MGA – Chapter 233

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MGA: Chapter 233 – Terrifying Formation

Dugu Xiangyu kept on explaining and said that it was a misunderstanding. Who he slept with wasn’t Lin Yueyue but his female junior. After hearing Dugu Xiangyu say that, it made Lin Xu furious as he detained Dugu Xiangyu and gave him a good beating.

At the end, the people from the Lingyun School were alerted and Dugu Aoyun led the Lingyun school group and hurried over. However, as he faced the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, even Dugu Aoyun did not dare to forcibly take him away. After all, the matter this time was indeed his younger brother’s, Dugu Xiangyu’s, fault.

“What is happening…”

With bruises on his face, Dugu Xiangyu knelt in the corner as he looked at his elder brother who was discussing with Lin Xu and the others about the grievance in his heart. He wanted to throw up when he thought of Lin Yueyue’s face.

When he thought he slept with such an ugly female, and he was even so absorbed with pleasure, he really wanted to slap himself two times. But even if he did that, he could not resolve his anger.

“What has happened, happened. What use is there to regret it now?” Dugu Aoyun walked over and he was extremely calm.

“Brother, how will this matter be resolved?” Dugu Xiangyu stood up and quickly asked.

“Marry her.” Dugu Aoyun indifferently said.

“What? Marry her? You’re talking about Lin Yueyue? You want me to marry Lin Yueyue?” After hearing those words, Dugu Xiangyu was instantly unable to remain calm. His face was even greener than a cucumber and his mouth opened quite big.

“Who else will marry her? Me?” At that instant, Dugu Aoyun face couldn’t help but change as well. He pointed at Dugu Xiangyu’s nose and reprimanded, “Who do you think you slept with this time? The third lady of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion! Her father is head manager Lin Ran of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion!”

“You slept with the daughter of one of the Qilin Prince’s Mansion’s head managers, and you want to get away with it? Right now, marrying her is already the limit for you.”

“Brother, is there really no other way? I really don’t want to marry that ugly woman…” Dugu Xiangyu hopes were all gone so he knelt in front of Dugu Aoyun and begged with pity.

As he looked at his own younger brother, even Dugu Aoyun’s heart ached a bit. He couldn’t help but close his eyes and said, “If you want to live, then marry. Or else even if the school head appears, he won’t be able to save you.”

“Dammit! Who set this up?!” Dugu Xiangyu knew that the result was unchangeable and he couldn’t help but roar in fury.

“Senior Dugu, senior Liu is back!” Just at that time, a Lingyun School disciple ran over. A female followed behind him, and it was the little female junior who was swapped away from Dugu Xiangyu.

“You damn woman, where did you run off to?” After seeing the little junior, Dugu Xiangyu was furious and he angrily pounced over.

“Stop.” But before even letting him go near, he was stopped by the nearby Dugu Aoyun. After that, Dugu Aoyun looked at the little female whose face was filled with fear while not knowing what to do and said, “Junior Liu, where did you go last night?”

“I…I…I also don’t know what happened. Last night, I suddenly lost consciousness, and when I woke back up, I was already in the forest.”

“That’s right. When I woke up, there was a letter next to me. It says here to give it to you, senior Aoyun.” The little junior handed a letter over while trembling with fear, and on the letter, it said, “Please pass it to Dugu Aoyun”.

Seeing that, Dugu Aoyun tightly frowned as he received the letter. After he opened it, Dugu Aoyun’s face changed greatly and strong killing intent spread out from his body, because on the letter, it said…

“I gift a beauty for your younger brother. I wish them a hundred years of good love, and loud songs sung every night——Asura.”

“Damned Asura. One day, I will cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces.” Dugu Aoyun ripped the letter into shreds. At that instant, he was endlessly furious and perhaps even a bit insane.

When he thought about his younger brother who was really framed by someone, and the person who framed him was the person who schemed against them yesterday; Dugu Aoyun truly could not endure that resentment. He hiddenly vowed to slaughter the male who called himself as Asura.

From that day forth, as if he was insane, Dugu Aoyun searched the Valley of Hundred Bends and he wanted to try to find the whereabouts of that Asura. But it was useless. The Valley of Hundred Bends was so huge, and it was truly like fishing a needle in an ocean if he wanted to find someone in that place.

So, straight until the end of the Heroic Hunt, he still had no harvests. At the end, he could only leave the Valley of Hundred Bends with a stomach full of fury.

However, when everyone was leaving the Valley of Hundred Bends, Chu Feng chose to stay behind because he discovered that the Valley of Hundred Bends was truly a treasure trove. It was just like that place was a huge treasure itself, and endless Profound medicines were waiting for him to be taken.

