New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 5

Here’s your second bonus chapter for the day, gents!  Did you think the last chapter was ‘big’?  See what big REALLY means in the aptly titled Book 7, Chapter 5 – Apocalypse Day.  Enjoy the read, and remember, new fans, please consider having your Adblock make an exception for Wuxia World as a way to support us!

This awesome bonus chapter comes to you courtesy of our lovely SW of Germany, who sponsored it via donations.  Big thanks to you, SW of Germany!  Don’t go anywhere folks; we got two more bonus chapters coming, and I think I’m on track to get’m out today after all!

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  1. Haha nice one Ren I just finished the job i had to do and what do i get in the car ride home but a email notification that this chapter was released so glad i was not driving so i just loaded it up and read it right then and there . Seems next chapter will be out after dinner for me so looking forward to that next treat.

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