MGA – Chapter 797

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MGA: Chapter 797 – Chu Feng’s “Reverse Scale”

At that instant, Chu Feng also slightly frowned; his complexion was not too great either. Even though the enmity between him and Ya Fei could fill up an ocean, perhaps even so much that it was impossible for the two of them to live under the same sky, when he saw Ya Fei so cruelly killed by Murong Xun right before his eyes, he felt a slight discomfort in his heart.

As for why, Chu Feng didn’t understand it either at first, but after a brief moment, he felt that it was possibly because of their relationship.

No matter how Chu Feng hated Ya Fei, or how Ya Fei despised Chu Feng, Ya Fei had still given Chu Feng her first time. Moreover, Chu Feng was the only person who did it to Ya Fei. That relationship was an inerasable one.

However, upon another way of thinking, Chu Feng felt less stressed. Chu Feng had always had an accurate and good read on people—he knew Ya Fei was a venomous woman who didn’t care what actions she took to reach her goals. The number of people who died by her hands were innumerable; she could be said to be the same kind as Murong Xun.

If she were kept alive, it would be fine given she did nothing more. However, if she had any sort of future activities, to Chu Feng, they represented endless trouble. What awaited Chu Feng would be countless acts of revenge.

So, in that perspective, Murong Xun did remove a future problem for Chu Feng, and also laid a hidden one for himself. After all, Ya Fei was the granddaughter of the head of the Nine Immortals. If this matter were to be known by her grandfather, who knew what reaction he would have.

As a result, Chu Feng lightly smiled, and said with more or less some respect, “No matter what you say, she was still your fiancée, yet you were still able to kill her so coldheartedly. It looks like I’ve truly underestimated the degree of your madness.”

“What?! Are you going to say you feel heartbroken now?!” Murong Xun gnashed his teeth as he clenched the silver-coloured spear in his hand even tighter.

“Heartbroken? You are quite mistaken. To someone who’s attacked me again and again, and almost killed me, and almost killed my Eggy, you think I feel heartbroken? You must regard me too highly. If I feel heartbroken, then I will have let down my Eggy.”

At that moment, Chu Feng’s emotions were slightly agitated. As long as he recalled the scene in which he was forced into a dead end by Murong Xun and the others, as well as Eggy sacrificing herself to save him, he was unable to suppress his fury. But soon, he made an odd smile, and said, “But saying that it’s a shame… it’s quite true. No matter what sort of heart Ya Fei had, her appearance and body were quite good. I simply lost myself within it.”

Chu Feng’s face was one of intoxication, as if still submerged within the episode of defiling Ya Fei. With a smile, he said to the ashen-faced Murong Xun, “Ah, my bad. I almost forgot you never had a chance to have a taste of her perfect body. Just ignore what I just said, heh…”

Chu Feng’s smile was a very vile one. He was openly slapping Murong Xun’s face, disgracing him. Only by doing so could the hatred in Chu Feng’s heart be washed away.

The torture and humiliation Murong Xun and the others did to Chu Feng could be disregarded, but they almost killed Eggy. That bastard Murong Xun even wanted to do it with her—that was something Chu Feng absolutely could not tolerate.

Since the moment Chu Feng turned around and saw Eggy’s unique black-coloured flames and her aura disappearing from the sky, he had decided to make Murong Xun, Ya Fei, and Murong Wan pay a painful price.

He had decided back then, no matter what he had to do, they were to desire death from the pain he would inflict upon them. No matter what methods he used, he would take away their filthy lives. Otherwise, he would have failed to live up to Eggy’s sacrifice. He would have immensely disappointed the queen who had sincerely dedicated herself to helping him.

Although Eggy hadn’t died, it was a must for him to take revenge. It’s said that dragons had reverse scales—some that grew in the opposite direction. Upon being touched, the dragon would fly into a rage. As for Chu Feng, Eggy was most definitely his untouchable “reverse scale”. No matter who it was, those who were impudent would die.

“You brat, I’ll kill you!” When Chu Feng taunted Murong Xun, who was already furious and in a horrid mood, in such a manner, he became enraged. Jabbing the silver-coloured spear in his hand forward, a silver ray of light with layers upon layers of symbols shot straight towards Chu Feng.

“Lord Earth King, quickly save that Wuqing!” shouted Xuan Xiaochao quickly when he saw that.

“Dammit!” The Earth King actually did want to rush over immediately, but he could do nothing about the Eighth Immortal blocking the way completely. He simply lacked the opportunity to save Chu Feng.

However, regardless of the strength of the Royal Armament, as Chu Feng stood there, he was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, he even made a smirk.

