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  1. One chapter translated a week and you act as if everything is normal? Is there no quality control on this site? Please officially stop translating HJC so someone more competent can take over.

    1. He dont care about people talk to him, take a look at the previos chappers released, people were complaining at him about his releases and he said nothing, to tell the truth i never see him talk to readers… i dont say to drop this, but he should try to get someone to help him over I mean based on his release why dont this translator asked himself, based on this speed i will take “X” years to finish this novel, if it was me who could only read translation novels, would I be willing to wait “X” years to finish to be translated or would i be tired of waiting and droped this? and this is not only for this translator, it is the same for other translatores who have slow releases, we know they do this for free (im talking about the ones who dont have patron/donation) and it take a lot of time when they could do oher things in their lifes, but i also think that is also not fair for the readers because this releases is kiling this great novel

      1. At least there are releases and the novel will eventually be translated. There is another novel I like that will never be completed cause no one is picking it up.

  2. Jesus christ.

    I accidentally look at the comments and see you guys trying to make the TL quit for weeks? You guys do realize Zen goes at the normal speed and its everyone else on this site that goes above and beyond because they treat it as their job atleast to a certain extent, right? Assuming the queue really has been that high for a while, that is a bit of an issue, but the rest of it? Not in the least, translating is god damn hard, it takes hours per chapter,and just gets more difficult as you go.

      1. Zen thank you for the chapter I love this book and do it at your Pace because if you over push your self you might get crook (sick) and you might have to take time off the book take it at your own pace

    1. As I said up, i understand translators have a life aside from what they do, but no matter what you say, you cant deny, based on this speed, 1-2 chappers a week is killing this novel, for example why dont he try to get someone to help him with the translation?, for me 4 chappers a week is worth forthe wait, but any less than that is not worth of waiting, but i guess based on this coments i am asking to much…

      1. Agree Zen, go on your pace, but translate at least 3 chapters per week. If he is an native chinese, he doesn’t took 3 hours to translate a chapter, barely need 2h.

  3. 1-2 chapters a week is at worst the standard speed for a hobby, its going faster than that thats out of the norm.

    Its not his job to get someone to help, he wants to translate a story he likes, and do it at his pace. If someone offers and has the necessary skills, he’ll most likely accept the help. We all want more of the story faster, but the right answer is never ever to insult and blame the translator. If you really want someone to help Zen, look around yourself?

    1. well i didnt insult him, i just express my feligns about this recent releases. but let me tell you a thing, if we think someone is not doing something we think is not rigth/dont like should we just shup up?, you can defend him in many ways as you want, but you cant deny this fact: this corrente releases is to slow, but well this is just a waste of time why should i care about this when we already have mtl, enjoy your 1-2 chappers a week im out.

      1. The novel is doing just fine. Its fully alive. :3 If your need was for there to be 20 chapters a week, you could still claim its dead. But it would not be very true.

        Personally I would want 20 chapters a week. However when nobody else is bothering to translating the novel faster….

        come back in a few yeares and read it when its done. I mean… theres plenty of people who only read finished stuff.

  4. There’s 139 chapters left in this series
    Each chapter consist of 3 parts
    If calculating chapter not part, it will take around 4 months to complete it (IF just chapter and daily releases)
    but with parts it will take 357 days to complete it, (IF doing daily)
    So it will take around 3 years to complete it at this rate of releases
    By then around 40% or more viewer will move on *if* those viewer consist of 15-17 years old.
    That’s just shit releases, if there’s a local translator that wanted to translate the novel, i reckon just give it to him.

    Sorry Zen even if translating novel is your *hobby* doing it for 3 years with a lot of complaining from the reader will make you possibly drop the novel
    There’s a lot of novel nowadays that also release 1 chapter per week but those novel is mostly one that just started translating or have different novel translated BUT you have been focusing on this novel for 3 years, now that makes you an above average translator.

    1. Theres only 139 left? I believed it was maybe 200~300. 🙁 Damit that sucks.
      And I see nothing stopping anyone from translating the rest from this point if someone wanted to… >.>
      <.< … Nobody? Ok well we will have to take what we got then. Its not like 3 years is a horribly long time really.

        1. Its just that I looked up the “support the original” thing. And i think it said 900 chapters or something. I guess I expected those to be full chapters. :/ It makes sense if its 300*3

  5. Holyshit, why everyone just love to ride on translator’s cock? We now don’t even have the right to complain? This stuff has been going around for months now. At this pace, it would take almost years to finish this novel by then a lot of people would move on and drop this novel and the complaints will just pile up which might result in translator dropping the series all together.

    -All I want is an answer from translator. Is he having real life troubles? If yes, he should ask for a helper who can help him translate this series or should just drop it so that another translator can pick it up, but he never talks to his readers.

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