Book 21, Chapter 1

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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 1, The Overgod of Life

In the skies above the South Sea, Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe were standing off to one side as in the air, a blurry figure slowly solidified.

Green robes. Long, jade-green hair. Jade-green eyes. Her smile seemed to cause the entire universe to tremble.

“This is the Overgod of Life?” Linley stared at the woman who had appeared. The woman who was wearing the Crown of Life on her head! His heart couldn’t help but clench with nervousness. In terms of appearance, Linley had never before seen anyone who was more perfect than the Overgod of Life. In terms of aura, the noble, exalted aura of the Overgod of Life was so prominent and pristine.

The Overgod of Life’s gaze fell upon Linley.

“Since the creation of the universe, this is the seventh Overgod mission, and my second time issuing an Overgod mission. Congratulations, Linley Baruch, for completing it.” The Overgod of Life’s voice was very gentle. Not only could it be heard through the ears; it reverberated within his mind as well. “According to the rules of the mission, you can now make a request of me. If I am able to accomplish it, I will do so for you.”

As the sound echoed, Linley completely lost his bearings.

“What request do you have?” The Overgod of Life said.


Only now did Linley come to his senses.

Beirut and Bluefire came to their senses as well. They, too, were stunned. “Bluefire, with but a faint smile, the Overgod of Life caused us to lose our bearing. This is too terrifying.” Beirut sent mentally. “The Overgods truly are supreme. The power of an Overgod artifact is definitely far beyond that of a Sovereign artifact.”

“Right. Unfortunately, Linley won’t choose an Overgod artifact.” Bluefire secretly sighed as well.

“Almighty Overgod of Life, my request is to have my Grandpa Doehring be brought back to life!” Linley raised his head to look at the Overgod of Life as he spoke.

“Back to life…” The Overgod of Life was momentarily silent.

Linley’s heart grew nervous. “I have to succeed! Grandpa Doehring has to come back to life!” Based on what Linley knew, after someone’s soul was dispersed, Sovereigns became unable to rescue that person. Only Overgods might have that ability, especially the Overgod of Life. She herself was the personification of the Edicts of Life, and controlled the lives of the countless living creatures of the countless planes.

“Forgive me. I am unable to satisfy your request.” The Overgod of Life’s voice was as calm as ever.

“Unable?” Bebe instantly stared.

“Unable?” Beirut and Bluefire were startled as well.

Linley’s mind went blank. The only thing in it was the words of the Overgod of Life, which echoed repeatedly. “Forgive me. I am unable to satisfy your request.”

“Unable to satisfy? Unable to satisfy?” Linley’s gaze grew sharp, and he stared straight at the Overgod of Life. He said frantically, “Overgod of Life, you control the creation and dissipation of the lives of all the creatures of the universe. Why can’t you bring someone back to life whose soul has dissipated?”

He had risked everything to lie to the Sovereigns and fight to acquire the Overgod talismans. He had done all these things to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life.

But the Overgod of Life was unable to do it?

“Forgive me. I am unable to do this.” The Overgod of Life shook her head.

“But you are an Overgod!” Linley called out frantically, his heart filled with unwillingness to accept this.

The Overgod of Life said calmly, “Linley Baruch, according to the rules of the mission, I will satisfy a request of yours. However, this request must be something I can do. The dispersal of one’s soul symbolizes a true death. This is an unalienable part of the Edicts. I am the Edicts of Life. Naturally, I cannot act in a way that violates the Edicts.”

“My very existence is that which allows the Edicts to function in the countless planes of the universe. To bring back to life someone whose soul was dispersed is to break the Edicts. If I were to break the Edicts, then the countless planes of the universe would no longer be bound by the Edicts. By then, without the protection and binding of the Edicts, the countless planes would themselves collapse.” The Overgod of Life said calmly.

Linley’s face turned white. His eyes were filled with despair.

“Boss…” Bebe looked towards Linley, his eyes filled with nervousness.

“So that’s how it is.” Beirut and Bluefire exchanged a glance. They couldn’t help but shake their heads and sigh.

Overgods were seemingly almighty, but in the end, they were the personifications of the Edicts.

