DE Book 28, Chapter 32

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Book 28, Archaeus Region, Chapter 32 – The Thirty-Sixth Level of the Abyss of Fiends

The white-robed man also viewed Ji Ning with great favor. Although there had been other geniuses who had been able to make their way deep into the Abyss of Fiends, he could count on one hand the number of geniuses who had been able to force their way path both himself and his third brother.

Both he and his third brother wished for Ji Ning to become honorary disciples of their two masters.

“A treasure? And just ‘honorary’ disciple?” Ning asked.

“Yes.” The white-robed man nodded. “According to master’s instructions… he will accept one personal disciple and six honorary disciples. Although I like you, you aren’t even close to meeting the standard necessary to become Master’s personal disciple.”

Ning felt rather disappointed. Still, he understood that because these three Eternal Emperors were already deceased, they would be extremely careful in selecting their legacy disciples. Emperor Mirrorsnow was still alive; even though he was taking on a total of ten personal disciples, every single disciple would only be given a set of four Daolord golems. These three Eternal Emperors, however, were giving all of their most important treasures to a single personal disciple.

“Can you at least tell me what the thirty-sixth level holds?” Ning asked.

“Our masters once followed and served our Hegemon,” the azure-armored figure growled. “Do you know what the exalted title of ‘Hegemon’ means? It means that they are able to rule over all other things.”

Ning nodded. Of course he knew. The Brightshore Kingdom had a Hegemon. His entire homeland of the Endless Territories only had three Hegemons in total!

“To inherit everything a Hegemon left behind… ahaha! I once encountered someone who was even more talented than you in the Dao of the Sword. He had perfectly merged his offenses and his defenses into a truly perfect whole.” The azure-armored figure sighed. “I was willing to let him become my master’s personal disciple, but he was too proud. He chose to go the thirty-sixth level instead.”

Ning was stunned. Apparently, that genius of the Dao of the Sword was on the same level as Bertulu and Eastcult.

“But he still died on that level.” The azure-armored figure shook his head.

“Give up.” The white-robed man looked at Ning.


Ning stood there silently.

Should he give up? Even those more talented tham him had perished on the thirty-sixth level.

“A Hegemon’s legacy lies there… the legacy of someone who was on the same level as the almighty Hegemon of the Brightshore Kingdom.” Ning’s eyes slowly began to blaze with resolve and a desire to fight. “Why have I left the Three Realms and braved the dangers of the Endless Territories? Why have I chosen to gon on so many deadly adventures? It is all for the sake of being able to bring her back to life! I dream of the day when the three of us… her, me, and Brightmoon… will once more be able to live together as a family.”

Ning’s deepest desire was to bring his entire family back again. It was this stubborn desire which kept him going, which made him strive so hard.

“To reverse the flows of spacetime and bring her back to life will be incredibly difficult. If I let myself be filled with fear, I probably won’t be able to make it to the apex of power and won’t be able to convince someone like the Hegemon to bring her back the life.”

“What’s more… even if I fail my attempt at the thirty-sixth level, I’ll merely lose one of my clones. I can rebuild it eventually.” All hesitation vanished from Ning’s gaze.

He was going to charge straight down his path. No one would be able to stop him!

“Darknorth?” The white-robed man and the azure-armored figure both looked at Ning, awaiting his decision.

“Forgive me, seniors.” Ning murmured softly, “I still wish to continue.”

“What if you die? You won’t regret it?” The white-robed man asked.

“No regrets,” Ning replied. He then transformed into a streak of light and tore through the ground, diving through to the next level.

The azure-armored man and the white-robed man both let out long sighs as they watched Ning leave.

“I knew he would choose this path. Every single person who has developed their own Supreme Dao is filled with terrifyingly strong resolve,” the white-robed man said.

In the end, fortuitous occurrences were external sources of power. When the strong rose to power, it was the stubborn will and resolve in their heart which drove them to continue forwards.

If you didn’t have an almost insanely stubborn desire to accomplish a certain something, it was virtually impossible for you to be able to stand at the apex of power in this vast universe. Even if you were incredibly talented and had many tremendous strokes of luck, if you didn’t have a terrifyingly amount of determination there was no way you’d be able to make it to the top.

An infatuation.

A desire.

A regret.

A longing.

All sorts of emotions could be transformed into a determined will.

