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Chapter 103 Heavenly Skill Image, Demonic Dragon Lady! (3)

Furthermore, the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace had a strict rule in place. For the Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beasts, even the direct bloodline of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had to reach at least the Heavenly King Stage and above, and be given permission by the upper echelons of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace before being allowed into try Skill Storing on them. No outsiders were actually even allowed to enter that portion of the Skill Storing Palace.

In the entire mainland, Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beasts were extremely rare, though perhaps not as rare as Heavenly God Stage Jewel Masters, it could still be described as rare as the feathers of a phoenix and the horns of a qilin1. To even find a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beasts was something so rare, and to find one Sealed or willing to be Skill Stored, it could be said that even in the entire mainland, one could count on the fingers of a hand.

What was so great about this Zhou Weiqing? What sort of insane luck did he have to be able to find a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast, and more so, to successfully Skill Store!

After all, even if it were a Heavenly King Stage powerhouse attempting to Skill Store from a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast, the success rate was barely one in ten thousand. That was to say, if this Heavenly King Stage powerhouse were unlucky, it might take more than thirty years of continuous trying before succeeding. Even a lucky one might still take ten years or so.

In fact, for a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse attempting to Skill Store from a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast, the current known record in the entire mainland was five years and nine days!

Yet, on this Heavenly Jewel Tournament grounds, one such Skill had just appeared. How could everyone not be shocked to the core? No matter what Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level was, when he released this Skill that could summon the Heavenly Skill Image, he undoubtedly became the focal point of the entire battlefield.

The Heavenly Skill Image behind Zhou Weiqing was not very clear, just a vague silhouette, a dim purple-red in colour. Its upper body seemed to be that of a human female, long hair cascading down, but its lower body clearly had a large thick tail wrapped around.

Towards such an image, everyone was left puzzled. None of them had any idea what kind of Heavenly Beast looked like this.

Of course, it was normal for them to be clueless about this. This Heavenly Beast that Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored from was indeed from the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace. However, it was a Heavenly Beast that no other person had Skill Stored from before, although the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had actually caught this beast over four hundred years ago! Let alone the ZhongTian Battle Team members being unable to recognize it, even if the Heaven’s Expanse Palace Master Shangguan Tianyang was here, he might not be able to recognize it as well!

In fact, the Heavenly Beast that Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored from was actually not at the Heavenly God Stage. If it truly were, no matter how high ranked his and Fat Cat’s Heavenly Beast auras were, with their current cultivation level it was not possible for him to succeed.

The Heavenly Beast he had Skill Stored from was actually a Heavenly Emperor Stage Heavenly Beast, but it was one of the most powerful amongst the ranks of Heavenly Emperor Stage beasts, with its power coming infinitely close to the Heavenly God Stage, though it had not broken through the final layer. In addition to that, due to the fact that it was an extremely powerful Dual Attribute Skill, when he had unleashed the Skill, it had actually generated the Heavenly Skill Image.

The Heavenly Beast which Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored from was called the Demonic Dragon Lady, rumoured to be descendants of the offspring between the mating of dragon and human, a half-blood half dragon half human, with the cunning and intelligence of humans, and power close to that of a dragon. Even if a Heavenly God Stage Heavenly Beast faced off with it, it would still be able to hold its own.

Four hundred odd years ago, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had spent more than 30 years planning, arranging and finally capturing this Demonic Dragon Lady. Even so, they had expended many resources in doing so, with even the then-Palace Master perishing in the fight.

When they had caught the Demonic Dragon Lady, they had been overjoyed, thinking they could recoup their losses by Skill Storing powerful Skills from it. Alas, who knew that the Demonic Dragon Lady was not simply a Dual Attribute Heavenly Beast like they had judged previously, with the Darkness and Evil (Demonic) Attribute separate, but in fact, her both Attributes were intertwined closely, especially so for all her Skills.