Once a person’s soul was shattered and dissipated, they were truly dead. This was part of the Edicts.

How could the Edicts themselves do something which was against the Edicts? After all, the responsibility of the four Overgods was to allow the Edicts to function normally and without interruption.

“I expended countless efforts to seize these Overgod talismans, all for that tiny shred of hope. Who would have imagined…that in the end, it was all for nothing!” Linley lowered his head. Silently, two streams of tears flowed out. “Grandpa Doehring…” The response of the Overgod of Life had settled it. Grandpa Doehring would never come back again.

At most, he would forever exist in Linley’s memories.

“Boss. Don’t be too heartbroken.” Bebe said hurriedly.

“The heavens gave me hope, which allowed me to fight, to work hard, to struggle. But in the end, after I accomplished what I needed to, the heavens smashed that hope that they had given me.” Linley laughed with bitterness.

Beirut and Bluefire walked over as well.

“Linley, don’t be too heartbroken. Life, death, sickness, infirmity…these things are far too common. You can’t have perfection in all things, just because you desire it.” Beirut said consolingly.

“Where there is life, there shall be death! Life and death are determined by the Edicts of the universe.” Bluefire consoled as well. “You and I have surpassed life and death and live indefinitely, but if we were to die, our souls would also be dissipated, and we wouldn’t be able to come back either. There are many, many people in the world who have lost loved ones. Take a wiser view of things.”

“I understand this principle.” Linley took a deep breath, struggling to calm down.

If he had known all along that there was no hope, that would have been one thing. Linley would have kept his pain buried deep in his heart.

But after finding hope and struggling towards it, only to have that hope destroyed…this was like sprinkling salt onto a wound. It truly was painful.

“The existence of the universe requires that the restrictions of the Edicts be maintained.” The Overgod of Life said calmly. “Even though you have completed the Overgod mission, your request must be in accordance with the restrictions of the Edicts. I am unable to fulfill the request you made. Now, Linley Baruch, please change your request.”

“Change my request?” Linley was stunned.

“The successful completion of an Overgod mission means that I must fulfill a request of yours.” The Overgod of Life said calmly.

The earlier request that Linley had made was ineffective, and so naturally he had to be given another one.

“Boss, hurry up and make a request.” Bebe said frantically.

“Linley, there is no way to bring your Grandpa Doehring back to life. For now, I think you had best choose an Overgod artifact.” Beirut’s eyes were shining, and he hurriedly urged Linley, “Perhaps, you might have other dreams, but in this universe, many things depend on one’s own power! Only with enough power will many things be solvable.”

Bluefire said hurriedly as well, “It would be best if you chose an Overgod artifact that suited you. An Overgod artifact that will let you release your power to the greatest extent.”

“I understand.” Linley nodded.

After having experienced so much, Linley knew that only with enough strength would many things be easily accomplished.

“What sort of Overgod artifact should I request?” Many thoughts came to Linley’s mind. “A defensive Overgod artifact? No, that’s not that great an idea. My personal defense is already quite good. In addition, when I use my hands and feet to attack, I’m unable to unleash my full power.” Linley was still the most proficient in swordplay.

Whether when he using the heavy adamantine sword, Bloodviolet, or Mirage…

Linley’s supreme attacks had all relied on the sword.

“I will request a sword-shaped Overgod artifact.” Linley came to his decision.

Linley raised his head to look at the Overgod of Life, who stood there in midair. “Almighty Overgod of Life, I need a weapon-type Overgod artifact. A sword-shaped Overgod artifact!”

“I…shall satisfy your request.” The Overgod Life said calmly, while at the same time, she stretched out her slender right hand. A green sword shadow slowly began to materialize and solidify, and an astonishing, sharp energy began to condense, causing the surrounding space to crack and shatter.

“An Overgod artifact!” Beirut, Bluefire, and Bebe all stared.

According to the legends, only the Overgods were capable of creating an Overgod artifact. In the past, only the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts and the Chief Sovereign of Light were in possession of an Overgod artifact!

“This Overgod sword…” Linley viewed it carefully.

