Chapters Coming Late

Hey guys, quick FYI, the email system is down at work, so I won’t be able to finish the next chapter and post it at lunch. I will work on the next chapter and do a double release after I get off work instead. Thanks for your understanding! In the meantime, give Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre a shot! It is hands down my favorite Gulong Wuxia novel (see my below post and intro), which I helped finish translate a few years back. Click the read chapter link!

New friends, remember that you can help support us by making sure your Adblocks are off here! Who knows, you might even see something that interests ya 😉

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    1. Oh wait when does Ren gets off work?

      Also @’New friends, remember that you can help support us by making sure your Adblocks are off here! Who knows, you might even see something that interests ya ;)’

      Yes Exactly! ‘Poetry Contests’ Its what I’ve been looking for all my life!

      Ah.. i wanna see the part when Linley meets his bro who should be training but is instead fattening up(in my mind) with the 1m gold he sent over~

      Wharton would be Rank 8 Fatty or even Rank 9 Fatty if Linley takes another 1year + to go to his school..

  1. Well, you said “no magic” so I don’t know what to expect, or if I will like it, but since you keep insisting :p and praising it so much, I’ll give it a go.

  2. Ren, have you thought about using white letters and dark background? It’s much easier on eyes that way. Also, thank you for your translations, I’ve been lurking around since forever and those chapters make my days. You are great!

    1. Hi Lolidragon, welcome to our community! Great to have you registered and out of the shadows, hehe. I’ll give it serious consideration, if there’s enough interest!

      1. Dark background with white letters.. i think 90% of us prefer the Original way~ White paper with black ink! Or you can put up a vote 😀 Vote makes the site more interesting.

      2. Oooo I second the notion of a black background with white lettering. Though setting up a vote thing aswell would be fun too and make it alittle more interactive. Thanks for all the hard work and good luck with the extra chapter build up!

        1. He could set up an option that does that…would that be difficult? A button that switches the color scheme? I’m not sure on the difficulty level of that.

    2. I made dark theme for the site, it will be avaible later when Ren gets back home.

      The main theme will be the current one, but you have a option to choose the dark theme if you prefer power of the dark side.

      1. Awesome! I always choose dark backgrounds over lighter ones on screens because it is easier on the eyes….. meaning I can waste twice as much time reading and re-reading chapters instead. Thank you for all the hard work on the site and to Ren for the translating!

  3. >I will work on the next chapter and do a double release

    waitaminute; iirc, aren’t you having a ‘day off’?

    ….not that I mind though.
    I’ll just visit this page again later. Time to sleep. 🙂

    {{From: UTC +8}}

    1. i do not mind ren posting the chapter later either but before you think he sacrifices

      his day off for us , that was yesterday so we do not have to feel that guilty for

      donating him in his early grave .


        1. Happy to be welcomed .

          i am always happy to wake up in the morning before work and read the newest chapters you posted over my nighttime .

          (my worktimes are rather inconsistent so the waking up part can be exchanged with coming home i guess ) 😉

          Also hi serah , nice to see you here.

    1. That is just a preference. I prefer a white background myself. However, if you are reading in a dark room, the black background is better for some people.

      Maybe MiPo can add an option to change themes? 😀

    2. Personally I hate the black background with white text. It hurts the eyes so much after reading for abit and I start see blurs. It’s at the point that I either got add ons to remove the background and change it to black text on white background or I got something to invert the colors on the entire screen

      1. Welcome to our little community, Phoenix! Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of black background with white text, for exactly the same reason you mentioned. I might add it as an option, but I don’t think it’ll be my primary here.

  4. Thanks for all your work Ren. At first i couldn’t believe my eyes…three chapter every day seemed crazy since you are working on this alone.
    Btw, i’m reading you suggestion and loving it

    1. First try to clear your cache or refresh the page’s cache with CTRL+F5 if you actually can’t see anything.

      The thermometer was swapped for a bar on the top right. The index can be found under the “Translations” drop down menu on the top.

  5. Hello there,

    Just registered to say that I like the new website (especially the new donation bar).

    There is just one thing, the background used to auto-scale with the size of my browser and it isn’t the case anymore so I can’t see the stylish mage on the bottom left corner anymore.

    Other than that I praise the high level effort you have been putting in this website for the past month and I like to see our little community expending daily.

    Good job and keep up the good work (although some may say you should have taken a real break by not working on the website at all, as long as one do what one enjoy there is no problem).

  6. lol just checked the donation amount. RWX your weekend has been booked by the donators for new chapters =D donations for 10 new chapter allready waiting. how many more will be added before the weekend ends? (i think the donators didnt take the 1 month anniversary day break in their donations or they might have just celebrated it with more donations just to see RWX spend the weekend without sleeping)

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