Chapter 695 – Wang Ping’s request

Since the Ran family ancestor and Carefree Shanren disappeared the Sun family replaced the Ran family’s position on planet Ran Yun due to Sun Xi. They became even stronger than the past Ran family and became the number one existence on the planet.

During these twenty years of change the people of the Sun family became arrogant.

The Vast Water City also had a branch of the Sun family. At this moment in the Sun branch family home’s main hall sat three soul formation elder. Before them stood all the people involved in the incident at the restaurant.

This was the first time Qing Yi been to a situation like this so she was very nervous. She had her head lower and had a respectful demeanor.

Her master, the core formation cultivator, was standing beside her. However his face was pale and his cultivation had fell from core formation to late stage foundation establishment.

One of the Sun family elder was a red faced old man. He slightly opened his eyes and gently said “This person really said that?”

The late stage nascent old man who tried to stop Wang Lin quickly nodded and said “Junior definitely didn’t hear wrong, this person clearly said just this once!”

A cold snort came out from a green robed old man, his eyes became cold and said “It seem someone else want to provoke my Sun family. This person can cause a core formation cultivators core to collapse with one gaze and three nascent soul cultivator to retreat with one step. I fear his cultivation had already reached soul transformation!”

The final elder calmly said “What about soul transformation, our Sun family ancestor is still here and there is also that senior that will protect us for a century. Not even the Huan family from planet Thousand Illusion dare to provoke this senior, with him around our Sun family will not collapse!”

The red faced elder spoke a second time “What is this person’s family name?”

The cultivators remained silent for a long time. The late stage nascent soul old man wryly smiled and said “I don’t know but it seem this external family member had talked with them. Perhaps she would know.”

The red faced elder’s gaze fell on Qing Yi.

“Do you know?”

Qing Yi’s body trembled, after pondering for a bit she shook her head “Junior doesn’t know…”

“What guts!” The red faced old man’s eyes narrowed. With his experience he was able to tell the girl was lying at a glance.

Qing Yi bitterly lowered her head and softly said “Junior really doesn’t know.”

The red faced elder let out a cold snort, he stood up and said “Let’s put this matter aside. I have already informed this matter to the family and they will sent a soul transformation cultivator to deal with this. As for this external family member since her heart have another than kick her out of the Sun family!

This old man want to see on what basis this person dare to say such arrogant words as just this once! On planet Ran Yun no one dare to speak like this to my Sun family!”

In the northern part of the Vast Water City the new sign for Wang Lin’s home had already been put up. Wang Lin personally wrote the two character “Wang Mansion”.

Wang Lin didn’t replace the servant girls in the mansion and kept using them. This way the mansion was a lot less lonely.

Late at night the moonlight fell. Wang Lin and Wang Ping sat across from each other in the back study.

Wang Lin calmly said “Ping Er nineteen years of ordinary life, eight years of adventure, and next I’ll give you thirty years of wealth. A person’s life contains joy and sorrow you should know it all. Being rich and poor is also the same.”

Wang Ping silently pondered, after a long time he faintly smiled. His eyes were bright and said “Dad is this the compensation for not letting me cultivate?”

Wang Lin looked at Wang Ping and slowly said “Yes.” His gaze went over Wang Ping and fell into the distance outside the window. In a place where Wang Ping couldn’t see there was a hint of sadness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

This sadness was so strong, so strong that no one knew. All this secret was Wang Lin can only hold it in his head even though he knew that Wang Ping buried his wish to cultivate along with a trace of resentment toward him.

“Ping Er, it is not father doesn’t want you to cultivate but.. It’s just… you can’t cultivate…” Wang Lin sighed in his heart, the sadness became even stronger…

Wang Ping slowly said “Dad what is wealth?”

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said “What kind of wealth do you want?”

“Dad taught me that a person would walk against the heavens and not be pressured by the world. Meet a mountain climb over it, meet a river go through it, meet a ocean cross it, and never given to the world. Since father doesn’t want me to cultivate then I want to become supreme ruler among mortals!” Wang Ping looked at this father.

“If you want you can!” Wang Lin closed his eyes.

Wang Ping grew up, under Wang Lin’s influence he gradually gained his own ideas. He was no longer the child that always listened to his father. He now had his own thoughts and ideals.

Wang Ping looked at his father and whispered “I don’t want to be a supreme ruler that is handed to me, I want to obtain it myself!”

Wang Lin calmly said “Yes…” He waved his right hand. A shadow walked out from behind him and walked into Wang Ping’s shadow.

“With this you can do anything on planet Ran Yun.” Wang Lin got up, he didn’t look at Wang Ping as he walked out of the study. His back looks a bit crestfallen.

Wang Ping opened his mouth and seemed like he wanted to say something. However in the end he couldn’t say it out loud and could only silently ask in his heart “Father you can give me everything why… Won’t you let me cultivate… Ping Er doesn’t want to cultivate for himself but for… The promise from back then… In order to accompany you forever… Father you are so lonely… But why…”

Wang Lin stood in the courtyard under the moonlight, his shadow was stretched very long. He turned to his own room, lied down on his bed and softly said “One day you will understand. However I hope that day will come slower, in fact I hope you never know why…”

This night Wang Ping didn’t sleep.

Three days later a person arrived in the Vast Water City. This person wore a black coat and looked rather old. After he arrived at Vast Water City he went to the Sun family branch.

All the cultivator in the Sun branch family came out to greet this cultivator. Even though they had already guessed the person who came must be a soul transformation cultivator when the three elders saw who came they all gasped and became even more respectful.

“Greeting vice family head!”

This person was Sun Qiming, because of Wang Lin’s matter his status in the family increased. Also his cultivator had already reached late stage soul transformation and was promoted by Sun Xi to become the next family head.

Sun Qiming didn’t speak any nonsense and directly said “Where is person?” These people in the family doesn’t know the meaning of being able to break a core with just one gaze but he was well aware. Even though he can do this but he couldn’t cause three nascent soul cultivator to retreat with just one step without using any spell.

This kind of things can still be explained if a spell was used. However if what the jade said wa true and no spell were used then this kind of thing can only done by old monster at ascendant cultivation. It was absolutely impossible for an ordinary cultivator to do this.

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