HJC Restarted (With Zen!!!)

Wuxiaworld readers, words cannot express how delighted I am to be announcing that after our last unfortunate post about pausing Heavenly Jewel Change, Zen reached out me and over the past week or so we’ve hashed a lot of things out. He had a lot of things happen in the past year in his personal life that I wasn’t aware of, but he has assured me that he really, really does want to keep working on HJC. I’ve worked with him to at least partially mitigate some of those issues, and we’re going to bring him back as the translator on HJC… full-time. Our goal is to get to 2 chapters a day on HJC and get this story rocking again. Thanks for being so patient, and I hope you are willing to give us and Zen a second chance on Heavenly Jewel Change! EDIT: And two new HJC chapters are coming out with Zen’s post here!

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  1. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,
    I’m so happy

  2. It seems to be a pretty common theme here on WW that translators don’t know how to communicate with others until it hits the fan. Things come up in life that we can’t control and we all understand that, well most do. But if you leave readers in the dark for days or weeks on end, your pretty much inviting negative comments/criticism which may very well be deserved. I would say DB set a good standard of communicating when things come up, while everyone else floundered or outright failed in their attempt or lack thereof. Better late than never at least.

    1. Other way around; when it hits the fan, they forget how to communicate with WW and the readers. DB is indeed the master of communication on that front, but he also completely has treated translation as a stable job basically the whole time.

      1. I went with communicate with others as it covers both TL to WW and TL to reader. Plus there have been a couple times that RWX didn’t communicate things until later. IMO, he is WW basically, so to say he forgot how to communicate with himself… well. lol But DB was communicating with his readers before he took on tl’ing as a full time job. Others just went MIA and not even RWX said anything until way later. Like with Jn19930 from TGR and He-Man. If I remember correctly, there was an instance where the TL for MGA a made a post that only patreons could read about being sick or something, but left everyone else in the dark before making a general post that all could read. Thankfully there were a few patreons who passed the word along before the TL made their post. Also the TL for ATG finally made a post about things after days of readers speculating in comments. So to say communicating with reads and not just WW would be a fare assessment IMO.

        1. “communicate with others” isn’t what’s wrong, which you’d understand if you actually read what I wrote. :/ As I said, they communicate with WW and us readers just fine up *until* shit hits the fan, which is when they suddenly begin to fail to communicate.

          Even when DB was still doing work separate, he still *treated* translating like a stable job. How he treated it never changed, as I said.

          Seriously, did you not even read what I wrote?

          1. I read and understood it just fine, well except the part about DB, I did glance past the treated part, my bad.

            But I don’t agree with your opinion on when they fail to communicate. I’m saying they don’t know how to communicate until after it hits the fan and your saying they don’t know how to communicate once hits the fan.

            Seriously, did you not understand where I was coming from after my second post?
            Sorry I just had to include that last bit for the heck of it, sounds so belittling.

          2. You attempted to belittle me because you can’t comprehend basic linguistics, apparently, because not knowing how to communicate once it hits the fan is indicative of the fact that at the moment things get to be too much for them, they are overwhelmed and unable to communicate until later. “…don’t know how to communicate with others until it hits the fan”, conversely, implies that they can’t communicate until it hits the fan, at which point they can communicate properly. Even if you phrase it as “don’t know how to communicate with others until after it hits the fan.”, that still carries the implication that they can’t communicate until it hits the fan, at which point they become capable of doing so, rather than what you’re intending, as framed by your sentence that begins with, ” But if you leave readers in the dark for days or weeks on end…” which shows that you mean *well after* it hits the fan, which is what I took umbrage with and corrected you on, you dumb monkey.

            Read what you wrote originally next time before you make yourself look like a idiot, maybe?

  3. T-T What… I really am crying? Damit its just something in my eye…. but really. I am crying. Geez. YAAAAAAAAAY. Party today thats for sure. AaAHAHAHa. 😀 This is great. The best news I have had in a while and my life is great.

  4. Happy to hear the news but i’m not optimistic about how long the 2 chapters a day schedule would last, it’s just such a huge difference from what we are used to from Zen. Hopefully I will be proved me wrong.

    1. Well duh. This was clearly not his main thing. Its called real life. You do not get to pick how easy and how much time you got most of the time. However if this is now his fulltime job. Then I do not see why he can not manage to keep it up. Even if it would fall to 1 per day I would still be super happy.
      Hopefully there will be some comunication if it happens tho.

  5. I am so happy that original Zen is coming back. Thank you so much Zen, you are the best! We never had any problem with you in the first place as your translation is first class it is just that you never reached out to your fans.

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