If he stayed there for a longer time and waited until the date of the arranged battle, perhaps Chu feng could make several more breakthroughs and use his own body’s cultivation to defeat Gong Luyun.

However, when the Heroic Hunt ended, Chu Feng finally knew why everyone knew that it was a treasure trove, yet had no choice but to leave after the predetermined time. At that very instant, terrifying invisible pressure appeared in the entire Valley of Hundred Bends.

That pressure was very strange. It made people unable to breathe, but it only affected humans because Chu Feng discovered that other than him, the plants, animals, including Monstrous Beasts, were same as usual and safe and sound. Only he received the pressure.

“Dammit. Are the people from the Lingyun School and the Qilin Prince’s Mansion really this strong? They can seal the entire Valley of Hundred Bends into a dead zone like this?”

The current Chu Feng was already in the air, but it was in vain as after going above the clouds, he only felt a bit of comfortableness but he could not get rid of the strange pressure. In that situation, not to mention continuing to hunt Profound medicines in the Valley of Hundred Bends, it would be hard on top of hard if he even wanted to survive.

“No. This was absolutely not sealed by the many powerful people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School. It would be impossible for them to have these kinds of methods.” Eggy explained.

“If I’m not mistaken, this Valley of Hundred Bends isn’t controlled by the many powers in the Azure Province. The Valley of Hundred Bends itself decides the opening time everywhere because the Valley of Hundred Bends is a huge formation by itself. No matter if it’s the Lingyun School or the Qilin Prince’s Mansion, neither of them are able to control this formation.” Eggy continued saying.

“What? This vast Valley of Hundred Bends is a formation? What kind of methods do you need to lay such a strong formation?” After hearing those words, Chu Feng was endlessly shocked, then he added, “What should we do now?”

“The formation just opened so this strange pressure isn’t too strong yet. However, as time passes, it will get more and more scary. When it completely opens, with your cultivation, you will not be able to endure this.”

“So, you must quickly leave this place or else even if you are in the air, you will suffocate to death by the pressure.” Eggy tensely reminded.

Chu Feng didn’t dare to be slow and he quickly flew towards the outsides of the Valley of Hundred Bends. But it was in vain, because just like how Eggy said it was, the pressure became more and more strong. So strong that he could not breath, and if that continued on, he could not leave that place alive.

“That’s..” But just as Chu Feng felt that he wasn’t going to have much luck, within his line of sight, a mountain peak appeared. It was the mountain peak that he saw before, and one with the mysterious temple.

At that moment, from the temple which was on the summit of the mountain peak, there was faint smoke rising from it. That meant that other than Chu Feng, there was another person who stayed in the Valley of Hundred Bends.

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  1. A friend? Shall we make a friend with the World Spiritist in the sky?

    Going up to the Spiritist in the Sky
    Just so Te-ach shall not die
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  2. “Marry her.” Dugu Aoyun indifferentlysaid.

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  3. I love how he signed the letter “Asura.”
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  4. It fit in the sense of the character of Chu Feng and most people don,t seem to understand how Chinese Translated Novel are different From Western Novel/Literature and that Xianxia are fitting in the context of Chinese culture , and the moral value and ethics of the world of Martial God Asura is perhaps different due to the mythical nature of it and allow the viciousness of the world , It is important to understand the context of Martial God Asura and Xianxia
    That most actions do have some amounts of sense to them in the context of the world of Martial God Asura and Xianxia mostly in general Those Xianxia do possess some variety In the Amount of viciousness and Potential violence of a Sexual nature , Those it is Quite Fitting in the mentality of Martial God Asura Where the strong and the talented do what they want since they can and does so because of Desire , and Martial God Asura is Quite well written and Interesting Xianxia , In addition I mean this in a Positive way and it is rather Enlightening!.

    1. I’m sorry but thos sort of “joke” are still a bit inconsistent with the story.
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      I can accept those type of jokes, but I can’t relate it to the “real” story/drama that is happening in this novel. For me, this is what I call inconsistency.

      1. “…even if yes, they don’t know who he is.” This.
        The point is exactly this. This is what he learned from his family’s sufferings. He learned to offend his enemies without letting them find out who he is, so that the people close to him will not suffer. Chu Feng became smarter.
        And with the kind of cruel and vengeance-filled setting of the world this novel is set in, this kind of ‘joke’ is as real as it gets.

  5. this kid never learns!!! Why does he care so much about angering people??? he got his entire family killed because of that stupid attitude of his and now he is angering even more powerful people! just wait till Su Rou or Su Mei dies

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