New Chapter Release! Book 4, Chapter 13

Another big, 3800 word bonus chapter released!  Book 4, Chapter 13 – Ten Days, Ten Nights.  Click to read!

This bonus chapter came courtesy of donation from OC! Thanks OC! I would also like to thank TL, MA, NZ, JV, CP, and especially a donor from Washington who wishes to remain anonymous.  As always, I would like to thank each and every reader and commenter.  Thank you so much!

On one final note; some people have been suggesting I put up ads to help pay for the cost of this website.  I will experiment with them, as long as they are unobstrusive and don’t make the site look ugly.  One of the first one’s I have put up is an Amazon referral button right below the Paypal one.  If you make a purchase on Amazon through it, Wuxia World gets a small commission at no cost to you.  So think of it as a way to help Wuxia World and the Coiling Dragon translation at no cost.  Cheers!

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