MGA – Chapter 775

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MGA: Chapter 775 – Eggy Hasn’t Died Yet?

“Nonsense. If it isn’t me, who can it be?” However, just at that moment, Eggy’s voice rang out again. But, in comparison to before, there was quite a bit less fierceness and mellifluousness, and more frailty and hoarseness.

“Eggy, it’s really you?” At that moment, Chu Feng was certain that it was truly Eggy’s voice. Not his imagination, but truly a voice.

So, Chu Feng willed his awareness to be cast inside his World Spirit Space. He discovered that, indeed, Eggy was sitting within the World Spirit Space.

However, at that moment, her complexion was pale, and her aura very weak. Clearly, she had suffered heavy injuries.

“Eggy!” Chu Feng walked over in huge strides. Without caring about Eggy’s wounds, he took the little beauty into his embrace, and hugged her tightly. So much that her soft chest tightly glued onto his own, and it was even squashed due to the force.

He was truly too happy. He thought Eggy had already died, yet now, she hadn’t. That was simply akin to stepping onto bright plains when he assumed it would be a dark abyss ahead. How could he not be moved?

“Cough cough…

“Bastard, I’ve already in a state like this yet you’re still…” said Eggy powerlessly.

“Eggy, so you weren’t dead! But why am I unable to feel our connection?” Chu Feng asked puzzledly as he released Eggy.

“It’s because I used special techniques to intentionally cut off the connection. When my injuries are healed, then the connection will be restored as well. There’s no need to worry.” Eggy sweetly smiled. Her gracefulness was still as usual, and she was rather bewitching.

“Intentionally cut off? Why did you do that?” Chu Feng was very confused because from what he saw, Eggy seemed to have paid quite a price for doing such a thing, and now, she seemed to have lost any ability to fight.

“It’s because I wanted to agitate you; I wanted you to feel anger because of my death, and as a result, activate the Divine Lightning’s power within your body. With that, not only would you be able to completely avoid the incoming dangers, you would also easily get rid of that brat Murong Xun.

“But, from what it looks like, I was wrong.” Eggy’s eyes glittered when those were spoken. She had a face of grievance, and shortly after, she furiously raised her face, pointed at Chu Feng, and said, “Because you weren’t even angry because of my death, nor did the Divine Lightning’s power activate because of that.

“However, back then, when Zi Ling was in danger in the Sword God Valley, when Su Mei was in danger in the Four Seas Academy, it was a completely different level of emotions. As such, you obtained the power of the Divine Lightning.

“Why, when it was me, you didn’t? Why? Why?!

“Because you simply don’t care about me; at least, not to the degree that you care about Zi Ling and Su Mei.”

“I do, I do care about you! Don’t you know how painful I felt when I thought you died? That pain had greatly overshadowed the fury, and at that instant, I…”

Chu Feng tried his best to explain, yet he didn’t really know how to explain. At that moment, he even broke out in cold sweat. He was really afraid Eggy would misunderstand him, because he truly cared about her.

“Haha…” But suddenly, when she saw the state Chu Feng was in, Eggy started laughing with her hands over her mouth. Her laughter was rather happy, satisfied, and beautiful.

“Eggy, you…” When he saw Eggy laugh, Chu Feng was a bit muddled.

“Haha, idiot. I’m just teasing you. Do you think I didn’t feel your anger, your sorrow?

“Honestly speaking, although I did expect you to have such a reaction, my heart does ache a bit when I see you like this.” As she spoke, Eggy couldn’t help lowering her voice, and revealed a rare cute side of her. But soon, she added, “But also precisely because of that, I’ve obtained one possibility.”

“What possibility?” asked Chu Feng.

“The power of the Divine Lightning in your body isn’t activated due to your anger. I feel that, more likely, it’s given to you on its own accord.”

“On its own accord?”

“That’s right. It is intentionally granting you its power when you need it, so you know how powerful it is—so you will respect it. However, the more you want to obtain its power, the less it will grant it to you.

“Before, I had thought of such a possibility, but I was unable to confirm it. Today, however, I have,” said Eggy firmly.

“But how did you think of such a possibility before?” Chu Feng was a bit puzzled.

“Because, in the past, things like these have happened. Some people obtained mighty power, but that mighty power doesn’t grant them its strength. They only become qualified to grasp that power until they reach a certain level of strength.

