Chapter 677 – Smoke Signal

“Why would the Wang Yue appear here? Why is the metal vein out in the open yet no one had taken it in such a long time…” One by one these riddles wentered Wang Lin’s mind. He stared at the vein and didn’t make any rash decisions.

Years of caution made him develop a habit of questioning everything. There were too many mysterious here, if he was clearless he might face unimaginable crisis.

Suppressing his heart’s urge to immediately take the metal vein Wang Lin carefully walked around the vein. The confusion in Wang Lin’s mind gradually grew stronger.

In his view this metal vein was a bit too neat. The size of this vein from being to end was basically the same size.

“If it was a naturally formed vein it would absolutely impossible for it to be like this. This vein looks more like long sections of bones.”

Thinking about this Wang Lin’s body suddenly stopped as his eyes revealed a strange color. He stared at the vein and his heart was in turmoil.

“Bone… Could it really be a bone left by a unknown fierce and this is its remain!” Wang Lin gasped, he couldn’t imagine what kind of beast would have metal vein as its bone.

He pondered a bit and continued to follow the metal vein. At this moment the ground suddenly shook and Wang Lin immediately felt waves of fluctuation coming from all direction. All of these fluctuation were going upwards.

Wang Lin condensed all his celestial energy and his eyes were filled with horror. His divine sense were still spread out and clearly saw countless tentacles coming out from the vein and extend into the earth. Finally they accurately extended out from the cracks on the surface and began to sway back and forth.

Wang Lin was startled for a moment but immediately lowered his head to look at the metal vein. The strangeness in his eyes became even stronger.

“This scene is some what familiar…”

Staring at the metal vein Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up and he muttered “The earth is covered in tentacles makes the entire planet look like it has hair growing out of it everywhere…

The second form of the Wang Yue is when all the hair on its body is withdrawn so it is in a state of slumber… Could it be that… Where I am at, planet Yun Xia… Is an extremely large Wang Yue!”

Wang Lin gasped and stared at the metal vein not far away.

“This isn’t a metal vein but really a bone. However it’s not a bone of any beast but… the bone of a Wang Yue!” Wang Lin’s heart became cold.

“If I had just taken the metal vein I’m afraid I would had immediately awaken this Wang Yue. As a result I would had died. It was unlikely for this Wang Yue to completely awaken but it only need to be awake for a moment to kill anyone who tried to take the bone.” Wang Lin finally understood why none of the powerful cultivators came to try and take th is bone. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to but they didn’t dare.

“I believe that others had came here before but all died here. In a way the person from the Hua family was very smart. He only took a bit from the surface and immediately left. If he took a bit more he would had stimulated the Wang Yue enough to awaken. There might also be luck involved, if it was anyone else even a tiny bit could had caused the Wang Yu to awaken.”

Hundreds of thoughts flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He knew that he should quickly leave this place and no longer think about it. However he looked a t the metal vein and felt extremely unwilling to just leave.

“What I want is this entire bone, as a result the Wang Yue will completely awaken. By then its body will change into attack form and I’ll without a doubt die…. However I’m unwilling to just give up like this! Ah!” Wang Lin let out a sigh and his eyes lit up. He recalled everything about Wang Yue from the ancient god’s memories.

“There is no other existence that knows there parasites as well as the ancient gods, that is my advantage. This Wang Yue lives off the blood of the ancient god…

The tentacles are their most sensitive organ… What method can I use to take the bone but not wake it up…”

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with a mysterious light and he muttered to himself “Back when I devoured all those Celestial Ascension Fruit I was filled with a sense of madness. At that time even if someone took my bone I afraid I won’t had felt it. If I can put this Wang Guy into a state of illusion while it’s still asleep, perhaps I can then take its bone…”

Wang Lin pondered for a moment he looked at the metal vein with reluctance and let out a sign. With one step he was already above ground, he teleported in mid air and reappeared outside planet Yun Xia. The star compass appeared and quickly took him away from planet Yun Xia.

From far away Wang Lin looked back at planet Yun Xia while riding the star compass, this eyes revealed a decisive gaze.

“I must obtain that Wang Yue’s bone! I can refine the drug to numb the Wang Yue. However I would need a large amount to make this huge Wang Yue enter a state of illusion.”

If it was anyone else even if they thought of the method and obtained a large amount of drugs they won’t be able to make the Wang Yue absorb it.

An ancient god’s Wang Yue won’t absorb anything beside the blood of ancient god without the ancient god tactic.

Only Wang Lin have the ancient god tactic.

