knew full well. The items hidden here could definitely make even Immortal Emperors salivate with greed.

After hearing Li Qiye’s demand, the War God Temple asked the ancestors in the Hidden Immortal Hall for their command. Eventually, the temple agreed for his entrance.

He sat in a treasure seat in the main hall and slowly closed his eyes to better sense the auras in this place. It could be said that it wasn’t easy for someone from the War God Temple itself to come here. If an outsider could come here, this was a fortune of a lifetime.

“Hidden Immortal Hall… Your War God Temple must have expended endless effort here.” He finally opened his eyes after a long period.

“Despite Your Excellency’s visit, this lowly one cannot stand up to greet you, please excuse me.” An old voice came from the primordial chaos within the hall.

“No need, you should still lie down.” Li Qiye sat in his chair and stared at the chaos to say in an insipid manner: “After so long, you finally figured it out, not too stupid then.”

“This lowly one didn’t think that Your Excellency would personally come out in this generation. If the juniors from my temple have offended you, please forgive them.” The old voice came again.

Buried in this hall was the oldest ancestor of the War God Temple and also the strongest one. Back then, it was him who the temple asked Li Qiye for the life prolongment.

Disciples didn’t know of his existences, only ancestor-level characters did. But even these ancestors had to call him Old Xian. 2

“Let the past go.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly: “If I wanted to bother with those juniors, you wouldn’t be sleeping here peacefully.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Old Xian replied. Despite being the oldest in the temple, he was still only a junior compared to the Dark Crow who has been around for countless years.

“No need for so much formality.” Li Qiye said: “My purpose for coming here is simple. I want the item in your Hidden Immortal Hall.”

Old Xian was quiet and didn’t respond for a while. Li Qiye laughed: “I know that this demand is a bit unreasonable and it is not easy for you easier.”

“Your Excellency knows that this item has a great significance to us. Another way to put it is that it is the only thing protecting our temple.” Old Xian spoke. He felt like begging at this moment. After all, this item was too important for the temple, much too important.

“Yes, I can feel it.” Li Qiye smiled: “It is indeed not an easy matter. I didn’t think that it was possible even back then but you all have succeeded.”

He went on: “After so many years of refinement, you have finally polished this thing into perfection, allowing it to be used with ease. This is quite astonishing. But don’t you think this price is too heavy? In these years, you could have produced Immortal Emperors but instead, all of your effort went into this.”

“Which is why this lowly one hopes this item can continue to protect the War God Temple.” Old Xian said solemnly.

“I won’t take your item for nothing.” He chuckled: “If you are willing to trade, I will let your temple benefit from the exchange.”

Old Xian didn’t say anything after a long time. His attitude was clear.

“So in the end, you still can’t give up your beloved item.” Li Qiye was still happy: “You should know that I have been quite protective of your temple since you all have done many things for me among the years. If it was some other lineages, I wouldn’t need to trouble myself like this and would just take it by force.”

“Earning Your Excellency’s grace is our honor.” Old Xian was still respectful in the chaos.

“I know you old geezer is strong and with the addition of this thing, you are quite confident.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “But if I wanted to seize it, no one would be able to stop me, don’t you think?”

Old Xian sighed in the chaos and respectfully answered: “No one can stop Your Excellency. As long as you are willing, you could change the world.”

The old man was not completely clueless while staying in the chaos. He has heard of recent events. Not to mention how frightening Li Qiye was, just South Emperor, Middle Continent Princess, and Magu alone were enough to shake their temple.

If it really got to that point, even he couldn’t protect the War God Temple.

Chapter 1150: Old Xian’s Decision

Li Qiye spoke while sitting in his chair and staring at the chaos: “As long as you take out that item, I will not mistreat your temple. I shall satisfy your requests.”

Old Xian pondered for a bit before sighing: “If Your Excellency needs it, how could we not give it to you?”

“Very good.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “This is the War God Temple for you, wise, always making the correct choice.”

