HJC – Book 19, Chapter 152.2

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Chapter 152 Highest Level of the Demonic Change State! (2)

Long Shiya totally ignored his protests, saying passively: “We will start now. Today, let’s first talk about your Demonic Change State.”

Zhou Weiqing started once more, this time more in curiosity. His teacher was not focusing on the Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Arts, instead focusing on the Demonic Change State?”

Long Shiya said: “Do you think that your current manipulation of your Stored Skills is not bad?”

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head and grinned: “It is alright, right?”

Long Shiya said passively: “Little brat, remember my words clearly: Pride will cause one to stop improving, to even deteriorate. Remember this, as long as you have the will, there is no limit to improving any ability. Watch this.”

As he said that, Long Shiya flicked his wrist, and a Wind Blade appeared on his palm, consolidated and solid almost like a real blade. At the same time, his own Heavenly Skill Image appeared.

“What do you think about this Wind Blade of mine? Is it already at the maximum that the Wind Blade can reach?”

Zhou Weiqing nodded without hesitation and said: “Of course, this is a Wind Blade that can be favourably compared to a Heavenly God Tier Skill.”

Long Shiya smiled faintly and said: “Look again.”

As he said that, Zhou Weiqing was shocked to see green light shimmer around Long Shiya’s surface skin, staining his entire body with the green, mixed with several flickers of a metallic glow. The Heavenly Skill Image above his head also shimmered slightly and seemed to grow clearer, more solid.

Along with the changes in his body, the Wind Blade in Long Shiya’s palm also started to change. It was still as well formed and solid as ever, but it rapidly grew larger. In a moment, it had almost doubled in size.

“What about now? How would this Wind Blade compare to the one before?” Long Shiya looked at Zhou Weiqing and asked.

By this moment, how could Zhou Weiqing not understand what his teacher was trying to convey. Respectfully, he said: “I understand the lesson now. As long as we keep on training, practicing and improving, with greater Heavenly Energy backing it up and improvement in technique, there is no limit to any Skill. The so-called limit is just the limit of our own cognition and perception, or perhaps preconceived notions.”

Long Shiya nodded in satisfaction. Teaching an intelligent disciple was definitely an enjoyable task.

“Very good. Alright then, now tell me about your experience and understanding of this Demonic Change State Skill.” The Wind Blade in Long Shiya’s palm disappeared at once, as if that little object that held the terrifying power to level an entire hill never existed in the first place.

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head and said: “The Demonic Change State arises from the union of a bloodline power and the Demonic Attribute, the body is stimulated by the Demonic Attribute Heavenly Energy, evoking and triggering some unknown power in my bloodline… from there it instantly boosts the user’s body. Strength, defense, offense… almost every single attribute is raised substantially, even my senses become far more acute. Also, I am able to use the bloodline aura to frighten some weaker Heavenly Beasts. Once in the Demonic Change State, I am able to always unleashed a hundred twenty percent of my power in combat; at the same time all my Demonic Attribute and Darkness Attribute Skills seem to have some additive power to them. For example, my Dark Demon God Lightning… with my current cultivation level, I can only actually use it to its full effect when I am in the Demonic Change State.”

Long Shiya did not even bat an eyelid as he continued: “Alright, then of all of the powers you mentioned the Demonic Change State provides, which is the most important one?”

Zhou Weiqing started in surprise, and for a moment, he was at a loss for words. From his perspective, every single one of the powers the Demonic Change State granted him was extremely important. When he used the Demonic Change State in actual combat, even without considering his powerful Skills and his own powerful physique, it already enabled him to fight equally against an opponent with one more Heavenly Jewel. That was to say, the Demonic Change State could be said to be ‘giving him’ an extra Heavenly Jewel worth of power, just without the extra Skill. In complement to his six Attributes, his vast array of powerful Skills and Legendary Set Consolidated Equipment… that was the reason why he was able to defeat so many enemies of much higher level than himself. Of course, a lot of it was also due to luck and being underestimated, it was without question that his unique, strange Skills and the Demonic Change State had all been a major factor in those victories.