“Ugh. He’ll probably die on this path he has chosen. But if he doesn’t die, he’ll definitely become one of the most dazzlingly talented figures in this vast universe, someone who countless other cultivators will willingly submit to,” the azure-armored figure said.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ning continued downwards through the various levels. These levels in the Abyss only contained fiendlords. In the end, Ning managed to make it all the way to the thirty-sixth level, the deepest level of the Abyss of Fiends.


Ning stood there gracefully in midair, staring at this bottommost level of the Abyss of Fiends.


This was a world of volcanos, and Ning was able to see three towering volcanos located in three different parts of this world. Each of the volcanos continuously belched out plumes of fire and lava which flowed out throughout this world. Due to the terrifying degree of heat, the bubbling lava would continue to bubble and hiss for a very long period of time before slowly solidifying into volcanic rock.

“Eh? Where’s the exit tunnel? Why isn’t there an exit tunnel on this level?” Ning was searching for the exit tunnel for this level, but was able to find nothing.

Suddenly, the earth began to tremble.

Ning immediately turned his gaze off into the distance. The vast earth, covered with flowing streams of lava, was shaking. Slowly, the earth began to split apart as an ancient, towering shrine began to gradually emerge from underground. The shrine was a deep blue color, and it was covered with strange diagrams. In front of the shrine stood a towering figure.

The towering figure stood there silently, hands clasped around a deep blue greatsword. He stared at Ning from afar, and his gaze alone made Ning feel as though an entire world was crashing down upon him. That stare alone made Ning feel as though this man was absolutely invincible.

“Him? His aura is absolutely identical to that Hegemon’s aura.” Ning remained very calm and composed.

“Another challenger has come?” The muscular man standing in front of the shrine glanced at Ning, his eyes extremely cold and calm. He said in a flat voice, “Kill him, children.”

“Kill him, children.” His deep voice boomed throughout every inch of this world, echoing again and again.

Ning was stunned upon hearing this. ‘Children’? But it didn’t seem as though the thirty-sixth level had any other living beings within it.




Three booming voices instantly burst forth from within the three towering volcanos.

Those massive volcanos actually began to move, and as they moved they quickly began to transform into similarly towering volcano titans! All three volcanos had transformed into three enormous volcano titans.

The three volcano titans had pitch-black forms, but Ning could sense the blazing, flaming power which filled their bodies. Their eyes were flowing pools of lava, and every single one of them seemed to possess the power of an enormous world. Just looking at them, Ning felt certain that they were far physically stronger than he was.

After the three volcano titans appeared, they first turned towards the distant, muscular, grim-faced man who stood in front of the shrine. All three went down to one knee.

The muscular man nodded.

“Kill!” Only then did the three volcano titans rise to their feet and charge towards Ning.

Their galloping paces caused the earth to tremble. They left enormous footsteps in the ground, and their glares made Ning feel rather startled.

“But so what if they are strong? From the looks of them, they are Aberrants that were formed from or out of volcanos,” Ning mused. “They are probably much weaker than me in terms of insights into the Dao.”

Ning manifested three heads and six arms, then drew his six Eternal swords.


The seven streams of Dao water and Dao lightning all surged forth, filling an area of ten thousand kilometers with sword-light formed from lightning and water.

Boom! The volcano titan closest to Ning charged into Ning’s Yin-Yang Sword Domain. Although sword-light repeatedly hacked down upon his volcanic form, the attacks were only able to leave behind a few white marks on its rocky skin. It barely paused at all, not slowed in the slightest as it continued to charge forwards with heavy steps.

Ning wanted to see exactly how physically strong these volcano titans were, and so he first chose to fight it in a head-on clash through using his most penetratively powerful attack, the Blood Drop stance.

Six streaks of sword-light shot out like an enormous meteor shower that shot out towards that terrifying stone hand.

Boom! The giant stone hand howled as it flew through the air. It crushed the six streaks of sword-light, then slammed directly onto Ning. This time, it was Ning who was knocked flying backwards like a meteor.

As Ning flew backwards, he forcibly twisted himself upright and landed on the ground. The earth shudder from the collision, caving in for an area of a million kilometers as an enormous basis suddenly appeared.

Ning rose to his feet, his face rather ashen.

“A single volcano titan is already this much stronger than me… and there are three? And these are just the ‘children’?” Ning finally could sense that death was approaching. Finally, he realized why no one had ever been able to survive the thirty-sixth level.