The silver dragon flew across stars, Wang Lin sat on its back with a gloomy expression. This trip that took several month was a complete waste of time. Originally he thought he could complete the heaven defying bead but it turned out like this.

“Forget it, I had already waited more than eight hundreds years I won’t mind waiting a bit longer. As long as I obtain enough celestial ascension fruit to refine I can just come back.

However I didn’t expect that a large Wang Yue… Just what star ancient god could have such a large Wang Yue… And this thing had obviously been sleep for countless years there are even ruins of cities on its surface.”

Wang Lin’s expression loosen and began to ponder.

“This Wang Yue is in the form of a planet, once it awakens I wonder what kind of strength it will have… I’m afraid even Ling Tianhous, All-Seer, and them would immediately flee in terror! Unfortunately it won’t listen to anyone but its master. Even if my original body is here it would be useless.

Otherwise if I could control it and lead it back to Alliance Star System won’t it be a joyous event.”

Wang Lin let out a bitter smile as he controlled the star compass straight toward planet Ran Yun. As the silver light flashed he was gradually become farther and farther from planet Yun Xia.

On planet Ran Yun the Ran family ancestor, Carefree Sanren, and Sun Xi looked at the sky. Their expression were deadly grim.

“Planet sealing formation…” Sun Xi’s face was filled with bitterness.

Carefree Sanren “The Hua family would never do things like this. If they had the time to set up the planet sealing formation they would had already descended on planet Ran Yun.”

The Ran family ancestor pondered for a long time and said “I’m afraid that this matter is prepared for the Huan family ancestor’s new adopted daughter Huan Mei to show her might.”

“The Huan family want to wipe out our three families and is using the formation to prevent us from escaping.” Sun Xi’s eye became cold.

The Ran family ancestor said “They won’t be able to wipe out our families. In these past several years the three of us have long send the talented family members secretly off planet. As long as they exist our family’s flame will continue one.”

“Unfortunately our roots are all on planet Ran Yun, how can we move it in a short period of time. If we move too fast it would cause this matter to blow up early.” Carefree Sanren bitterly smiled.

Sun Xi hesitated and siad “Maybe fellow cultivator Xu Mu will make it back…”

The Ran family ancestor grind his teeth and said “Hmph if he doesn’t come back once the three of us are captured by the Huan family I’ll drag him into this matter. How can I let him take all those celestial jade for free! He promised to protect us but left at the moment of crisis, despicable!”

Carefree Sanren silently pondered.

Sun Xi let out a sigh and said “Forget it, even if he comes back what can he do? The Huan family ancestor had already reached the second step who can stop him? Rumor had it that the Huan family had two ancestors in the second step. One of them died in the fight for the Thunder Celestial Realm and only one remains. Although he wasn’t as strong as he was before but as long as he comes then everything would be pointless.”

The three of them silently pondered. They were filled with remorse about the matter four years ago. This was karma.

Just at this moment the Ran family ancestor’s expression suddenly changed and exclaimed “They came!”

Sun Xi and Carefree Sanren raised their head. They felt the danger coming from the sky and their expression became even more gloomy.

Waves of fluctuation came from the sky as an almost endless pressure descended from the sky.

Outside planet Ran Yun Liu Mei stepped toward the planet wearing white. She spread out our divine sense after passing the planet sealing formation and locked on the Ran family ancestor and company.

Her expression was as calm as water as she slowly closed in.

“Brother Sun, brother Zhao the three of us had spent most of life fighting. Now that we had already settled all future matters why not let the three of us go all out. Even if we die we will die without regret!” Although his voice was low but it contained battle intent. He looked up at the sky and his eyes contained a burning flame.

“Brother Ran is heroic, since you are burning your soul then let me accompany you!” Carefree Sanren let out a laugh and a burning flame also appeared in his eyes.

Sun Xi’s eyes revealed decisive gaze and smiled “Forget it, to be willing to cultivate all my life means I’ll willing to enter the heavens and scold the celestial generals. How can I back down!”

Monstrous battle intent burst from the three of them like giant flame suddenly ignited on planet Ran Yun. An ordinary flame can create a signal smoke. Although cultivators burning their soul can’t create a signal smoke but can create battle intent ten times, hundred times, thousand time stronger than signal smoke.

This powerful battle intent reached its peak when Liu Mei’s beautiful figure appeared.

Liu Mei’s body descended from the sky as she looked at the three of them and muttered “Burning their origin soul…” Her voice was very beautiful like the spring wind sweeping past the earth, there was also a mysterious force within her voice.

Carefree Sanren stared at Liu Mei in the sky. The flame in his eyes gradually dimmed and was replaced with a hint of fanaticism…