“It’s actually a test of some sort, and I feel that right now, perhaps you are taking this test.

“Anyway, just don’t rely on the power of the Divine Lightning. I feel that, unless special situations occur, even if you will truly die by someone’s hands, the Divine Lightning will not come out and protect you,” said Eggy.

“I have never thought of relying on the Divine Lightning.” Chu Feng shook his head. He had indeed not thought of having the Divine Lightning to protect him, because it was power he could not control. Uncontrollable power was filled with the unknown, and Chu Feng preferred doing things with greater reliability.

The most reliable method was to consider his current fighting strength to defend against his enemies. Those he could defeat, he would kill and leave nothing behind. Those he could not, he would smear some oil on his soles and immediately slip out of there. Those were the choices of the intelligent.

Those who fight despite knowing they will lose and those who fight despite knowing they will die are brainless thugs—no, they are fools.

“Mm, good. But, from what I see, since the Divine Lightning chose you, then it belongs to you. However, you just aren’t qualified enough for it right now. However, sooner or later, you will be able to freely use it. As long as you continue working hard, it will belong to you,” said Eggy with a smile.

“Rather than those things, I’m more worried about you. Are you truly fine?” Chu Feng asked with concerned as he looked at Eggy’s feeble body.

Eggy shook her head. “I’m fine. Just give me some time; I’ll thoroughly recover. Go out and take care of your own body. I also need to have a good rest.”

“Okay.” Chu Feng didn’t dally longer because he didn’t want to disturb Eggy. So, he willed his awareness back to his body.

Then, Chu Feng started consuming healing medicines, then he laid a Spirit Formation and attached his sliced-off arm back on, and thoroughly healed his body.

Although Xuan Xiaochao treated Chu Feng a bit, it was only enough so that Chu Feng would have the ability to walk on his own. At present, his physical body was not completely recovered yet.

Restoration of one’s physical body was a lengthy process. However, with the techniques Chu Feng currently grasped, two hours were sufficient. After two hours, Chu Feng’s sliced-off arm had been fixed. There was nothing different from how it was originally. Even the jabbing wounds on his body were completely healed; there were not even any scars left behind.

“This aura… the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago?” However, shortly after Chu Feng’s body was fixed, he couldn’t help tightly furrowing his brows. His gaze was fiercely cast at the distant horizon.

With his sharp Spirit power, he felt several powerful auras coming over in a group. They were rapidly approaching in his direction.

But, at that moment, like before, Chu Feng had laid a Concealment Spirit Formation, and he was inside. Not to mention normal people detecting him, even if people were right in front of him from the outside of the Spirit Formation, they would not be able to see him.

However, the target of that group of people was very clear—his current location. They were clearly coming over to capture Chu Feng.

“What is happening? Has my Concealment Spirit Formation lost its effect?” Chu Feng was completely baffled as he felt the powerful auras, and he felt very uneasy as well.

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  1. Oh man, I am glad she is just weakened. I was feeling pretty upset, honestly.

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    He’s still heaven ranked hundreds and hundreds of chapters later and it wouldn’t make a difference even if he did level up.
    The divine lightning will probably do nothing interesting even for another 2000 chapters.
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    The plot will continue to progress at a snail’s pace and the author’s just going to rinse and repeat the same few plot elements constantly, really the only reason I’m still bothering is because I’m 775 chapters deep and that’s a lot of commitment to just toss away. I’d like something different to happen, something to truly shake up the plot, but the events of the last four chapters have pretty solidly confirmed to me that nothing will ever happen. Sigh.

    1. Honestly that’d be a really shitty reason to kill Eggy off if the author wanted to. I think this may just be sowing some extra seeds of hatred for the Immortal Execution Archipelago and even more importantly, Murong Xun.

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      1. Eggy being alive again doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is what I’ve already stated, namely that the lightning beasts are not going to be relevant for such a long time to come yet that they may as well not have even mentioned them to begin with, that the emperor world beast is 99.99% likely to only get released once the emperor realm isn’t such a big thing any more, and that the same few plot elements get cycled to infinity. I’ve been feeling it for the last few hundred chapters now, though I’ve only spoken up about it a few times.

        Really, the only entertaining thing that happens in MGA that doesn’t always happen is Chu Feng says a badass one liner. Everything else follows a fairly predictable pattern that we’ve been seeing since practically chapter 1 now that I look back and nothing breaks the mold.

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