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Chapter 340: The World Tree

After they heard that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai climbed the world tree, a person quickly reacted in order to grab the great fortune, but how could it be so easy to climb the world tree? They were immediately repelled by the ball of light.

“This is only a projection of the entrance.” Goddess Mei Suyao explained: “The true entrance is located where there is both a change in space and time; one would also be able to find an aggregation of incomparable power at this place. Without a secret treasure, one would not be able to enter this space and time.”

A person did not believe these words and shouted: “Open!” He attacked with a Virtuous Paragon weapon.


This person was immediately blown away after he let out a miserable scream!

“Open for me—” In a short period of time, many impatient people took action in order to open the ball of light. But needless to say, they were all deterred.

In contrast to these people, Li Qiye, Mei Suyao, and Jikong Wudi were not in a rush. They only quietly stared at the World Tree inside the ball of light!

After attempting many times to no avail, the rest of the cultivators were quite alarmed while the geniuses from the great powers immediately left.

They did not leave due to giving up. Instead, it was because they wanted to borrow ancestral weapons! After witnessing so many failed attempts, they understood that this ball of light could not be opened by force. It was just as Mei Suyao said, it needed a secret treasure in order to open this spatial area. No one was willing to miss out on the World Tree no matter who they were or what their background was, thus everyone went to bring out their great treasures!

To many great powers, unless it was a time of distress, they would not easily take out their defining treasures. However, no matter would be of grave importance in front of the World Tree.

Everyone knew what happened after Immortal Emperor Hao Hai climbed the World Tree. Who didn’t hope for their sect to become like the Thousand Emperors Gate, a miracle throughout the ages?

Even for those without ancestral weapons, they immediately went to find allies to see if they could work together…

“Girl, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. I will bring the two of you to climb the World Tree, but it is now the time for you to perform.” Li Qiye calmly stood there and glanced at Bing Yuxia.

The World Tree was such a great opportunity that no one was willing to share it with others. Li Qiye actually had the ability to open this door, but he brought along Bing Yuxia not because she carried the Ice Feather Palace’s defining treasure with her, but because he liked her. Every time he saw her, it reminded him of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu in the past!

The always-carefree Bing Yuxia became serious and took a deep breath. She slowly took out an item and threw it at the warping space entrance below and uttered with a serious tone: “Open!”

This item was not an old gate, and it was also not large, only the size of one’s palm. The moment this gate came into contact with the shifting space, Bing Yuxia’s vast amount of blood energy and her nine palaces appeared. Countless dao runes descended like an ocean that encompassed the tiny gate.

“Heaven Cutting Gate — the Ice Feather Palace’s defining treasure!” Mei Suyao saw this gate and emotionally exclaimed.

“The Heaven Cutting Gate!” Deity Jikong Wudi also uttered with a profound gaze.

Those who didn’t know what it was found the whole thing to be strange. The defining treasure of the Ice Feather Palace should be Immortal Emperor Bing Yu’s True Fate Treasure, so why was it this unknown Heaven Cutting Gate?

However, this was indeed the case. The Heaven Cutting Gate’s origin was extremely mysterious, and even the palace’s elders couldn’t clearly explain it. Its future generations only knew that Immortal Emperor Bing Yu brought the Heaven Cutting Gate back from a foreign realm. As for how she did it, this was an unknown mystery to the world.

“Ommm—!” Her numerous dao runes turned into laws as the lock on the gate slowly opened. An entrance the size of an ordinary door appeared by the ball of light.

At this point, Bing Yuxia turned pale. Opening this portal had expended a lot of her blood energy; even a nine palaces Supreme Saint like her couldn’t withstand such a toll.

“Let us go.” Li Qiye swung his sleeve and entered with his group. Then, the entrance disappeared. Others couldn’t follow them even if they wanted to.

After stepping inside, they could feel an endless amount of life. It was as if they were bathing in a sea of life back in their nascent stage.

They found that they were standing right below a cliff, and there was nothing else in sight.

