New DE Chapter Released! End of Book 30!

Hey guys, we’re finally done with book 30. Here’s your fourth chapter of the week! Four more to go for this week (end of book means a day ‘off’) so we’ll have two more chapters on Saturday and on Sunday. Cheers! Links will be up on Patreon shortly.

Book 30, Chapter 36 – Heartforce Cultivator.

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    1. For Ren, I think that a reasonable full day’s worth of work = 2 chapters, and he only has time to effectively work on DE for 5 days’ worth of time per week. So taking a day off means 2 less chapters. At least, I remember when Ren first started doing 10 chapters a week (before Patreon) and was doing 2 per day Mon-Fri and taking weekends off, that’s what a day off meant.

      1. Doesn’t he already have many chaps translated in advance? I would expect him than to also have chaps for uploading even if he took a day of from translating, no?

        1. Well, taking a day off means skipping a day’s worth of work, not doing an extra day’s worth of work in advance. For someone with a constantly shifting schedule like Ren, I believe that what’s meaningful to him is the total time he spends working.

          1. I get it, and I’m grateful for what we get. I’m just curious. Just uploading one, or two chaps, without translating more is not much of a job. It’s not like he is working in advance, or or giving up on a free day.

      2. I was thinking the same thing lol. Why does the day off need to be a day where two chapters are taken away when we have some days when 1 or no chapters are released already. Why not just call it a day off and stick to the 10? Just missing the past weeks of many releases.

          1. Dude it’s not a chapter a day it’s 10 a week. Sometimes we can get 4 in a day or none at all but it’ll always be 10 a week

      3. I thought he say that a day does not mean 2 chapter in his laat update. It 10 chapter a week, period. This seem contradictory to his statement from last time.

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