It was a nearly 1.5 meter long green longsword. The guard of the sword was shaped like a flower petal, and the sword’s handle had runed etchings in the shape of coiling tendrils that perfectly matched the location where one would grip it. As for the blade of the sword, it was covered with diagrams of all sorts of plants and flowers. Both edges of the sword were extremely sharp. The longsword didn’t move, but just by hanging there, it brought the surrounding space to a point of near collapse.

“This is the Life Overgod Sword. Only after reaching the Sovereign level will you truly be able to withstand the terrifyingly powerful energy within this sword. Only then will you be able to truly bind it.” The Overgod of Life gently stroked the longsword with her left hand, and instantly, the luster of the longsword immediately retreated, making it seem plain and unadorned.

At first glance, it looked just like an ordinary sword. The surrounding space quickly returned to normalcy.

“Linley Baruch, I have already satisfied your request.” As she spoke, the Life Overgod Sword flew out of her hands and floated towards Linley.

And then, the body of the Overgod of Life slowly dissipated. In the blink of an eye, the world returned to its normal calm, as though the Overgod of Life had never appeared.

“The Life Overgod Sword.” Linley held the sword, and the coiling vines that were carved atop the handle were perfectly suited for his hand to grip onto.

“Why don’t I feel anything?” Linley wielded the Life Overgod Sword, but couldn’t feel any unusual energy to it. He couldn’t help but turn to look at the nearby Bluefire and Beirut. “Lord Beirut, tell me, what was the use of me requesting this Overgod sword?”

“Haha, of course there’s an important use for it.” Beirut laughed loudly.

“An Overgod artifact. An Overgod artifact!” Bluefire’s eyes were shining as well.

Right at this moment, Bebe sent to Linley, “Boss, my grandpa asked you to acquire an Overgod artifact, but you are unable to bind it. After all, only by using Sovereign power can that be done. Do you think that Grandpa did this because…he wants it for himself?”

Bebe was a bit worried for Linley.

Linley looked carefully at Beirut and Bluefire, then shook his head mentally and said, “I don’t think so. Given Beirut’s power, if he wanted it, he would’ve taken it long ago. Prior to this, when I wanted to ask to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life, Lord Beirut and Mr. Leylin didn’t try to stop me.”

“True.” Bebe nodded slightly.

“I have the Life Overgod Sword in hand now, but…” Linley didn’t feel much joy in his heart, because his goal had been to bring Grandpa Doehring back to life. That hadn’t happened. If Grandpa Doehring could now come to life and appear before Linley, and call out Linley’s name, Linley probably would have gone wild with joy.

Unfortunately, after this, Linley now truly understood that there was no hope at all for Grandpa Doehring to come back to life!

“Lord Beirut. Mr. Leylin. You wanted me to seize this opportunity to request an Overgod artifact from the Overgod of Life.” Linley looked towards Beirut and Bluefire, puzzled. “Now, I have acquired this Overgod sword, but my lack of power makes it so that I cannot bind it. So what do you want me to do with this Overgod sword?”

For him, the Overgod sword probably wouldn’t even be as effective as Mirage.

“Linley, you don’t need to be impatient about this.” Bluefire said with a laugh.

“Linley, don’t worry. Since I wanted you to acquire this Overgod sword, then…I naturally have a way to make it so that you can use it.” Beirut smiled.

Linley was no fool. Upon hearing this, a sudden light flashed in his mind, and he called out in alarm. “Lord Beirut, are you saying…?”

“Do you really need to ask? Linley, tell me, how do you think I became a Sovereign?” Bluefire chortled merrily.

“Grandpa, can it be that you are intending to let my Boss become a Sovereign?” Bebe called out in shock.

Beirut chortled, but didn’t deny it.

Seeing the look on Beirut’s face, Bebe was now completely certain. He couldn’t help but say in disbelief, “Grandpa, to become a Sovereign, you need a Sovereign spark. You and Mr. Leylin are Sovereigns; can it be that you have other Sovereign sparks as well?”

Linley just looked at Beirut, puzzled. Even if Beirut had Sovereign sparks, would he really let Linley use them?

“No need to ask so many questions. Just follow me.” Beirut smiled, then immediately turned to fly back.