As such, this resulted in an increased difficulty in Skill Storing in addition to the original difficulty of being a Heavenly Emperor Stage Beast. Not only that, the Heavenly Jewel Master had to have both the Demonic and Darkness Attributes in order to succeed, adding yet another layer of difficulty. Of course, those two Attributes were commonly found only in the Heavenly Demon Sect, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace did not have anyone with both those Attributes at the same time. Naturally, they did not want to give any advantage to the Heavenly Demon Sect, and would not be so foolish as to let the Heavenly Demon Sect benefit from this Heavenly Beast. As a result, in the past few hundred years, no one had successfully Skill Stored from it.

The first time that Zhou Weiqing had entered the Heavenly Jewel Island Skill Storing Palace and checked regarding his various Attributes, he had found out about the existence of this Demonic Dragon Lady, he had taken careful note for the future times that he visited the Skill Storing Palace. Although the Demonic Dragon Lady had already been Sealed for over four hundred years, and was extremely beaten down, it still gave him huge problems. If not for Fat Cat’s help, as she suppressed the Demonic Dragon Lady with her Spirit and Divine Attributes, giving enough time for Zhou Weiqing to Devour the last bits of her energy before Skill Storing, he would not have stood a chance.

Even so, it had not been an easy task for them both. That was the reason why he had returned back to the inn so late after Skill Storing, and why the rest of the team saw him in such a shabby shape when he returned.

Zhou Weiqing pointed the Legendary Hammer in his right hand towards Zhan LingTian, who had just shown his impressive prowess, and a purple red light erupted from it towards him.

Zhan LingTian’s heart sank. Facing Zhou Weiqing’s Heavenly God Stage Skill, he knew that he had no chance to dodge it. Instantly, he reacted in the best way possible, channeling his Heavenly Energy with all his might; at the same time, he flew backward as far as possible, trying to put as much distance between him and Zhou Weiqing as he could.

A cold smirk appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s lips. Although this Skill of his was not exactly at the Heavenly God Stage, it was still a top powered Dual Attribute Fusion Skill of the Heavenly Emperor Stage. In terms of its effects, it was definitely comparable to most ordinary Heavenly God Stage Skills.

The Demonic Dragon Lady had many powerful Skills, but in order to use many of them they had extremely harsh restrictions, amongst which was the amount of Heavenly Energy required was at the Heavenly King Stage or higher. As such, even if Zhou Weiqing had Skill Stored some of its more powerful Skills, he would be unable to use them at will, just like the Dark Demon God Lightning.

As such, after careful thinking and consideration, for the sake of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, Zhou Weiqing had decided to Store an Absolute type Support-type Control Skill.

When his Legendary Hammer pointed towards Zhan LingTian, the surrounding people on the battlefield could clearly see a strange purple-red symbol appear above Zhan LingTian’s head, swirling in a mixed purple and red light. It was soon followed by another purple-red light that was shot forth from the Hammer. Let alone dodging it, Zhan LingTian was not even able to see it clearly before his retreating body was struck by it, causing him to stiffen as his entire body was enveloped in the purple-red light.

A strange sight occurred next. The four God Tier Consolidated Equipment that Zhan LingTian had already summoned out disappeared like snow vanishing in the summer heat. At the same time, his entire body turned that same purple-red colour.

Zhan LingTian was struck by a sudden fear as he realised he was unable to do anything. His Consolidated Equipment had disappeared, as if he was totally cut off from them. When he tried to use any of his Stored Skills, he found that he was also cut off from his Elemental Jewels. As a result, he was unable to access any of his Elemental Attribute powers, only able to access the pure Heavenly Energy within his body.

“Thirty Seconds. He will not be able to use any Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills. Leave it to me for now. Go handle the others.” Zhou Weiqing shouted out loud while still in midair, right before he landed onto the ground. Clearly, he had been shouting out to the WanShou Battle Team leader.

