New DE Chapters Released! Book 9, Chapters 10, 11

Hey guys, sorry for no second chapter yesterday; literally fell asleep!  Here are two chapters, with a third (regular chapter) coming later.

These two sponsored chapters are extra special, because they are for a certain birthday boy named William D., on behalf of his good friend Benny.  A very happy birthday to you, William!  On behalf of your friend and of myself, here’s to hoping you had an awesome birthday!

For your birthday present, here are your two chapters:

Book 9, Chapter 10 – A Disaster Caused 

Book 9, Chapter 11 – The Culprit, Ji Ning

Enjoy the read, and again, a very happy birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday William!! Enjoy the chapters, I know I will.

    Thanks a bunch as always Ren. You may not have birthed my addiction to Chinese Novels, but you definitely fixated it, you splendid person you!!

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    *: (=’ :’) :: Happy Birth Day! :::::::::::::::::::::
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    To William!

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