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  1. I still believe Liney will become a sovereign on his own. Not only that, but he might even create a new edict. The sovereign spark he acquires goes to his wife.
    I mean, it was also “impossible” for sovereigns to enter martial planes, and sovereign sparks need to have been “created” in a way.

      1. It doesn’t work like that . . . Why doesn’t anyone pay attention to what they read? You CAN NOT become a sovereign by training. There are 7 sparks for each of the 11 laws/edicts. If a sovereign is killed, then someone else can fuse the spark, but you can’t just train your way up to it.

        And just because they didn’t explicitly explain how stuff works doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. They made a general statement about sovereigns being unable to enter material planes. And that is generally true. Beirut can’t enter any material plane other than the Yulan plane. It’s not like they suddenly said, “oh, we actually lied, sovereigns can do whatever they want, we just felt like giving out erroneous information for the hell of it.” They left it as an unchallenged, not overly specific statement so they could have something to use to expand the story.

        1. You do understand that the same argument you used can be directed against what you stated?

          “Just because they didn’t explicitly explain how stuff works doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. They made a general statement about the requirement of ascension to the Sovereign level through the acquisition of a spark, it doesn’t mean it’s explicitly that way.”

          That’s especially true with IET, this author pulls things from his ass for his convenience like water from a well. Considering that Linley is a unique existence which combined the 4 natural elements into 1, that already breaks what used to be common-sense. Who knows what the author will do with that.

          I do agree it seems far-fetched, but, again — With this author? With IET? I wouldn’t be surprised. He always wants Linely to do things “his way”, If Linley becomes strong by fusing with a spark…That sort of breaks his character of “doing things by himself”.

          TLDR: “Who knows!? Who knows! Deus ex machina and random bullshit”

    1. like i said on a previus comentary is imposible to become a sovereign on your own you have to fuse with a sovereign spark in order to obtain that power.
      the number is fixated or marked if you prefair by the edicts in 7 sovereign per edict and even the overgods cannot change that.
      it probably has something to do with the balance of powers on the edicts i thinks it was mentioned somewhere in the novel.
      so if linley became a sovereign on his own he will then break the laws of the edicts and probably die to mantein the order or… cause the planes to collapse like the overgod said would happen so yeah.
      neverless the creation of the sovereign sparks were probably something done to mantein the edicts by the own edicts.
      and in order of your other comentary an Overgod is the Personification of the edicts so it isnt someone that has obteined the 6/9 laws of the edict (That is a paragon) or someone that has an incredible control over the edicts (that would be a sovereign) is the OWN edict to gain a personality and a mind.

      And Delia can’t be a sovereign with the sparks Beirut have because Beirut used the Wind One that was from the vermillion bird. and blufire used the Fire one that was from the tiger. Because Delia only has 1 body and is wind type is imposible for her to become a sovereign with those sparks.

      the most probably thing is that he will fuse with the azure dragon wáter type sovereign spark (remember that in book 11 he said something called him and he is from azure dragon clan) and because of the soul mutate he is all his bodies will have the power of a sovereign despite not being a sovereign body.

      1. Um your math doesn’t add up there it’s 11 not 7 since I think lightening is considered Fire like in the Avatar, and there has to be 77 sovereigns well currently 75 sovereigns in existence.

          1. You forgot Bebe trains in darkness? And they just mentioned a paragon of lightning like, 2 chapters ago at most.

          1. Not panther it’s Parcher (means Death) Pied Piper of Hamlin true name from the Grim Fables) , and sorry but when is last time you heard about Bebe actually using his darkness abilities before Linley steps in to smack down someone who tries to attack him. The thunder chick honestly she was kind of forgettable it’s not like she said something major. Only thing I remember about her is that I couldn’t pronounce her name and was hit by Bayer when he got tail smacked otherwise nothing. And I did go back and reread and made my adjustments.