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  1. I’m kinda disappointed in the author right now. This development seems very forced. Ning should well know that there are legacies that would cause trouble for other eternal emperors, much less someone who isn’t even technically a dao lord yet. He should be aware that if he dies, there’s definitely not going to be anyone who’ll get Yu Wei back and he should also be well aware of techniques that kill all his clones. (Plus the loss of treasures is a big deal, even if he has a respawn). What Ning should have done was come back after leveling up on some less intense stuff.
    Instead we get, surprise surprise, some very strong foes and no doubt Ning will get some power-up at a convenient time. (Conveniently raising the “tension” for reads)
    Most of Ning’s fortune in DE can be chalked down to “He’s that one lucky guy in 10^99999999999999999999999999999999”, and that’s fine, but there are some things I just can’t buy into as “good fortune”. Drawing a Royal Flush is good luck. Doing it again and again consecutively is just bad plot armour.

    1. Yeah felt like he should have checked if he could stop on a floor and train a bit and spar with them a bit, or with his golems to raise his power. Going straight for the hedgemon when he can’t even defeat the two other guys one on one is a bit to much…

    2. where did u see bad plot armour?:)
      he’s already at a bottleneck on all of his 5 Brightmoon stances. 4 of them are Supreme Daos already and the last 1 to come very soon. some dozen chapters ago Brightshore Hegemon discussed about one exceptional Daolord who created and perfected 3 Supreme Daos and was on par with iirc Supreme EEs then goes that sword EE who infused his Hearforce with his arts and could be on par with the Hegemon being only middle-to-supreme EE.
      in Ning’s case we have Heartforce infused in his sword arts and 4/5 of them Supreme Daos. he’s pushing himself to the limit because firstly he got a clone and secondly he want to push himself to the limit and catch a spark of enlightement. that’s a common practice in IET’s novels to push oneself and gain benefits from it while walking on the edge of a knife:)

    3. I feel that while Ning has had his own lucky chances, he is still extremely talented and skilled. He has incredibly high perception and a strong heart. This has been his foundation, not his lucky chances. Before he reincarnated, he was just a sickly human from modern Earth. You are severely underestimating Ning’s ability if you think he was merely built on lucky chances, especially with this sort of cultivation system where strength of heart and insights into the Dao are the basis for becoming stronger.

      He spent thousands of years meditating and preparing before even starting the trials. It’s likely he’s reached bottlenecks and will only be able to advance through combat. It’s highly likely that once he leaves the trial, he won’t be able to enter again. Past geniuses still attempted the 36th level and they might not have even had a clone like Ning! This is a risk he is taking, and the cost is just his wealth. It’s also unlikely he will encounter a technique that will kill all of his clones, and doubtful that this Hegemon power would be that ruthless as to use such a technique.

      (I am a natural coward and would have given up on many things, secluding myself in meditation countless times throughout this story. My heart isn’t as determined or as strong as Ning, and even in the real world the risks that I’m willing to take and the effort I’m willing to put in is not so high.)

      1. It’s not just wealth though, it’s also time and insights and clones. The clones either require a very, very long time to create or an astronomical sum of money. He’s also wasting all his insights that he’s gained, not to mention the large amount of wealth he’d gain, clones and also wasted thousands of years. Doesn’t seem worth for a legacy that’s extremely unlikely for him to obtain.

    4. This entire place is effectively a training ground to try and find a worthy successor for an Eternal Emperor of ridiculous power, not an intentional deathtrap that’s designed to kill people. If he dies and loses some treasures, so what? Insights and combat experience are what he needs and if he shies away from a test just because he “might” die, that would most likely wound his dao heart forever by leaving a shadow of fear over it.

      Worst case scenario, he dies and loses his treasures while having to regrow his clones again. He will still be stronger for it, he will have gained insights and he will have learned from it without being afraid of moving forward.

    5. Shouldn’t his clone be serving as a crutch for Ji Ning? Cultivators normally make breakthroughs when faced with dangerous life or death situations. Yet we have Ji Ning who isn’t worried about death because of his clone. With that kind of mindset, he’s not really putting his life on the line and thus not tempering his resolve.

      1. for ning life and death situation is not meant to temper his resolve but to help him gain insights and improve his sword arts. he doesnt want to lose all of his weapons and other treasures so he’ll fight with the efficiency over 100%. but still even if he loses them he’ll gain insights which can help him become EE few trillions years faster:)

    6. Nope! he never was that lucky compared to other MCs out there, Ji Ning crawled every time – for every luck he encounters, I mean there was never an easy way for this guy. He even died just to get insights and improvements. I mean I get frustrated sometimes just becoz while other MCs out there become OP in just a few chapters, this guy need a few volumes WTH!

