New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 6

Here you go fellas, the third bonus chapter of the day! This one is: Book 7 Chapter 6, Deity-Level Combatant. Guess who its referring to? *wink wink* Enjoy the chapter, gang!

This bonus chapter is brought to you by our dear donor, EB of Michigan. Thank you so much, EB! Many hugs and kisses from the translator and from the fans! Readers, don’t go away; I am on track to release a FOURTH bonus chapter today after all! Oh, the humanity of it all!

EDIT: And thanks for the new donations from Honaidy and Zekeinferno!  Your contributions have been added to the pool for the fourth bonus chapter.  Thanks so much, guys!  Big round of applause!

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  1. Wow, I couldn’t help but make an account to tell you how grateful I am because of your dedication to the releases.

    Thank you so much, I’ve never read anything that released nearly as fast as this… Once again, thank you very much!

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