New CD Chapter Release! Book 15, Chapter 41

Hey guys, here’s your second chapter of the day! Book 15, Chapter 41 – Trapped Five Hundred Years. This chapter was sponsored by our generous donors, JC of California, JC of Hawaii, VK of Finland, YS of Belgium, MF of Oklahoma, DO of Germany, BM of British Columbia, and TR of Massachusetts, so if you enjoyed it, please consider joining me in a big thank you to them!

Internet is down at home right now, so I actually thought I wouldn’t be able to get this up for you guys, but again, fortunately, since I installed a wifi card on my desktop, I was able to use my cell phone’s hotspot. Yaaay! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I hope you can squeeze out a third chapter today to give us a conclusion to this….MGA is bad enough with its cliff hangers, CD is usually more gentle on us.

    1. Hehe, it seems you aren’t reading with us for long, it was litteraly cliffhnager every 2 chapters in previous books ‘before hell’ xD xD

        1. So in the end we both kinda got what we wanted right Sylvia?? Linley staying at A.mountain for a few centuries:P and in the end i still get to see my Fusion + additional powerup of the MC 😛 ..what a cruel twist from that juvenile beast lol

          @ Ren+ JC of California, JC of Hawaii, VK of Finland, YS of Belgium, MF of Oklahoma, thanks for the chapter guys!!!:D

  2. Well in my opinion he should tried to fuse worldwalking with rest even if it would take lots of time. When he is using his 2 fuses masteries together he can kill weak highgods. When using 3 masteries he would be at a level of 7 star fiends or around that. So no point in rushing to highgod when he is at thier level allready. And what about his wind clone? Why won’t he try to use essence of the wind first? Isn’t it the easiest and most useful? I bet other masteries have base in the essence so it would help him master other things easier.

  3. Well i got other things that i find silly here. Why wont he use his pulseguard defense when in dragonform in previous chapters? I know its weaker if not used by his earth clone but its still another set of armor on top of dragonform. He can use his wind fuses masteries in that form so why not earth masteries? And other things about soul. He power it up using amethyst ok. But why only his original body? His clones have souls too (because they split before) why cant he equip his Coiling Dragon ring on clone and absorb amethyst then so all clones will be around same level in soul power. Soul power is that same as his “imagination” in training so the more powerful soul the easier it is to train. If his earth and wind clone souls would be as powerful as main body it would be so many times easier to fuse masteries. Author says some things but our MC don’t properly use them like he is stupid or something eh

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