  2. ji ning you f#cking dumbas$. the golems told him about cultivators that were as powerful as he is. and hes like nope im mc i cant die. cant wait until my timely breakthrough.

    I hate when authors make mc’s choose HORRIBLE decisions because they want to make the plot move along. its why I dropped MGA when chu feng wanted to have the girl traped in the poison sect alone. then everyone joined him. well good one chu feng you really thought this through………

    1. Wait…but he DOES think he can die. I think the mistake you’re making while reading is that you think “authors make mc’s choose,” while you should be thinking, “what would the mc himself choose.” Not what the author would choose, not what you would choose, but what choice the character would make.

      “What’s more… even if I fail my attempt at the thirty-sixth level, I’ll merely lose one of my clones. I can rebuild it eventually.” All hesitation vanished from Ning’s gaze.
      He was going to charge straight down his path. No one would be able to stop him!
      “Darknorth?” The white-robed man and the azure-armored figure both looked at Ning, awaiting his decision.
      “Forgive me, seniors.” Ning murmured softly, “I still wish to continue.”
      “What if you die? You won’t regret it?” The white-robed man asked.
      “No regrets,” Ning replied […]
      If you didn’t have an almost insanely stubborn desire to accomplish a certain something, it was virtually impossible for you to be able to stand at the apex of power in this vast universe. Even if you were incredibly talented and had many tremendous strokes of luck, if you didn’t have a terrifyingly amount of determination there was no way you’d be able to make it to the top.

      1. yeah but his losses would be huge here and it would be even harder for him to save his parents and wifes true soul. its just stupid to make that choice. it feels very forced considering ji nings personality.

        1. This entire place is effectively a training ground to try and find a worthy successor for an Eternal Emperor of ridiculous power, not an intentional deathtrap that’s designed to kill people. If he dies and loses some treasures, so what? Insights and combat experience are what he needs and if he shies away from a test just because he “might” die, that would most likely wound his dao heart forever by leaving a shadow of fear over it.

          Worst case scenario, he dies and loses his treasures while having to regrow his clones again. He will still be stronger for it, he will have gained insights and he will have learned from it without being afraid of moving forward.

        2. His clone can be built up with just enough chaos nectar. His weapons are just eternal weapons that can be replaced in the future. In fact he can even purchase the same ones again if he wants.
          Even most of his wealth he gained suddenly and could be considered “lucky.” To me his biggest loss would be that he would no longer be able to meditate on the different prime essences of this alternate universe. To Ning it would be harder to recover his wife if he didn’t attempt the 36th level. The last trial is an opportunity for him to all at once clear a path for him to reach the apex of power. Ning isn’t truly taking that large of a risk. The sword immortals before him probably attempted the last trial even when they didn’t have a clone.

    2. have you forgotten about the mystery on why the head of the Church of Annihilation is super duper strong? I mean I bet he went with the same decision as Ji Ning chose to and succeeded. It might even related to that sword strokes that was different and unknown from all the other marks Ji Ning has studied/observed [my assumption anyway]

  3. I think most people are forgetting that Ning is getting a breakthrough, because he has been polishing off all of his sword styles in the past few chapters. If you hadn’t forgotten he hasn’t really had a challenging sword fight at all since like the first Mirrorsnow painting. So he hasn’t really been able to polish his styles and grow stronger. This is his learning curve and a swordsman needs to constantly fight against those who are better than them so they can refine their sword. I mean when he was going through the selection to join the kingdom? He was basically evenly matched with everyone except Bertulu and after the fight with him? He even gained some further insight. He hasn’t really fought anyone that can threaten his life in a long, long time.

  4. I would be surprised if anything else happened.
    Fortunately, since he is fighting massive titans and a big sword dude, the next supreme dao he has to master is one of weight. Then he can start working on fusing these daos together.
    By then he will probably be powerful enough to defeat the big sword dude, or he’ll just die but bring a godly insight with him as he reincarnates through his clone.

