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      1. Nonono, we are doing this for fbt´s own good.. if we take it easy with him and always think.. “be thankful that this is being translated” then our lord will get lazy.. that will hurt his social life to.. so telling him to release more chapters is completely healthy and good for him

      2. why should i be thankful, ppl donate and i watch the horrible video ads, are you thankful to a cashier at a supermarket for taking you money, no, when money is involved it turns from good intentions to a job

        1. yazhmd, thanks for joining the community. That being said, further condescending comments along this line will result in you needing to find another supermarket. Be nice. Thanks! 🙂

          1. its not condescending im explaining why i dont have to be “thankful”, and that i can ask what i want, freedom of speech and what not

        2. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be a condescending [email protected]

          Thanks flowerbridge for the chapter,you should start releasing 1 a day so the 2-3 immature brats I see on this page can just shove and cry to their mommy.

          1. sorry to say this.. but first i did like to say my thanks to FBT for his hardwork… #thumbs up .. ^^

            no offense right,, boxsky it is true that Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be a condescending.
            but you too are not mature either to say other immature..

            it is not ’bout us leecher. maybe his approach was wrong..
            because we are just a leecher that we are know our place and veery grateful for the translator hardwork..

            it is just FBT commited to give us 1 or 2 chap a day and give a “tsunami” at weekend for this month only.. but he is just do it for the first week and we dont see that at second or now..
            we just want to reminded him for his commitment.
            even if he just release 1 chap per 3 days if he didn’t say that commitment maybe there would be no uproar like this..

            even if he just release 1 chap per week i will still very grateful and always waiting for the next week release just like if it is a manga, manhwa or comic.

          2. @Steve Its a lot better to call it out when others are immature then the many other methods people result to,welcome to the real world.

            Are we reading the same thing?Or are you just responding so you can also whine about no extra chapters while hiding behind the false pretense of being ‘thankful’.Wouldn’t be surprise if you and him are they same person.

            here is a quote from him ‘why should i be thankful, ppl donate and i watch the horrible video ads’.

            Ya he is very thankful.

          3. many country have their own form of speech.. u just can’t judge it is bad just because it is different with yours..
            all u need just respect other view point (like ren did,, oopss sry ren bringing ur name xd)

            just pretending ?

            hhaha i’m already here far too long and too lazy to pretending, i already here since the first week of WW.. and i never ever complaint nor even judge ppl..
            it’s just tickle me when i read the comment and found ppl don’t know the main issue but talking bad about ppl..

            how bout u ? didn’t even bother to have a “real” id ?

            if u want me to point it my problem out, then here it goes..
            you say ” Thanks flowerbridge for the chapter,you should start releasing 1 a day so the 2-3 immature brats I see on this page can just shove and cry to their mommy.”

            i don’t care even he release 1 chap a week,,, i would still be reading it every week with no complaint.

            but did you know that FBT is the one that promise us when he made a poll ? or are you just ppl that want to read but don’t care what’s happening ?

            for us leecher,, chapter release was the least thing we worried about.. 1st was the health of the translator, 2nd was the commitment..

            if i’m not thankful why bother to even pointed it out ? or even read it ?
            so just u know there is 13 hour different beetween my timeline and here..mine was faster..
            and the time when CD and MGA out was past midnight and 4am and i read it at that time everyday.
            because i am thankful even when the chap that was out are less than expected that i don’t fill or babling complain here..

            it is me whining because there is no ex chap or is it you the one who was licking his boots by writing that?

            ps: if by any chance FBT read this, i just want to say “this is not for you, i already use indirect approach but it seems he didn’t get it so i need to point it out.. just don’t like ignorant ppl”

        3. Do you even notice how many commited chapters fbt does each week. He could also do like 2 commited and the rest donated like RWX (in the past) then there would be way less chapters. Also in a supermarket you buy something here you donate to show gratefulness
          to the translator who then to shows his gratefulness and translates more chapters.

    1. Agreed man! No chapters for days, then we get two, and the one, while queue has 5 listed that should be released either yesterday or today.. :/ I really just want to get reading..

    1. Anyone wondering why a ahoge are capable of speech? nope, cause they don´t.. now, sho sho, none wants to listen to ur fake message.. now where were we, yep.. Boo, more chapters

  1. @yazhmd Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to be a condescending [email protected]

    Thanks flowerbridge for the chapter,you should start releasing 1chap a day so these 2-3 immature people I see on this page can just cry elsewhere.Its like spoiling kids,too much and they want more,too little and they cry.Make them get use to it.

  2. Hi Wuxiaworld !
    My first time here ! Bravo for the good job and the chapters, I read almost everything here!
    keep it up and also follow your commitments so that readers dont loose interest!

    Thx !!!

    1. Welcome to our simple yet relatively lively community Sky High, it´s good that you like what you read and all translators will always strive for accomplishing their commitments

  3. thanks for the chapters m8, i know it’s not easy doing this every day, and i am sure there are lot more easier ways to make money, and we appreciate all translators, i am happy with even 2 chapters a week, the important thing is translators having to drive to continue doing this on regular basis, this is why i rate rwx very highly, u can tell that you can count on him to do this for a very long time (maybe xd)
    he responds to most replys, basically u can tell he cares about us leechers, and he is doing an amazing thing by getting all these other wonderful translator together and making things easier and better for both us readers and those translators.

  4. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into releasing high quality accurate translations. Try not to be bothered to much by some readers wanting more faster, they are the unfortunate result of to many dramatic cliffhangers that corrupted them. It would probably be best though if you clarified how many free/bonus chapters you wish to do a week and make sure to have some kind of easy workable limit set for yourself as to how many paid bonus chapters you will do for sure per week. That way you can easily release more paid chapters if you have extra time and people cannot complain that you did not do the promised amount. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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