He could feel that the Demon Bestowal Slaughtering Formation behind him wasn’t as simple as everyone thought it was. After it fully activated, there was an invisible power that surrounded itself, protecting the Demon Sealing Sword.

Moreover, Chu Feng could feel that it was an extremely mighty power. It was simply even stronger than the Earth King and the Eighth Immortal. And, for some reason, as the power surrounded itself and protect itself, it also protected Chu Feng.

So, that was why Chu Feng didn’t fear Murong Xun whatsoever. At least, at that very instant, at that very place, he knew Murong Xun could do nothing to him.

*boom* Finally, the horrifying strike exploded. And, as Chu Feng expected, three meters away from him, as if it struck an invisible barrier, it exploded, yet didn’t harm Chu Feng in any way. Even the violent shock waves could not even move Chu Feng’s hair.

“How did this happen?” Seeing that, Xuan Xiaochao and the others broke out in a cold sweat and were in deep shock. They didn’t understand what had happened.

“This… Could it be?!” As the crowd was confused, the Earth King was in deep thought. He seemed to have landed on some conclusion, but upon thinking of that possibility, his expression changed greatly. And, when he looked back at Chu Feng, his eyes were full of complicated emotions.

“I don’t care what sort of evil method you use, today, I will kill you!” Murong Xun was incensed. Disregarding everything in his surroundings, he stepped forward abruptly with his left leg; boundless Martial power then materialized and like a vortex, started swirling around him rapidly.

At that moment, Murong Xun’s long hair fluttered about and his eyes were blood-red. His aura was even at the peak of powerfulness. Simultaneously, the silver-coloured spear started flickering bit by bit. As it did so, overlayering might also started emanating from the Royal Armament, stunning everyone.

It was as if the Royal Armament were affected by Murong Xun’s emotions. It too burst into a rage and its true power manifested.

“I will tear you into a million pieces!” Suddenly, Murong Xun shouted. Then, he waved his arm, and with a boom, he threw the silver-coloured spear straight towards Chu Feng.

When it left his hand, everything was shaking. Space itself shattered in the areas the spear pierced through, giving rise to complete chaos. What remained was only the dazzling brilliance emitted by the silver spear.

That strike was simply unstoppable. It was as if there were nothing it couldn’t break through. The might of that strike alone even overshadowed the might from the Earth King and the Eighth Immortal, attracting everyone’s attention.

“This is the true power of the Royal Armament?!” In reality, even Chu Feng was frowning at that moment because he could feel what strength was contained within the incoming silver-coloured spear.

*boom* Finally, another huge explosion rang out, and the shock wave instantly drowned the entire palace. The Royal Armament finally arrived before Chu Feng.

However, when the shock waves faded away, and when the shattered space returned to normal, everyone couldn’t help gasping deeply. As for Murong Xun, he was dumbfounded, completely astonished.

At that very instant, not only was the silver-coloured spear unable to harm Chu Feng, it was, instead, held within his hand.

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  1. Am I the only one who is wondering about the distance between Murong Xun and Chu Feng? The first time, he thrust the spear towards Chu Feng…so practically speaking, he should be close enough to be able to do this…but the spear was stopped 3m from Chu Feng. So assuming the spear length to be 2m, then he should at most be 5m apart from Chu Feng. Why then would he “throw” the spear? Aigoo!! These authors really don’t put Distance in their eyes, do they?

    1. His ‘thrust’ created laser like attack:
      “Jabbing the silver-coloured spear in his hand forward, a silver ray of light with layers upon layers of symbols shot straight towards Chu Feng.”
      If he were to physically attack Chu Feng with 2 meters long spear without throwing it he would have to be less than 2 meters away. You usually don’t swing your weapon at enemy out of your reach.

  2. Okay I’ve now come to the the conclusion that chu feng is a child and no better than that bastard mc from hjc I don’t think I ever read such messed up logic before who gets perturbed over the death of someone because they raped them? The rape I didn’t mind so much because of who they were and because despite popular belief rape is about the 101 ranked worse thing that can happen to a person. Its when the main character starts twisting the logic of what he’s done that ticks me off. At least in wmw and great demon king the MC are aware of how messed up the things they are doing they just don’t care and that’s fine because it was establish in their development early on. Chu feng was established as a kind and quiet boy who somehow gains power and that suddenly changed him into a mass murdering rapist who doesn’t even understand how what he’s done might be wrong. I don’t need him to feel ashamed for his actions I just need the MC to understand what it is he is doing and not to twist it into something else.

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