However, if he really had to rate all the various powers the Demonic Change State granted him, and to state which was the most useful, he was truly unable to do so. Even the Heavenly Demon Sect’s Demonic Manual did not mention anything about such a thing.

“You’re unable to pinpoint it right?” Long Shiya continued solemnly after a pause. “Remember this carefully. The most important boost that the Demonic Change State grants you is not the obvious power, defense, or even what it grants to your Demonic or Darkness Skills. It is the perception and sensory boost.”

“Perception?” Zhou Weiqing was rather surprised. He had truly not expected the answer to be along this line of thinking.

Long Shiya nodded and said seriously: “That’s right. Perception, or your senses. Think back in detail, whenever you enter the Demonic Change State, when you are facing your enemies, aren’t you able to better focus and easily sense the changes in your enemy’s attack patterns and movements? Also, your control over your body, your Energy and your Skills, it is much clearer. Lastly, you are much better able to find any weak points in your enemies, especially in between their Skill usage and compatibility.”

Zhou Weiqing thought for a moment, before realising that it was all true.

Long Shiya gave a cold laugh and said: “The true reason why the Four Great Saint Lands discriminate against the Heavenly Demon Sect is because of that ice cold perception. All those that I mention will allow a person to always be able to use his capabilities at a hundred and twenty percent, to reduce the chances of mistakes and yet capitalize on your enemies’ ones. This is not something that just strength, defense, offense, or Skills can bring to you. And this is what we term the ‘Ice Cold Perception’, and the true strength it brings…

In this state of ‘Ice Cold Perception’, not only will your judgement of both sides’ strength will improve, it will help you in choosing and using what Skills to use, judgement of the battleground and clarity in your surroundings and everything happening at once. Even if you lapse in consciousness, your personal strength can still be subconsciously brought into play at full power. However, in your previous usage of the Demonic Change State, it can be said that you have slightly neglected this most important tool it has provided, and as such you have not fully made use of the Demonic Change State.”

Zhou Weiqing’s heart was struck by a thought, and he said: “The Heavenly Demon Sect had once let me read their Demonic Manual to try and get me on their side… however, there was no mention of this at all in that Demonic Manual.”

Long Shiya laughed heartily and said: “The true power of the ‘Ice Cold Perception’, and how to improve it… that is the absolute core secret of the entire Heavenly Demon Sect. Unless you actually join them and become part of their core members, how could they possibly reveal it to you? Although the Heavenly Demon Sect is the weakest of the Five Great Saint Lands, none of the other four would underestimate them. In the Heavenly Demon Sect, there may not be many members who actually have the ability to use the Demonic Change State, at most over twenty people. Out of those, there are probably only six or seven who have reached the Heavenly King Stage or higher. Even so, with just these few powerhouses who are able to enter the Demonic Change State, even if they face off against ordinary Heavenly Emperors, they can still hold their own. According to conventional thinking, a Great Saint Lands requires at least one Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse to hold the fort, yet the Heavenly Demonly Sect does not have a single one, and even their Sect Master is at the Max Level of the Heavenly King Stage. Yet, even if I were to face off against him, if he went all out without caring about his own life, although he will not be able to defeat me easily, if I wanted to kill him, he would have a forty percent chance of dragging me into hell along with him… Do you know how terrifying that is… how massive the gap between the max level Heavenly King Stage and max level Heavenly Emperor Stage is? I can tell you accurately that the difference between the two is just like the gap between you currently with a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse. From the Heavenly King Stage onwards, each small stage is a major power increase, let alone the large stage. In such a circumstance, for the Demonic Change State to enable him to somewhat close that gap, you can imagine how terrifying that is… and why the other Four Great Saint Lands are so afraid of the Heavenly Demon Sect.”

