New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 3

This post is coming out a bit late, because I was interrupted by a phone call after putting up the actual chapter (but before putting up the post).  Anyhow, third and final bonus chapter release for today!  Book 6, Chapter 3 – Assembling at the Township.  Read and enjoy!  Remember, newcomers, please give turning Adblock off a consideration!

This 3700 word bonus chapter comes to you from our donor sponsors, TZ of Ontario, JB of Ontario, and OC of Sweden.  Thanks to all three of you!  Meanwhile, Volos and MG from SC has started the queue for the next bonus chapter.  Thanks, Volos and MG!  And thanks, all of you readers and fans!  Have a wonderful New Year!  As for me – queue cleared!  Time for break!  Woo!

EDIT: Thank you as well, AM from Indonesia!  I appreciate your donation deeply as well, and have added it to the queue!  DOUBLE EDIT: So I wake up to more donations.  Oi vey!  Big thank you to BlackBirdy, TN from Texas, GS from Illinois, MY from Texas, Honaidy (again!), TW from the United Kingdom, JB from California, and NY from Singapore!  Thank all of you so much!  I’m already hard at work!

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  1. Thanks, and by the time u wake up the addicts will have filled the meter.

    Happy new yr Ren and may ur health remain great with us leechers giving u more work (site problems) and the donation leechers stealing hrs out of ur day to translate for the rest of us.

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