      2. a few things that seem to contradict your statement.
        beirut mentioned that he eats sovereign sparks in the last chapter, so they’re not indestructible or anything. i would guess that in the event of a spark being destroyed, the overgods can just make more.
        you mixed up the elements, the vermillion bird is fire, the white tiger is wind. i don’t believe that the 4 beast gods were minor sovereigns either, and beirut and leylin were both stated as minor sovereigns. there was also more than just the 4 beasts sovereigns who died in the war, so there should be more sparks in the necropolis than just them.

        anyway, i figure, as linley is a 4-element soul mutate, that he will acquire 4 sovereign sparks, the sparks from each beast – since they “coincidentally” match up with the 4 elements that linleys soul mutated with (what are the chances of that?)

        1. Beirut probably said that he eats sovereign sparks as a figure of speech to say that he’s indestructible but he didn’t mean it in a litteral way. Sovereign sparks, I don’t know if they’re indestructible but they’re definitely not something that Beirut is going to waste by digesting them.

          I don’t think being a minor sovereign has anything to do with the sovereign that you absorbed the spark from. From what I understood, the minor sovereigns are the ones that train in the element laws like Lightning, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Darkness, Light except the Chief Sovereigns since they are Chief, they’re “non-minor sovereigns”.

          And the sovereigns who train in the four edicts are all considered “non-minor” since they’re much more powerful than the element sovereigns.

          Unless it has to do with how long you’re a sovereign, but I don’t think so.

          1. no, they clearly said every element and edict has four lesser sovereigns, a chief sovereign and two mid ones

          2. Beirut most likely ate a Sovereign spark from the Chief Sovereign of light in the past. It may have been a friend instead, but the CoSL makes the most sense. It would be the source of the enmity between the two. Of course, it could have been a direct family member as well; particularly if it was the CoSL’s wife. After all the only thing that makes the CoSL so special as an elemental Chief Sovereign is his Overgod artifact.

            As for minor sovereigns…didn’t they recently list the Redbud Sovereign as an “Intermediate” Sovereign?

            I do agree that the item that was calling to Linley from the Necropolis was most likely the Azure Dragon’s Sovereign spoark though. The thing that interests me is that Linely has always been considering following the Edicts of Destruction as well; at least since Leylin commented on his soul being suited for them. So I wonder if Linley will wait to enter the Necropolis until after he has a Demigod divine clone of destruction or not.

          3. I doubt Linley will be able to make another divine clone since I believe soul mutates are unable to make other clones.

          1. when linley was on the Necrópolis of Gods on book 11he said he felt something calling him and the probability of that thing being the sovereing spark of the Azure Dragon caling his descendant or the one with his ring is incredibli high

      3. I agree with everything you say, but either you’ve read ahead of current chapter or youre speculating! 😀
        * I don’t see where it has been said that Beirut is a wind sovereign! I supposed he would be destruction!
        * Nor any confirmation that hte sparks are from the Divine beast soverein (Ofc its obvious that it is, but its still unconfirmed)
        * Does Beirut only have 4 sparks in the necropolis of the gods?
        * Did got the sparks while being a highgod? I find it odd!

        1. book 20, chapter 47, beirut said specifically “i too am a sovereign of wind” when the other wind sovereign popped up.
          i don’t know why everyone assumes he’s using one of the divine beasts sparks, it makes more sense (to me at least) for linley to later get all 4, to fully show off his 4-element soul mutatedness with 4 types of sovereign power.

          1. Yeah found it 😀

            But I agree! its odd beirut would manage to “Steal” the sparks from Augusta while being a High God!
            Unless one of the ancestors would help him escape while holding Augusta, but then that would mean 1 less sovereign spark! But I don’t see it happening!

          2. depends when he became a sovereign. remember, there was a big war between sovereigns and such before linley was born, which was the source of the necropolis of the gods. considering how powerful the azure dragons innate ability was, and the fact that the 4 beast gods together could fuse techniques, they probably took down a few sovereigns before they died, which could source a few sparks into the necropolis.

