New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 20

Aaaand, regular as clockwork, here is your third and final (unless I get insomnia) bonus chapter of the day!  Announcing the release of Book 6, Chapter 20 – Poison.  Enjoy the read, guys!  New friends and fans, remember to please consider having your Adblock off at Wuxiaworld!

This bonus chapter was brought to you by an anonymous donor, Honaidy, kirindas, WR from Melbourne, AK from the UK, CD from California, MS from Germany, and SW from Washington.  Big round of applause for all of them, and for all of you as well, readers!  Thanks for coming, commenting, helping me catch errors, and everything else besides!  Muah!

15 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 20” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Not really sure how you can even compare those 2 to this wonderful series… especially Arifureta, I admit that it was quite good at first, but after they got out of that dungeon and that rabbit appeared… It just was horrible…

      1. i still enjoy it as far as the story goes but i agree this is far ahead when it comes to how well written it is (though that could be because it is worse after translation).

    2. Honestly, both of them had potential but both writers lacked the ability to tell a story. I tried for Arifureta, but my veins were seriously popping with how much the author uses the “vein popping” and just how ridiculous the MC’s change was. Maybe I haven’t read far enough for Tate but so far nothing makes sense. There’s no plot development, no character development, senseless amount of lolis, and I still don’t understand pathetic idea of betrayal that the author’s trying to force (girl lies and takes his money, ahhhh end of the world, I will enforce manly justice)

      It’s okay to have OP MCs (just think One Punch Man) but the story has to at least have some realistic plot. Coiling Dragon introduces tons of characters with varying levels of OP but Linley is forced into situations like Clayde where he just can’t kill them even though he *has* to in order to get revenge. I hope the story doesn’t get worse when he finally gets revenge and no longer has a real goal.

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