  5. Big rock things? Guess what’s the perfect target dummy to perfect his Heavenbreaker on?

    Yeah, going forward seems mildly suicidal, his dao-heart can’t be so weak that one retreat from too hard a challenge will wound it or something. But that’s the way of xianxia… the MC is that one in a million that survives and beats the infinite trials over and over and over, eventually reaching the apex of power. Someone who can reach that has to have risked his life in seemingly impossible situations many times. It’s a combination of many things, and all too easy to call it plot armor since he’s the MC.

    1. Retreating from a challenge without even seeing it for yourself? Those are the words of a coward. There’s no assurance that he would even be able to return and try later, if he backed out and left now.

      1. It’s definitely not cowardice. You have just battled two utter monsters that you can’t do anything about, and those monsters tell you that there is a monster stronger than both of them combined is waiting for you down there. It can’t be called be cowardice at all.

        Mind you, I’m not complaining nor do I disagree to his decision. He is looking for pressure that he can use to get more breakthroughs, that’s natural. I’m more concerned about how he can preserve his insights because as far as I know, he has no clonesin this alternate universe, there’s no way his insights are transmitted through to the other universe right?

        P.S: Wuxiaworld made me rage-quit three times today, each time I’m about to post a comment it just becomes slow as f*ck. I’ve actually wrote a comment here two hours ago but didn’t get to post it. Here’s hoping that this gets posted.

        1. was wondering about clone too. it reminds me of a Undermoon lake arc where after emerging from that pocket realm all of his clones and primaltwins received all the knowledge from the main body. does it mean if he dies then his clone gains nothing from his adventure to another universe?:( that could be fun if Ning dies but all insights are transfered to his clone. this turn of events would be pleasurable but if not that its bs:)

  6. When people suddenly forget that you can die a permanent death, including all clones that die with it.
    Someone at the Eternal Emperor level of power can do that. Plus, this is to look for the right disciple. The hegemon probably doesn’t care for all the other disciples if they can’t qualify, hence they all died -even- though the other two could have accepted them to be their personal disciple. This is definitely forced, although they try not to force it too much. It would be better if he did train with the previous few for a bit, at least until he learns heavenbreaker supreme dao and then fuse them. I’m assuming he either learns heavenbreaker and how heavenbreaker merges with everything in the next fight, but who knows.

    1. What’s forced is your comment and assumptions, that somebody conducting a test in a training ground would go out of their way to purposefully kill all the clones of somebody who is taking the aforementioned test.

      1. To become a disciple of a hedgemon lvl power I would think it would require the resolve to face the challenge knowing that failure means true death. So I don’t think a clone would do him any good… However that might be negated by the fact that it is a different universe. But I also think there is a possibility that he will lose all his insights from this universe if he dies here. Like how he didn’t have a connection with his clones when he was in the place he got violetjewel. And it was only when he emerged that the memories synced together again.

        1. I cannot logically deny the possibility of your post, I just think it’s stupid and unlikely. To go out of your way to kill all of a person’s clones is vindictive and the sort of thing you only do to your worst enemy, assuming you can even do such a thing.

          1. Well he might see it as an affront to his prestige if a lot of incapable cultivators come to jump around in front of him. And for great powers here to kill those of a lower lvl in that world doesn’t seem to require much.

          2. If having 4 supreme daos as a World God is “incapable”, then frankly nobody is capable.

          3. Yeah, I mean it it is all about perspective. The hedgemon lvl EE is trying to find someone to carry on his legacy. Everything that is left of him. That will mean that the requirements that person will need to fulfill will be absurdly high.

          4. If you came to that conclusion from reading yesterdays chapters then writing about it here is a spoiler.

  7. Bit bored of DE lately. Doesn’t seem to be any real stakes since the end-war. Ning’s one dimensional characteristic of stubborn, unshakeable resolve has essentially ended all hope of character development. I mean, it is literally filler to have any events where Ning doubts himself because that is not his character.
    If Ning doesn’t genuinely suffer a setback soon I’m going to be insanely disappointed. It would greatly please me to see him actually die and give him a few real problems. Big opportunity to reset the story if he does, it’s been off kilter since the BK arc.
    I enjoy a well built world as much as a more character focused story but if we’re just going through the motions of levelling up it may as well happen completely arbitrarily.
    Please just…something happen…someone important die…someone betray someone…a real villain appear…Ning’s been levelling up but the pressure seems to be gone.

