Create Your Own Martial Soul Contest Voting Now Open!

So after many days of compiling the submissions and doing my best to disqualify stuff that should be, here are the polls! And cause I’m really dumb and bad at making polls, there are FOUR polls in total to accommodated the MASSIVE number of submissions to the contest (I am so gonna figure out a better way to do this next time…)

Checkout the submissions in the forums here! Voting will run from now until April 8th, at which point I will record down the results and begin another round of submission checking before announcing the winners!

Without further ado, here are the four polls which cover 93 eligible submissions in total!

Poll 1
Poll 2
Poll 3
Poll 4

P.S: I’ll be doing some statistical analysis magic to make stuff fair and whatnot.

7 thoughts on “Create Your Own Martial Soul Contest Voting Now Open!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Either way i think its abit unfair since poll 4 only has 3 items and we can vote more then once. Honestly saying i think poll 4 has the highest chance yo win due to this reason. Ssssoooo hope you have another round to fix this or like do something pls just an honest comment.

  2. When will the space type contest going to start? Coz my Cosmic Cupboard was disqualified under fire theme.
    PS: Lol ! have to read the entries again to vote. So many good ones!

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