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing felt unbelievably lucky in his heart, not because he had the Demonic Change State, but because he had a teacher like Long Shiya. It just felt so good to have a teacher to teach him and guide him on to the right path, allowing him to refrain from making wrong turns and mistakes.

“Master, then how should I practice this ‘Ice Cold Perception’? How do I bring the Demonic Change State to the maximum?”

Long Shiya fell silent for a moment as he lapsed into thought, before he said: “I once duelled with the Heavenly Demon Sect Sect Master and defeated him. However, it gave me the chance to witness the maximum power of the Demonic Change State… which is not having Demonic Change State…”

“Wha–?!” Zhou Weiqing’s eyes widened, his jaw agape. That answer had truly stunned him.

Long Shiya said: “What I mean by not having the Demonic Change State, could also be called a permanent-state Demonic Change State. That is to say, when one has trained the Demonic Change State to the maximum, on the surface you do not have any change, but your body is already permanently in the Demonic Change State.”
“This is the true maximum level of the Demonic Change State, but as for how to reach it, I’m afraid that only the core members of the Heavenly Demon Sect would know this. Perhaps, this is something you have to fumble your way around to figure out… or maybe when you reach the Heavenly King Stage, you will be able to sense some clues and traces on how this will come to be. However, the link between the maximum level of the Demonic Change State and the ‘Ice Cold Perception’ is only in the sustaining of it forever, but the true profound secret in actually improving ‘Ice Cold Perception’ is in the training your mental and spiritual force.”

“What determines the strength of our perception and senses is actually our mental and spiritual force. The ‘Ice Cold Perception’ of the Demonic Change State is actually just using your body to consolidate your spirit and increase your sensory perceptions. As such, to improve the ‘Ice Cold Perception’, the main focus is to increase your spiritual energy. Out of the four Saint Attributes, Time, Spirit, Divine and Demonic, I do not even have one, but you actually have two of them! The best way to train your spiritual energy will be to to stay in the center of a spiritual force field, constantly being battered by outside spiritual energy forces, from weak to strong, constantly using that external stimulation to let your own spiritual energy grow.”

At this point, Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but ask: “Master, in that case, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers of the Heavenly Snow Mountain two Saint Attributes, the Divine and Spirit Attributes. Doesn’t that mean their sensory perception is also extremely strong? They would not be weaker than the Demonic Change State in that case right?”

Long Shiya said with a hint of surprise in his voice. “Not bad, you little rascal, you even know about the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger, you know quite a lot for your level! Actually, I was just about to say that if you want to improve your spiritual energy, you will actually need to ascend the Heavenly Snow Mountain. I have fought a few times with that old fellow on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, and have grown to have a slight friendship from that. As for your question, that is a good question indeed. Your guess is right, the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tigers of the Heavenly Snow Mountain also have extremely strong perceptions. However, their perception is improved through a spiritual force field, and they can use that extended senses to activate their attacks. On the other hand, the ‘Ice Cold Perception’ of the Demonic Change State is more towards a supportive role that is like a passive effect than an active one. The key phrase are the words ‘Ice Cold’, to be in the calmest coldest state to utilise one’s senses. It can be said that both have their own benefits and advantages compared to the other. After all, the Divine Attribute is also a Saint Attribute.”

Zhou Weiqing had a bitter look on his face: “I doubt I can actually ascend the Heavenly Snow Mountain to train right…” As he spoke those words, he suddenly thought of Tian’er, about that night, and his heart fluttered. However, he knew very clearly that with his current power, he did not have the qualification to ascend the Heavenly Snow Mountain to look for Tian’er.”

Long Shiya laughed heartily and said: “Well, there is another simpler method to train the ‘Ice Cold Perception’, but at the same time it is much less efficient and a lot slower. That is, you constantly maintain the Demonic Change State, to constantly feel and experience the ‘Ice Cold Perception’ while in that state and all the various intricacies, learning all you can about it. At the same time, when you are cultivating and training normally, you can do so while in the Demonic Change State, for as long as you can.”

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