          3. no… in yulan plane there was a big war between supreme experts of all the high planes and divine planes but it was between highgoods sovereigns of other bithplace cant enter yulan plane.

            its more probably thar Beirut knew somehow of the 4 divine beast and when they died he took the sovereign sparks and ran to the yulan plane with them.

            and the posibility of him being a sovereign on that moment isnt likely because then everyone would know he is a sovereign but only the soveregins seem to know about it for all the other entire planes were he is known he is just a sovereign emissary incredibly powerful but in the end just a highgod so… yeah he probably used the White Tiger wind sovereign spark but this is all just a theory so we will know tomorrow when the next 2 chapters come out

    2. Thanks for the chapter.

      The author has added rule exceptions since the start. Even if he does absorb a sovereign spark I think he’s the first soul mutate to do so, which might make it so he won’t be limited to a single spark (i.e. one for each clone). Added to that having multiple sovereign clones merge makes things interesting. He’s already capable of using sovereign will, maybe becoming a quad mutate sovereign will let him have “overgod will”, which I’m guessing has to do with edicts.

      I don’t believe making Linley a sovereign is Beirut’s only goal. He was already a highgod and capable of using a sovereign spark when he had them go to the planar wars (which was part of his scheme). Things don’t add up if it’s simply becoming a sovereign. Unless of course it was simply to make him strong enough to survive the 18th floor XD.

      1. I think it would be best for his original body to become a sovereign of a different element. Ideally destruction to match his soul, life to match his *ahem*, or lightning to round out his standard elements. (No, I’m not forgetting light and darkness, I think of those as polar elements, and he only fuse 1 spark with his original body, so those 2 are out.)
        Otherwise, wouldn’t the sudden spike in one element’s power throw off the balance he needs for his fused divine power to be effective? Unless he can go out and acquire sovereign sparks for fire and wind and fuse all of his clones into sovereigns. But then he may as well go get a destruction spark for his original body.

        What I’m really curious about is if, as a sovereign of whichever type, he can create sovereign’s might based on his fused divine power.

    3. Ok. I’m going to say possible spoiler ahead of time.
      I read somewhere that linley ends up being the creator of ST. IDK if that is true, but it made me think. Remember when he had his body transform when he fused all 4 bodies from his 4way mutate together. What if he eventually gets all 4 highgod clones to sovereign clones?? Hahh?? I feel like that would make him like mega ultra god. Past overgod status. What do you guys think??

      1. ST, like Stellar Transformations? I’m pretty sure that’s just a different book by the same author. And that guy got killed by a big group of people that weren’t even gods. So, for that to be true, Linley, with 4 sovereign clones, would be killed by a group of cultivators that aren’t even immortals yet.

        Doesn’t seem likely.

      1. Hm. That’s a possibility. Though I must say I get the feeling that considering how the souls seem to nourish each other to bring them up to par it would seem possible for Linley to gain further divine clones in other elements and edicts and then his souls to bring them up to soul mutate status. It seems like they have the ability to do so if I’m not mistaken.

    4. I mean we have only so much time, and I highly doubt there is a way to become a sovereign on your own, I believe linley will become something greater than overgods though, since he has made the impossible happen, he might become the ruler of overgods.

    1. Vermillion Bird of the 4 divine beast
      White Tiger of the 4 divine beast.

      Beirut was one all the time during the novel
      Blufire became one after going to the necrópolis alone on book 13 i think it was

    1. We were too but its just annoying that he keeps bringing back the dead. Go learn the resurrection spell or get a damn phoenix down to use true resurrection already. Stop getting all these others to do it especially when they can’t x.x. Learn to make souls derp. Heaven’s feel ?

  2. wtf people, please actually read this story. there is NO WAY for linley to become sovereign by his own and NO WAY for he be able to become an overgod to bring back grandpa to life.

    4 sovereign had died, 2 of the sparks had been taken by beirut and leylin.

    1. While I would agree without, this is IET, he changes written laws
      Example: Sovereign entering the material plane

      Though I gave a reason why that was possible unlike other just saying they want something strange.

    2. I’m not convinced beirut would have merged with the wind divine beast spark!
      I kinda expect him to had been a sovereign already at the time of those events… Else it would be hard for him to steal all 4 sparks from augusta!