However, once they lifted their heads to observe with their heavenly gazes, they found that this was not a cliff at all. Instead, it was a huge tree of immeasurable size. Above the horizon, one could find countless sections of giant mountains crossing together; each of them were millions and millions of miles long…

“These are tree branches.” Li Qiye slowly said while all the others were in a daze. Right now, standing at the base of the World Tree… It was like a dream! In a generation from long ago, it had appeared once before. Unfortunately, due to Li Qiye’s hasty arrival, he could not climb to the top and missed a good opportunity.

At this time, the group of Chi Xiaodie understood why this was called the World Tree. There was no other tree comparable to its incalculable majesty!

This tree was shouldering a world by itself. It could be said that it was able to prop up the three thousand grand worlds. It towered at an unimaginable height; if there were the nine heavens, then this tree was taller than the nine heavens! The tree trunk was of an unbelievable size, and each of its branches was a separate world while each of its leaves was a continent!

What was even more shocking was that the leaves of this tree were supporting the stars and giving birth to many things. These leaves could become their own country or world with galaxies and celestial bodies between the gaps.

Bing Yuxia, Li Shuangyan, Chi Xiaodie, and Chen Baojiao were stunned; they were unable to even speak for a very long time.

“How long does it take to fly up there?” Sikong Toutian, who had seen many wonders, still murmured in astonishment.

“You can give it a try.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

Taking a deep breath, Sikong Toutian then shouted and turned into a beam of light to rush up at an incredibly fast speed.

“Amazing!” No one could resist praising his flying technique, and Nan Huairen even exclaimed.

However, while Sikong Toutian was soaring above, thunderous noises started to emerge around him. With his speed, he could travel ten thousand miles in the blink of an eye, but at this time, he was flying countless times slower because he felt an unbearable force suppressing him from above. This made him feel as if there were numerous divine mountains bearing down upon him.

Compared to the unreachable height of the World Tree, Sikong Toutian’s speed was slower than a snail crawling. It would require countless years for him to reach the nearest branch!

He gave up and landed to say: “I won’t reach it even after flying for one thousand years.”

“Flying to the top? Even a Virtuous Paragon would not be able to do it.” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “This requires the help of treasures. If you want to use your own strength to fly up, then only Virtuous Paragons are qualified to do such a task since they can handle the suppressive force from above. However, as for how high they can go, it would be hard to say.”

“Where are the fortunes and treasures?” Nan Huairen greedily asked.

“Each branch and each leaf is a fortune. The greatness of these treasures depends on how high one can fly. The higher ones are usually better, but this is not always the case. In order to obtain the greatest fortune, one must have sharp insight along with enough luck. If you apply these two things correctly, then even if you can’t fly high enough, you can still reach a mysterious place and obtain a great fortune.”

“Each branch and each leaf is a fortune…” Even the dignified Ye Chuyun emotionally murmured.

“Each of them is a separate world. There is fortune everywhere, but it is up to you to find it.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Hahaha! I will surely find the greatest fortune! Immortal Emperor Hao Hai is nothing! My fortune will greatly exceed his.” At this time, the never-quiet Little Autumn was ecstatic and declared with arrogance.

“Ommm—” At around this time, Mei Suyao also arrived. However, the treasure she used to come in was not known.

A moment later, Deity Jikong Wudi also came in. As the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain, he definitely did not lack treasures. One of them was surely capable of opening the gate.

They couldn’t escape from being astonished when they directed their gazes up to the horizon.

“I’m going!” In the end, Jikong Wudi was the first to take action. In just a blink of an eye, he flew up into the sky and disappeared amongst the leaves the size of continents.

“This kid really has a lot of treasures. His first move is not ordinary at all!” Sikong Toutian’s mouth became watery after watching Jikong Wudi; he wanted to steal his stuff.

“Brother Li, shall we go together?” At this point, the peerless Mei Suyao smiled at Li Qiye and asked.

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