New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 27

Surprise! I know the queue isn’t filled up, but I was working on this chapter during the morning anyhow, and finished it a while ago, so I decided to go ahead and release it. Here is the second REGULAR chapter of the week – Book 6, Chapter 27 – The Wine. Happy reading, folks!

EDIT: I just saw that actually the queue for the next chapter WAS just cleared during lunch.  Whoops!  No biggy though, this is still a regular chapter, and won’t count against the queue.  Enjoy reading, guys!  Big thanks to JR from Illinois, MD of Germany, MS of Estonia, and AR of Germany for clearing the queue for the next chapter!  Also big thanks to AT of Sweden, SW from Germany and Noppes of the Netherlands for starting the queue for the chapter after that!  Double edit: HN of Finland and LV of Riverside finish the queue, and PK of Germany, LV of  Riverside, and TN of Texas started the queue for the third bonus chapter as well! Much love, muah!  And thanks to all the readers and fans of Wuxia World/Coiling Dragon!

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  1. Hi, I’m newly registered and I just want to thank Ren for the superb translation almost on a daily basis. i don’t know if I’m the only one but I don’t read instead I listen to the translation. I copy paste the whole chapter onto the Speak It app and listen to it when I go farming. Thanks again for the translation, I check everyday for updates.

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