The Skill that he Stored from the Demonic Dragon Lady was called the Dragon Silencing Seal, and its most powerful effect was that it was Absolute. As soon as it was unleashed, the target would not be able to dodge or block it; once Zhou Weiqing had locked onto his target, he or she would definitely have to withstand the effect of the Dragon Silencing Seal.

Dragon Silencing Seal did not have any offensive power at all, but it could Absolutely Silence and Restrict its target. Once afflicted by the Seal, the target would not be able to use any Consolidated Equipment or Stored Skills. At the three-Jeweled cultivation level, Zhou Weiqing was able to Seal his target for thirty seconds! Another benefit of the Dragon Silencing Seal was that it did not require him to use any of his own Heavenly Energy. However, at the same time, its usage was also highly restricted. Currently, he was only able to use it three times a day.

When his cultivation was higher, the Skill would naturally improve and evolve as well. According to the records, at the Heavenly King Stage, the Dragon Silencing Seal would turn from a single target Seal to an area of effect Seal, affecting everyone in a set area.

Thirty seconds. That was an extremely long time, especially in the heat of battle. Once a Heavenly Jewel Master lost the ability to summon his Consolidated Equipment or use his Stored Skills, that would be tantamount to losing almost sixty to eighty percent of his total power. This Dragon Silencing Seal might not have offensive power, but its use in combat was definitely top notch.

Like most Absolute Skills, the Dragon Silencing Seal would be much more useful and powerful when used against opponents of higher cultivation level; the higher the target, the better the effect. After all, the higher their cultivation usually meant their Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skill was much more powerful, and thus their reliance on them would also increase.

In such a way, Zhou Weiqing’s very first Dragon Silencing Seal was given to Zhan LingTian. Hmph! Aren’t you so powerful? Let’s see how you fair without all your Consolidated Equipment and Stored Skills!

As soon as the Dragon Silencing Seal came into effect, Zhou Weiqing did not hesitate to charge towards Zhan LingTian. Thirty seconds. It might be a long time, but at the same time he could not dally in this period where Zhan LingTIan had been turned into a fangless tiger.

Of course, Zhan LingTIan was still able to access his own Heavenly Energy, and the huge gap between him and Zhou Weiqing still existed. However, Zhou Weiqing had the huge advantage granted to him by his sheer physical strength, while Zhan LingTian’s Physical Jewel was that of Stamina. His defenses might be slightly tougher, but he was definitely the type of Heavenly Jewel Master that tended towards his Elemental Jewels. In this, he was the exact opposite of Shangguan Fei’er.

If Shangguan Fei’er had been the target of the Dragon Silencing Seal, she would not have been so affectd. After all, with her own Heavenly Energy and her formidable close combat skills, she was still able to unleash a large percentage of power.

However, Zhan LingTian was different. His greatest strength was the terrifying power of the Light and Darkness Attributes mixed together. Once his Elemental Jewel Stored Skills were Sealed, he would naturally be unable to access the two Elements, and his threat level with just the pure Heavenly Energy.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing was in the Demonic Change State, with the Dual Legendary Hammers in his hands and having Sealed Zhan LingTian, he had absolute confidence in taking on Zhan LingTian directly, especially since he still had the surprise factor in hand. WIthout a doubt, the cunning young fighter would not let such a chance go so easily and waste his thirty seconds.

Upon landing on the ground, Zhou Weiqing stomped down hard, and as he swiftly activated his Tornado Strike Skill, charging forth towards Zhan LingTian.

When the Wanshou Battle Team leader heard Zhou Weiqing’s shout, he started momentarily. However, he reacted swiftly, turning and charging towards another one of the ZhongTian Battle Team members.

In terms of overall strength, he was actually above Zhan LingTian. After all, his Heavenly Beast was the huge ape fighting with Shangguan Fei’er. Although both fights resulted in a disadvantageous situation, it did not change the fact that he had taken on the top two powerhouses of his opposing team… All by himself! Currently, given a bit of time to recover, he was able to launch a fresh attack from an extremely advantageous position.

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