      1. the posibility of Beirut being a sovereign on that moment isnt likely because then everyone would know he is a sovereign but only the soveregins seem to know about it for all the other entire planes were he is known he is just a sovereign emissary incredibly powerful but in the end just a highgod so… yeah he probably used the White Tiger wind sovereign spark but this is all just a theory so we will know tomorrow when the next 2 chapters come out

          1. They knew he was because he was saved by the Chief SoD and that’s how the other Sov.s knew he was. When he told Radiant to leave his plane alone.

  3. Beirut = Wind = White Tiger
    Leylin = Fire = Red Pheonix
    Water and Earth are missing which are from the Azure Dragon and Yellow Tortoise.

    Yulan Plane = Necropolis of the Gods

    4 divine beast clans’ ancestry in the Yulan plane have better lineage than in the Infernal Realm.

    Coiling Dragon is in Yulan Plane.

    Yulan Plane maybe where the 4 Divine Beasts died. Considering every Sovereign has an artifact, there are 3 more Sovereign artifacts that are missing. 2 Sovereign Sparks and the 3 Artifacts are in the Necropolis of the Gods!

    1. i don’t think they died on yulan plane for the reason said 2 chapters ago only sovereigns that had the birhtplace on the yulan plane can enter there so… the probability of augusta being from the yulan plane is imposible Beirut wouldn’t be alive and has alredy said he can’t… so more probably Beirut took everything he could to the yulan plane qhen he fleed.
      And the coiling dragon ring was in hands of doehring cowhart that had no idea of the supreme warrior but the ring was alredy on his hands and died alredy when they appeared so its not likely

    2. Well sovereigns can have any ammount of sovereign artifacts right? they make them!
      They can only give 1 to each emissary but i think they can have as many as they can make…

      now overgod artifacts…. its a whole new story…

  4. Thanks for the chapter RWX.

    I guesss a correction is needed in this sentence
    “..“Lord Beirut. Mr. Linley. You wanted me to seize this opportunity ….”
    It should be Leylin here, I think.

    Sounds as if Linley will become a sovereign and also hide out in Yulan plane like Beirut… 😀
    I am really thinking it is true that Augusta killed the divine beasts sovereigns ….he seems to make too many enemies .

  5. Ok. Beirut HAS a wind sovereign clone. Bluefire has a fire sovereign clone. That has been proven. It seems obvious to me that the chief sovereign of light killed 4DB and Beirut stole the sparks from him, that’s why he hates Beirut to the ‘bone’. So the next logical thing to happen, in my opinion, is that Beirut will given him the earth and/or water sovereign sparks(I’m more leaning on giving him both). And someone mentioned that the sovereign sparks are fixed at 77. I believe I read that as well.

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  7. One thing to remember during the debates on how Linley becomes a Sovereign is that he always has been a “rule-breaker” or, if you prefer, “balance breaker”. He “finds” the Coiling Dragon ring while searching the closed off wings of his ancestral manor despite how many generations of Baruch’s had already searched there. The spirit of an ancient grandmaster mage dwelling within begins teaching him magic AND just so happens to know of a special method of creating a “bond of equals” with magic beasts which no one in modern times has ever heard of. As a result of his Grandpa’s guidance he is able to study earth magic early and creates a lifelong bond with Bebe, the 2nd GodEater rat in existence.

    They then learn that he has affinity with 3 elements, 2 exceptionally and 1 only average, as well as an above average mana capacity. Using Grandpa’s special sculpting method he not only becomes a master mage, but also the youngest Grandmaster Sculptor in history. Oh, and as a consequence of the sculpting method and Linley’s affinity for earth magic, his soul begins growing at an early age as well.

    All of this to fulfill his promise to his father to recover their ancestral sword…which becomes a byline in his life.

    He then escapes the Amethyst Mountains, succeeds on reaching the residence of the Chief Sovereign of Death…after ticking off her friend and while questing to recover the souls of his dead friends and family, he succeeds in a four soul mutation…which even Leylin believed was impossible.

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    “Lord Beirut. Mr. LEYLIN. You wanted me to seize this opportunity to request an Overgod artifact from the Overgod of Life.” Linley looked towards Beirut and Bluefire, puzzled. “Now, I have acquired this Overgod sword, but my lack of power makes it so that I cannot bind it. So what do you want me to do with this Overgod sword?”

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