New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 10

Happy lunch time reading, gang! We’re back on our regular’ish schedule, with our first bonus chapter of the day, hopefully right in time for your pre-lunch entertainment: Book 8, Chapter 10 – One Sword. Enjoy the read, friends! Remember, newcomers, you can help support us by turning off your Adblock!

A big round of applause need to go to the donors who sponsored this chapter, AY of Vancouver, HS of Germany, JI of Iowa, DT of Queensland, and TP of Minnesota! Thank you guys so much! And thank you, readers, for your continuing support of Wuxia World and Coiling Dragon! Love y’all!

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  1. Hey Ren, first of all thx for all the quality translations you’ve being doing…
    And second, if you want I can do PDF files for your translations, of all complete books, just let me know and I can give you the links ^^

    1. Hi MasterWu, thanks so much for registering and for the offer! At this time, I would strongly prefer not to have these in PDF form for now. Maybe if/when I finish the entire thing. Hope you understand. Thanks!

  2. Gah More More More just finished the awesome chapter and we not even half way thou the book and it this good i want moore so early thanks for the rest and *kneels then smashes head to floor repeatedly* Please i beg you this junkie needs his next fix already so he will be looking longingly at his email for the next released chapter notification is it too much to as for it just 1 minute faster?

  3. He changes it each time to trick the f5 spammers.
    For me it’s usual I sleep I wake up a chapter or 2 has been released and then in the evening I check again and usually another 1 or 2 has been released.
    Although he should take it easy a bit.
    Or else his health may decline. But most importantly he should sleep and rest.

  4. Hello Master Ren 😀
    This is my first time replying since starting to read Coiling Dragon and also my first wuxia novel.
    I really like the story and Linley is a character to my utmost liking ^^
    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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