New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 45

Hi guys; here’s the fourth and final sponsored chapter of the day (the first chapter was regular)!  Book 8, Chapter 45 – Vicious Acts has been published.  Enjoy the read!  If you do, please consider saying a few words of thanks to our generous donors: TheLeecher, Interitus, Xephon, DK-Germany, DestinyRaider, WH of the Netherlands, CB of Ohio, PR of Germany, lolandylol, Blackbirdy.  Thank all of you so much, and everyone for your continued support of this translation.

Now, I have posted five chapters (41, 42, 43, 44, 45) since accepting TheLeecher’s first challenge, so in principle, I’ve won it.  However, it has become quite clear that a number of readers here and on other forums have gotten heartburn over TheLeecher deciding to let his donations not count if certain criteria are met.  I’ve decided to go ahead and just cancel the challenges, even though I’ve “won” this one, since it really isn’t worth the unhappiness that it seems to be causing a number of you.  TheLeecher, thanks for the donation and the good intentions; I hope you won’t be mad at me for no longer participating!  🙂

Okay, guys, I want to emphasis that I don’t want to see any finger-pointing or unhappiness in the comments aimed at anyone, okay?  I do want Wuxia World to be a happy place for everyone present, so let’s keep it that way.  Likewise, if you have any comments or criticisms that you do not feel comfortable posting in public, please feel free to reach out to me at rwxwuxiaworld(at); I promise that I will respond to each and every one of them.

NOTE – You may have noticed the queue just dropped.  That isn’t because of the challenge; a donor miscalculated and previously over-donated, so I just refunded the amount back to him and removed it from the queue.  🙂

Have a good night, friends!


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        1. Reread the challenge, is all I have to say xD. “First Challenge: Speed Run, Time limit: 27 hours, Conditions: 5 chapters must be posted within the time limit.”

  1. Ren mad respect dude. Every time i see your replies/posts, you always bring out the best possible answers to upcoming problems. keep it up man! Id love to donate but I’m still in high school haha no job for now(school year still going) lol

    1. Thanks for the kind words, jusbored! Don’t worry about donations, it wouldn’t feel right accepting money from a high schooler anyhow xD. Just enjoy the ride! 🙂

  2. I think you won the 2 challenges fair and square and that you should subtract it from the queue. You worked hard for it so don’t let other people take this away from you.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. that is a lot of ungrateful people.

    It just TheLeecher making donations, and making bets on the value of those donations. (such as 60 being worth 30 or 120).

    thanks for the speedier work this weekend. Now get some sleep for tomorrow.

  4. I have to agree with some of the other posters. The challenge was between TheLeecher and yourself. They should be grateful that this challenge allowed them to get more chapters faster, not about how money they didn’t spend was allocated.

    Here’s hoping you resume the challenges, and a big Thank You to TheLeecher as well for making all those extra chapters happen so speedily. Thank you as well for your translations in terms of both quality and speed. Much appreciated. And thank you for introducing this novel to me, I’m glad to be reading it.

  5. Thanks for all your hard work 😀 Sorry the challenges did not work out but its hard to please everyone and they would cause some ppl who donated to feel short changed even though its with his donation money so its for the better. No sense risking any negativity as that just makes everyone feel awkward and I really enjoy reading all the positive comments 😀

  6. Ah well. I knew you were going to easily be able to do 5 chapters in 27 hours. Every Saturday and Sunday you’ve basically done 5 chapters in 27 hours, lol. But it is Leechers money so I have no complaints(no right to complain either). Might have been better if you hadn’t made it public I guess, lol. And I’m sure the challenges made it a little more interesting for you. A little change of pace to spice things up. I thought it was interesting once I read it a couple times and fully understood the challenges and rewards. But what’s done is done I guess.

  7. Ren, your magnanimity makes my heart weak with admiration 😥

    I don’t have enough heart to have mercy on people who are basically finger pointing at you and causing you unhappiness, so forgive me for dishing out a cold hard serving of truth 😛

    Thank you for everything you’ve given to the community, which is much more than you’ve gotten back! Just don’t forget to prioritize your own well being!

  8. Ren, Congrats on completing Challenge #1. Frankly, I think you should of continued to do the challenges. I believe you could have completed several of them.

    I understand though that you don’t want to cause any issues and keep your site peaceful. It is better to keep the site peaceful so you can continue to do what you want, instead of having to come on here and constantly have to put out fires or lock the comment threads.

  9. Ren how about free Sundays so you won’t burn out?
    There’s a lot of pressure lately from self-entitled people, you’re running 2 jobs and it’s Sunday for crying out loud.

  10. Aww… I enjoyed them greatly! It’s TheLeechers money! He can decide what to do with it. He could have just not donated, you know, why feel unhappy if he wants to involve the community in a fun challange?
    Kind of dissapointed… oh well… you can never change the internet, I guess.
    Anyone could be a dog.

  11. hey ren just a question about consistency as I was rereading chapter 1 book 8. The 5th paragraph down it says he has 1.2billion, but later in the book he has 2.2billion ( as in chapter 11)??

  12. WOOO
    I feel so conflicted.
    Ren I want you to be rewarded for the INSANE spree that you went through for the chapters. But I also don’t want THELEECHERs donations to die. NOOOO
    I feel so sad.
    And helpless 🙁
    I will agree with whatever you say as it is your call but so sad over whatever outcome.
    😡 & 🙁

  13. Ren, you have gained my respect. Although i would like to donate but unfortunately, I’m schooling as well and uni fees are being a bitch though im not forking out any for the moment but saving up. Any idea how long will the whole series run? Is there a possibility of more than 2 years? If there is, after my uni i would like to pledge a certain amount of donation as thanks for giving me a break when i take some time off to read your works and break from my never ending essays. I apologize for not being able to donate at the moment!

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