    1. Ning has experienced countless tragedies throughout his life on top of his parents dying and his wife’s true soul being crushed in front of him. “Someone important die?” Who? Su Youji? Brightmoon? Hasn’t he suffered enough from the death of those he cares about? As people get older and older, it becomes harder and harder for them to change.

      Ning’s heart is still growing, and I don’t even know what is required for a person to reach the fifth stage or sixth stage of heartforce. Emotional character development is just a single part of any story and there are many other types of conflicts that can appear. The focus of this story is Ning’s rise to the apex of power.

      Ning is an Immortal now, and what you’re reading is the continued development of a character that’s lived countless of lifetimes, no longer an adolescent or with the mentality of a mortal.

      1. I agree with OP, general story development seems very lackluster. How many books are left like 10+? So what do you suggest, he’ll just power up until he reaches the peak and revives Yuwei and lives happily after? Meanwhile every book seems to be new setting, upgrade either arts/weapon , defeat challengers, and repeat. Compared to IET’s other works: CD was overall entertaining; ST started weak, but improved; DE seems to be doing the opposite, interesting start, but degrading.

        With all due respect to IET, but currently it feels like we’re reading about an MC grinding levels. This webnovel thingy seems to be sapping IET creativity, it feels a bit like he’s just pushing out chapters. I don’t even see a bigger picture, except getting stronger to revive Yuwei. So unless something changes, it might as well be wrapped up in the next book, with Ning stumbling on a super legacy and surpassing the Hegemon. Instead we’re getting 10+ books, hopefully with good reason.

        It just feels like we’re seeing a change in setting with a similar development since leaving the Three Realms without an overall direction. It wasn’t like this either in CD or ST, so I do hope it improves as I’m unlikely to drop it. The only thing dropping being the ranking DE holds among other novels I’ve read thus far.

        1. He’s in the middle of a training / powerup arc, this entire universe is an almost unheard of opportunity to grow so asking him to not grow explosively during it is silly. Does that mean all of the remaining books will be more of the exact same? No.

          Honestly, the only words you said in your entire post there I agree with is “CD was overall entertaining”, yeah indeed it was. ST started good but weakened once the MC reached the point of ‘There’s an opponent too powerful for me to beat, better hide for 100,000 years of (accelerated) time until I reach the next level and can beat them.’ Especially the divine realm part, where 90% of it was him just passively powering up in solo meditation and we didn’t even really get a final battle.

          1. Still, will there be another arc except the power-up arc and a final arc? That’s what I’m worrying about, there doesn’t appear to be much of an underlying threat or clear direction (except for reaching Vast-Heaven…).

            I understand that the current book, in a strange universe doesn’t allow for excessive liberties, but there it could have been handled in a more interesting way. There seems to be a lack of exciting moments, most of the time he’s safe, unless he voluntarily decides to participate in a trail. The exception in this book would have been when their group was stuck in that sacred immortal world, but were they ever actually threatened when you look back? They just used treasures to deal with both ‘life-threatening’ moment, which aren’t life-threatening if you have several treasures to deal with them. Forget about Ning suffering a major setback or ‘dying’, no one died, not even someone from their group died, whom we’ll likely not be hearing from a few books down the line… Not to mention his clone, with it he generally can’t even encounter life-threatening situations. It’s like playing hardcore with a respawn, what’s the point? There’s no real difference with hiding out and train, the result is MC gets stronger without risking his life.

            Anyway, I just hope we’ll get something of a general story soon and not just a change of setting every book…

      2. Exactly, he really doesn’t have anyone important in his life at the moment.
        Honestly…who cares if he suffered in the past…these are stories which have essentially already had their loose ends tied up. For all intents and purposes his parents are basically still alive. Ning’s reached a new level of power, in a new world yet his relationships have barely developed with anyone since sub-World level.
        Yea…tonnes of other conflicts and problems could appear…I’m asking that they do. They are not at the moment. Ning’s just been searching dungeons for ages now…*Windsource Ruins, Allgod Estate, BK, Alternate Universe*. It’s fine for him to power up but punctuate it with something else after each power up. He’s just been walking from one +1 to the next.
        Well you sort of just proved my point. His heartforce hasn’t improved, isn’t this a clear indicator that he hasn’t undergone any trials of the heart lately -> boring. You don’t know how he’ll advance heartforce because IET doesn’t really know either. That much is clear, generally when an author has actually planned it all out there’s clear signs of foreshadowing and the occasional information dump which has been lacking for heartforce. If you can’t even speculate how a story will progress that’s a problem…
        At the moment it’s just, “Ning will go to a new danger zone, find a lucky chance and power up. -> Repeat until Yu Wei is resurrected.”
        We already know that Ning is going to rise to power so why does the story have to be a linear rise to power?

