New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 2

Allllllright, second bonus chapter of the day!  Book 6, Chapter 2 – The Decision has now been released!  Have fun with the read, and as always, please consider turning off your Adblock, new readers!

This 3600 word bonus chapter comes to you courtesy of Calintz20, JL from Santa Monica, SDN from Ontario, OH from France, JJ from Finland, CP of France, and MA from Malaysia! All propers to them for sponsoring this bonus chapter!  Big thanks and big props to them, and to you as well, dear readers and commenters!  Thank you for your support and for reading!

The next bonus chapter is already queued up, and being sponsored for TZ of Ontario, JB of Ontario, and OC of Sweden!  Meanwhile, Volos has started the queue for the another bonus chapter!  Thanks to all of you!

EDIT: I just realized that I was translating the name for Kalan’s father wrong; it should be Bernard, not Leonard.  I’ve updated the various pages.

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  1. May be considered spoiler if you haven’t read Stellar Transformations, and I advise you to read it….

    Yeah if Stellar Transformations is any indication of how IET makes good on revenge than there’s gonna be A LOT of people bitting the dust, and in these revenges there wasn’t even one as worthy of rage as this one I mean in ST sure some people on the Qin side died but never any close family.

    i eagerly await his revenge :mrgreen:

  2. Does the donation meter auto rise? I just tried to throw something small your way before I leave the States (and it gets garder to use PayPal), but I didn’t see it budge.

    1. Hi Volos, I manually up the donation meter each time a donation comes in! I just got back from shopping. I’ll add your contribution in right now. Thanks so much for your donation! I deeply appreciate it!

      1. Great. I was worried it didn’t go through. Fun to see this as quite an international funding effort. Is it me or does it seem like the US needs a kick in the 下丹田 in this regard?

        As someone who normally has to deal with really bad machine translation, yours are quite good. Thanks.

        1. Well not like I’m bragging because the amount I’ve donated is peanuts compared to the total and probably some of the major donators but I have donated about 2xx dollars (cant remember exact amount) and am from the US (CA) I also remember a lot of the earlier donations were from the US I believe. Here’s me a bit proud (Probably bragging XD) also because I believe I was one of the starts of the donation system because although I was not the first to ask to donate I actually went through with the donation and RWX credited me and that led to others suggesting he make the system which he did 😀 (evidence somewhere in the spcnet coiling dragon forum XD) Ever since I found this awesome translation I’ve been an avid fan 😀 so don’t count the US out of the running yet! I’m not some kind of proud nationalist just wanna point that out 😛 hope I didnt offend anyone thinking I’m being too boastful X.X

          1. I stand corrected. I haven’t reached back into the comments or announcements before book 4. I was using a different source for the earlier books.

            I don’t hate the US or anything ether (after all, I studied and worked there from time to time). I just would have thought the flood of $$$ would have been from the US for a US translator.

            I’m actually encouraged to see international support (perhaps just reflected in the Xmas or New Year’s season).

            Anyway, happy New Year everyone!
            May your Alices end up with douches, your Delias end up in your bed, and your Duke Pattersons end up dead!

          2. There’s been a big surge of donations worldwide, which I am honored to see, but the biggest donors have indeed been from the US!

          3. Yes, TheLeecher, you are definitely one of the main ones responsible for this current steampunk juggernaut that robs of me of my free time and my sleep XD

  3. hey ren thanks for the chapter and happy new year.
    btw a most stupid qeustion will you release a chapter tonight aswell or are you going to wait for later in the day? and of course i will and shall respect your disicion
    and as always thank you

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