MGA – Chapter 241

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MGA: Chapter 241 – The Strong Younger Brother

“So it’s like that. That’s fine because this way, we, as a family, can reunite again.”

After knowing that everything was his own younger brother’s arrangements, Chu Guyu felt quite relieved because it proved his younger brother’s abilities.

He was even more happy when he saw that every single family member was brimming with happy smiles as if all of them walked out from the pain of losing their families.

That proved that his Chu family was very strong. Also, after the current Chu family experienced that change, they did not have barriers between one another like before. They understood the preciousness of family, and from that, they became more close. That was something that he wanted to see.

“Brother Guyu, you need to get better quickly! We will need to rely on your protection!” Chu Yue giggled and said.

“Yeah Guyu, the current Chu family will be managed by you. We will need to rely on you.” Chu Wei also happily smiled.

After hearing the words of the two people, Chu Guyu was first at a loss, and quickly, the happy face instantly gloomed down as he bitterly smiled and said,

“If it was before, indeed, I could rebuild the Chu family along with everyone. But the current me is already a cripple. I can’t even use any strength, so don’t mention about protecting all of you, and even more, don’t mention about managing the Chu family.”

“Brother Guyu, what kind of joke are you making? You became a cripple? Didn’t a miracle happen and you became a powerful person in the Profound realm?” Chu Xue sweetly smiled and said.

“Yeah Guyu, don’t tease us anymore. Everyone knows all about it, hehe…” At the same time, the crowd behind him all laughed, as if from their perspectives, what Chu Guyu just said was truly only a joke.

“A miracle happened? Became a powerful person in the Profound realm? Chu Xue, what are you talking about? What nonsense is everyone talking about?”

At that instant, Chu Guyu’s face changed greatly as he pointed at the crowd and angrily bellowed. From what he saw as a cripple, it was just as though he was being mocked when he was being described by them in such a way.

“Brother Guyu, you…” As she saw that Chu Guyu was actually angrily, Chu Xue frightenedly backed away and she didn’t know what to do.

Also, all the Chu family members who were on scene put away their previous smiles and fog filled their heads. Fear even emerged onto their faces.

Chu Yue was the first to react to that, and she lightly smiled at Chu Guyu and said, “Brother Guyu, we know that at the same time that you met the miracle, you also received a rebound. However, Chu Feng said that as long as you peacefully rest for a while, everything will be fine.”

“Right now, you are already an expert of the 1st level of the Profound realm. Two days ago, when you had a nightmare, the Profound power from your body was emanated out. Everyone felt it. If you don’t believe me, you can feel your own body for a moment.”

“Yeah, Guyu, we really felt it. On that day, I almost got crushed to death by your pressure!” At the same time, Chu Hongfei and the others nodded and agreed.

As he looked at the serious expressions of the crowd, although Chu Guyu still had a foggy head, he still went and felt his own body. Although he did not expect anything, his bewildered expression instantly greatly changed, and it was replaced with indescribable shock.

Sky flipping and ground turning change happened in his dantian, and it was completely different than what his previously understood. At that very instant, layers of endlessly strong aura kept on overflowing from his dantian and swept throughout his body.

That aura was far above spiritual energy, and even Origin power was left behind in the dust. It was Profound power. He became an expert of the Profound realm.

Chu Guyu felt as though he was in a dream and felt that it was so inconceivable. Even his body was trembling. Clearly, his cultivation was already destroyed, so how did he so mysteriously become someone in the Profound realm?

*whoosh* To confirm his current body, Chu Guyu suddenly leaped off the bed, and tapped the feet with his toes. Like an arrow leaving a bow, he shot and flew out like the wind. The lightning fast speed pretty much made everyone in the room shocked, and following that, mad joy appeared on their faces as they followed out.

At that instant, Chu Guyu was standing in the courtyard. As he raised his hands and feet, Profound power moved. Suddenly, he threw his fist towards the sky. Strong Profound power condensed into a huge fist and rushed up.

“I…I’m really in the Profound realm! This isn’t a dream right?”

After confirming his own strength, although Chu Guyu was extremely joyful, he also had his doubts because he discovered that not only did great change happen to his cultivation, even his broken legs recovered, and it was as if it was even more powerful and agile than before.

“Brother Guyu, all of this is true! You really became a person in the Profound realm.” As she saw that, Chu Yue giggled and said.

At the same time, all of the Chu family’s young generation couldn’t help but cheer. Before, the strongest person in the Chu family was only Chu Yuanba who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm. Yet at that moment, someone in the 1st level of the Profound realm appeared, and he was even so young. How could they not be happy?

Besides, not only did Chu Guyu’s cultivation make them happy. Other than Chu Guyu, there was even Chu Feng in the Chu family who had terrifying cultivation and was currently building himself up. Also, even they did not need to worry about cultivation anymore, because at that moment, the Chu family could truly not be comparable to the past. No matter how mediocre their talent was, they could have certain achievements.

After that, Chu Yue told Chu Guyu to go into a room by himself. She told him that she didn’t know what happened to him, but what Chu Feng said was that Chu Guyu had a miracle, and because of the rebound, he was in a coma and didn’t wake up.

However, he only needed a period of time to rest and then he would be healed. Chu Guyu at that moment would be an expert in the 1st level of the Profound realm, and also at that moment, Chu Guyu would be the master of the Chu family.

At that instant, Chu Guyu finally understood something. Although it was quite unbelievable, he still guessed that the reason why both of his legs recovered and he had the cultivation of the 1st level of the Profound realm was all because it was bestowed by his younger brother, Chu Feng.

“Chu Yue, actually, I’m quite curious. What methods did Chu Feng use to make the young generation of my Chu family willing to leave their schools and to all gather here?” Chu Guyu curiously asked.

He understood the young generation of the Chu family extremely well. He knew that they were not such obedient people, and especially after the extermination of their family and the pain of losing them, they would not become that friendly. They would harbour deep grudges towards Chu Feng and it would possibly even last forever.

Yet now, they were able to be so united and every single person was so happy, as if the future was filled with hope. They didn’t even have half a word of hatred towards Chu Feng, rather, there was even hidden respect from their words. That did not make sense at all, so it meant that Chu Feng must have done something.

“About that..It could be said that Chu Feng used his strength to convince everyone.”

“Of course, he showed that strength by promising a large amount of cultivating resources to everyone. Oh, that’s right! These cultivating resources will need to be handled by you. Every month, distribute some to everyone at the same time, because right now, you are the master of my Chu family!” As Chu Yue smiled, she handed a Cosmos Sack over to Chu Guyu.

As he received the Cosmos Sack, he was even muttering in his heart. How would the cultivating resources be able to turn the Chu family into that state?

“Heavens, this…” After he checked the resources in the Cosmos Sack, his face instantly changed greatly and he was thoroughly shocked.

He discovered with astonishment that there were simply innumerable spiritual medicines in the Cosmos Sack. Origin medicines were even counted by tens of thousands, and there were even several thousand Origin beads as well as many priceless Profound medicines. Those resources were truly too terrifying. It was not even imaginable by him before.

Everything that happened today shook Chu Guyu’s soul again and again. He only calmed down after a good while, and he sighed and said, “What stage has my younger brother grown to?”

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      1. not competly sure but i think with enough materials chu guyu could get to 9th rank profound realm now. just doing so would probably ruin his chance for heavens realm. any one know where chufeng got all that medicine?

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    Besides, not only did Chu Guyu’s cultivation make them happy.

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