Old Xian didn’t say anything in the chaos. He could only lament that fact that since the start of time, there were only things that Dark Crow wanted and nothing that he couldn’t have. Plus, Li Qiye at this time was not taking their item without anything in return. An exchange was the best result for the temple.

“Your Excellency, this lowly one is still confused.” Old Xian asked: “With your invincible capabilities, who in the nine worlds could oppose you? Why do you need our item?”

“You are aware of the item’s origin.” Li Qiye smiled: “Yes, I don’t need to borrow it if I only wanted to sweep through the nine worlds. But if I need to open a path up there, then I must have it.”

“Your Excellency wants to go there again!” Old Xian’s heart started beating faster. He has heard of this legend from War God Mu before.

“Yes, time to end this in this generation.” Li Qiye said slowly.

Old Xian was aghast inside the chaos. He murmured: “Your Excellency wants to raise the banner again? This little one knows very little but I have heard Immortal Emperor Yu talk about it before. She said that you have started an expedition once, is that true?”

“It is a path of no return. This applies to everyone and I wasn’t the only one who have started one.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Many have tried to do so across the eons thus, the path is paved with many bones.”

Old Xian was quite shaken. Thousands of thoughts ran rampant in his mind in a split second.

“Your Excellency, I have heard a few legends about this matter. I heard that some people can take advantage of this and go up as well? May I ask if this is true? Can it really be done?” Old Xian asked.

“Haha, are you talking about the illegal crossing?” Li Qiye laughed and said: “Yes, it is true but you need an Immortal Emperor to presides over the whole thing. The success rate is not very good even with an emperor. Death will happen.” 3

He continued: “You should understand that once you go to the heaven, you will be a prey. Those existences won’t ignore you so you should know the result of being a prey.”

Old Xian was startled once more because this has exceeded his imagination.

“Why, are you tempted?” He laughed: “If you really are, then I will tell you a good news. No need for illegal crossing in this generation. The door will open and if you are strong enough, you can definitely go up there. Of course, you will become a prey at that point, got it?”

“But, how is that possible?” Old Xian finally regained his sanity and spoke with astonishment: “Outside of a few mythical opportunities, only Immortal Emperors could ascend.”

“This generation is different.” Li Qiye smiled: “I am the ruler of this generation. The door will open. Of course, it depends on your own power if you can go up there and who you went with.”

Old Xian’s heart that has been quiet for a long time suddenly thumped faster and faster. It became full of life as if the old man in the chaos has become younger.

“Yes, you are tempted.” Li Qiye smiled: “So no more protecting the Hidden Immortal Hall, you want to come out and do some stretching?”

Old Xian mused the thought a bit before speaking: “I don’t know what kind of world it is, but i heard above the heavens, emperors and deities exist together…”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “It is not necessarily a good thing. Where there are people, the jianghu exists. With jianghu comes disputes. From disputed stem violence and bloodshed. You can imagine a brilliant era but you can also imagine a scene of carnage. No matter the location, the most radiant era will also have the most terrible destruction.” 4

“The gods and deities together!” Despite Li Qiye’s answer, the old man in the chaos was still in a daze. One could imagine this era even though it was quite far in the past.

Eventually, he calmed down and recalled some of the things Immortal Emperor Bing Yu told him.

He asked once more to confirm: “Your Excellency wants to reach the very end in this generation?”

Li Qiye laughed in response: “It seems like Little Bing Yu told you a lot of things. I told her back then so that she would get ready to avoid being caught off guard.”

“Ah, Your Excellency, this is not the Immortal Emperor’s fault. Before leaving, the emperor has discussed many things with the War God Temple and I only got curious, that’s all.” The old man smiled wryly. 5

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Immortal Emperor Bing Yu did a transaction with the temple, right? Outside of leaving some things for the Ice Feather Palace so that it can rise again after a decline, she should also have taken a personal letter that has descended from up there back then, right?”

