5 thoughts on “HJC Vol 18 Chapter 145.1 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I wonder… first of all will this comment be posted?

    2nd and I would like to say most important… However if its not posted then its not asked. When chapter is said.. as in the an extra chapter per 50$. Is that a chapter as in xxx.1 or is it the whole 3 part chapter?

    If its a 3 part chapter then I need to start saving up. From what I understand theres 895 chapters. So with 3 chapters a week thats almost 5 years. D: I may fall down the stairs, be hit by a truck or any horrible thing like that could kill me by then.

    The pay jar thing is at 280 so say it every month goes to 300. That should be 6 extra chapters. That will at least cut the time down to 3.5~4 years. If it was 400$ insted of 300 every month then it would be pushing into 5 chapters per week or so. This would bring it down to 3 years. its still a long time… but 3 years is a lot less then 5. Guess I will have to see if the donation is similar next month. And also look for ways to gather some money. >->

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