        1. I guess I’m not sure what you’re looking for. It seems like you want the story to suddenly turn into some kind of soap opera around Ning. Not everyone is interested in cultivation or martial arts focused stories, and you don’t have to be. Cultivation is not a mere setting here, it is the main story. You’ve generalized the entire story so much to searching “dungeons” where the MC gets stronger that I’ve lost sight of the point you’re trying to make.

          If I’m understanding you correctly, maybe you want more side characters? It’s not so easy to travel the universe with Ning, though now he has Su Youji and the top talents of the Brightshore Kingdom.

          Maybe you want more subplots? There is still Ning’s mission to reach Vastheaven palace; he also needs to do this so that he can return to the Three Realms. He also wants to bring back his wife, which we recently learned is actually possible. In terms of heartforce, it truly is difficult to progress in this, but we know that this will be an important part of his Dao through incorporating the Nameless Sword Art. He is currently in a life and death trial to receive the legacy of a Hegemon-level Sword Immortal. He’s made powerful enemies in this alternate universe and I’m not sure how he will leave this universe alive. Is it possible for Ning and Solewind to casually leave a place like the inner reaches and return home without anyone from the Church of Annihilation showing interest in them or questioning them? Moreover the cultivation system isn’t as dry as becoming more powerful by swallowing pills. Studying the Dao itself and watching how Ning advances his sword arts are some of the most interesting aspects of this novel.

          I supposed it’s just a difference of opinion that I don’t find the story boring like you do. It’s more of a subjective matter talking about what “should be written” or “how the story should go.”

          1. He doesn’t have a point, he’s just whining that DE is not exactly how he personally wants it to be.

          2. Actually he does have a point, the fact that several people have brought this up, means it’s not something a few are imagining.

            Currently it feels like were just seeing the MC chasing chickens, the chickens being power-ups. Sometimes it’s a white chicken, then it’s a brown one, but in the end were looking at the MC fattening up by eating chickens.

            The problem is the MC feels detached from everything, he hardly seems human. When readers start having trouble relating and losing their feel for the MC, you have a problem. We might as well be reading a report. Date: xxxx Ning gained legacy, date xxxx Ning upgraded weapon…

            Second issue: in the ST the MC had his 2 brothers, in CD the MC was accompanied by a bro. Here, he has what? Some retainers, who need saving and Ning hardly cares all that much about? I wonder whether Ning would be willing to sacrifice his current clone for Youji. I’d say no from the vibes I get from this MC, it would set him back too much with little to gain. Which makes Youji little more than a wallflower, nice to look at and that’s it. In ST the MC had 2 brothers he’d risk his life for despite basically chasing his loved one the entire novel. Here we’re missing all these interactions.

            To be honest I feel like this story would have been more interesting reading from the perspective of his clone accompanying his daughter. Now it’s level-up and occasionally
            mention daughter. The reverse would be tagging along with his daughter fooling around with his uncle (does he still remember him…) and friends, with an occasional report about his main clone powering up. Seems like a more entertaining story to me?

            Currently it’s filler until power-up, rinse and repeat. We all know how this book is likely to progress, he’ll master his 5 stances, gain a legacy and probably some treasures and then return the Endless territories to become a Daolord, did I miss anything?

      1. Just because a story takes longer doesn’t make it any more interesting. The current rate of progression and an instant power up are both pretty straight.

        1. The story is in the journey and not the destination, if you don’t like that and feel the need to generalize everything about it to the extreme, then I’m pretty sure there are very few stories you would enjoy.

      1. If Ning dies, hopefully his spacial treasure will be left intact along with his other treasures. Then the only thing those poor mortals have to worry about is Global Warming rather than exploding in a trial grounds.

  8. Uhh, some people might not understand not think this through, but Ning’s attitude is perfectly logical. Yeah, he has plotarmor. Now think how such a character can develop? Whatever happens he always comes out on top. Subconciously he doesn’t think he can die. How many times has Ji Ning been in a dangerous situation that there was seemingly no hope of getting out of? Sooner or later he would develop this subconcious disregard for danger. If Ning was ANY different it’d be FORCED and different from how character should develop. He doesn’t go there because he will get plot armor. He thinks he should go because previous plot armor made him arrogant and oblivious to danger. Obviously all MCs will have the same or similar attitude. Should author apologize for developing character in a correct way?