“Your Excellency predicts perfectly.” Old Xian smiled: “Immortal Emperor Bing Yu did indeed make a deal with us back then.”

“Forget it, I do not care. Little Bing Yu can be considered a half pupil of mine. Without my indulgence, she wouldn’t have told this secret to your temple anyway.” He said softly.

Old Xian could finally breathe easy because some secrets weren’t meant to be leaked. No one would want to talk about this stuff including Immortal Emperors unless it was their closest person. It related to too many secrets that the weak had no place in knowing.

Li Qiye glanced over at the chaos and spoke: “Does your temple have any objection? Tell me your requests. As long as they are reasonable, I shall fulfill it.”

Old Xian contemplated for a bit before speaking: “Is Your Excellency still recruiting?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after hearing this: “Do you want to climb out and go up there for real? If I’m not mistaken, your War God Temple has always been the same, acting like an old geezer. The temple probably wants to worship you nonstop until you can’t renew life any longer.”

“Maybe Your Excellency was right. There is no rebuilding without breaking.” Old Xian sighed in the chaos: “The War God temple is still immersed in the glory of the old generations; it is living on due to the shelter of old prestige. If our old men are still here, the temple won’t be able to prosper.”

“As long as we are still alive, the younger disciples will live comfortably with no sense of crisis. At the same time, we are wasting a lot of the temple’s resources. This is taking robbing it from the youth.” He lamented with regrets.

Though the temple rarely involved itself with the world, it was indeed very powerful, not weaker than any other imperial lineages. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been standing strong for so many million years.

But its power was not built on the foundation of a rising younger generation. Unlike other imperial lineages, it didn’t have new Immortal Emperors that would bring about fresh blood for the sect.

The main reason for its strength was due to its establishment during a brilliant era. This left behind an astonishing legacy and resources for the temple including many mighty ancestors.

Having powerful ancestors was not a bad thing for a sect. After all, this was part of their strength but it was not necessarily a plus either.

Outside of the young generation not having a lot of motivation due to their existences, they also consumed a lot of resources from either life prolongment or blood energy enrichment.

Just like Old Xian said, this was robbing it from the younger generation.

Li Qiye responded insipidly: “Your temple has adhered to old ideas for too long and should have had a reformation long ago. Like back then, there were so many good opportunities yet you failed to grasp it. For example, you actually sent out a great seed for an Immortal Emperor. If I knew that this was going to happen, I would have train Little Bing Yu myself.”

Old Xian didn’t dare to comment after being scolded by Li Qiye. To the ancestors of the temple, they regretted this thing the most, gifting an Immortal Emperor to someone else.

If they kept the young Immortal Emperor Bing Yu, perhaps they would have broken this stagnation and brought about some fresh blood to the temple.

Unfortunately, they failed to do a good job. In the end, the proud emperor left the temple.

In fact, Li Qiye has scolded them in the past about this matter before too since he also lost the chance to train Immortal Emperor Bing Yu.

There was no chance for them to reconcile because the emperor was a proud person. She would never come back after leaving.

“Your Excellency’s criticism is right, our temple has indeed festered.” Old Xian sighed again and openly admitted their mistake that year.

  1. Hate here is most likely a romantic hate because it would be strange to include feud otherwise
  2. Xian means immortal, old here can be considered as grandpa or elder as well
  3. Illegal crossing as in illegal immigration or human smuggling
  4. Most readers have probably seen the word jianghu before, meaning lakes and rivers. Another translation I see for this is “Pugilist World” but I don’t agree with it fully because it consists of more than just martial artists. It is a culture, a way of life described in ancient China brought to life in wuxia novels and extended to modern webnovels as well
  5. I know that Bing Yu should be empress, but her title is Immortal Emperor. Only Hong Tian is an empress in title (raw is Female Emperor). I don’t know if the distinction matters at all but I’ll keep it this way

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