          1. Yeah, your level of comprehension is too low to make sense of it. Sorry that I didn’t word it for fifteen year olds. Basically, Ji Ning’s behaviour is perfectly in line and is only natural. He SHOULD behave like that. You can’t just put character into an universe, make him go through various experiences and not take them into account while building up his personality. If you always survived everything no matter what happened, you would also charge in head first without a care about dangers. Throughout your whole life when you got into a dangerous situation you came out on top with broken OP treasures and legacies. How illogical of Ji Ning to act based on those experiences!

          2. Your entire op comment was that Ji Ning has plot armour, that Ji Ning realizes he is a character in a story and that he is taking full advantage of that, you bloody mongoloid.

    1. Ning can feel when he’s approaching death in the previous chapters.
      It’s not that he loses the disregard for danger, or else he wouldn’t start off with his strongest attack (defensive daos) when he met the three guys. He does develop a feeling of danger, but that couples with the desire to improve beyond them, and then the desire to revive a certain loved one that spurs him onwards to living and finding a way through his situation. He is not oblivious to danger, he is well aware, but takes that chance to ress his wife. His attitude is normal for someone who stepped into the dao and have their own daoheart and conviction. In fact, it’s normal for anyone surpassing celestial tribulation to follow their own will.

  9. I wonder why people complain about these “things”? I mean if you can write something better, do it! and we’ll try to psychoanalyze your works as well. Or imagine how would you write it if you are the author? And the way you wrote it, would other people like it? Ahahahahahahaha cough cough! I still admired authors that can ignite/incite any kind of comments/criticisms helpful or not.

    thanks for the chapters!

  10. It’d be pretty stupid if Ning gains a sudden insight and develops his Heavenbreaker-stance which then kills off these Titans when not even his Blooddrop-stance can do anything. Only logical thing here would be to merge 2 stances, I guess?.


    1. You’d think after CD people would know penetrative power is not equal power. Blooddrop stance is nowhere close to Heavenbreaker stance in power. It’s good for domain-type defensive Daos that pop like baloons. I’d still prefer to be stabbed with a kitchen knife over getting hit by a car though, even if kitchen knife has higher “penetrative power”.

  11. edit for chapter 31:
    The white-robed man had a warm look in his eyes as he carefully scrutinized Ning, then smiled. “For you to be able to make it past my second brother means that you are probably quite strong. Unfortunately for you, I’m not my second brother.”

    ‘second brother’ should be ‘third brother’. The white-robed man IS the second brother 😛

  12. TYVM for the chapter!

    I didn’t have a chance to comment on this the previous chapter (comments locked?) so I’m putting it here:

    ”The white-robed man had a warm look in his eyes as he carefully scrutinized Ning, then smiled. “For you to be able to make it past my second brother means that you are probably quite strong. Unfortunately for you, I’m not my second brother.”

    Should be third brother instead of second brother for those two occurrences.

    1. After reading this chapter, (and seeing all the comment rage xD) I do think JN is going in a little too far for his britches. He can’t even become the personal disciple of the other 2 brothers after all. I would think fighting against them for a bit would be good, but maybe the previous chapters just made it (the battles against those two) seem so quick when it really wasn’t.

      However, it is true that he can gain more insights against a stronger enemy. The main reason I’m bothered is that, to me, it just seems like he is aware of the future (that he will make a breakthrough and get strong enough to beat last boss) so he feels confident enough to venture in. It bothers me because, just getting the last stance wouldn’t be enough to fight last boss in my opinion (since he can’t even kill the two bros), he would have to merge all 5 stances together or something, which is much more difficult then upgrading the last stance. And his relying on that is what bothers me.

      Of course, maybe he just doesn’t care since he has a clone outside. But, who said that he might not die (from a truesoul killing tech) anyways? It’s possible (though not that probably imo). More concerning for me is that he wouldn’t keep any of his memories from after he went through the alt universe, since that would more or less ‘kill’ the Ji Ning that went inside, and have no benefit. If the author would have had a paragraph to touch on that on JN’s reasoning to go through (like, JN confirmed contact with his clone or something), I would be more accepting.

      But, anyways, just gonna read it and see what happens. Hopefully nothing too unreasonable.

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