Book 17, Chapter 47

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 47, Begging for Salvation

“It’s me. It’s my fault. If I had given a drop of Sovereign’s Might to Delia, she wouldn’t die!”

“Why didn’t I give it to Delia. Why. WHY!!!”

Endless guilt wracked Linley’s chest, with regret striking viciously at his soul. Linley’s entire mind was in a state of chaos, and had sunken into a state of endless remorse.

Bebe, Phusro, and Tewila look at each other, worry appearing on their faces.

“Waaaaa….waaaaaaaa!” Little Wade continuously cried, and his sobs seemed to be more ear-piercing than ever before in that utterly silent mountainous area. Linley felt that each cry from Wade stabbed against his heart!

“Don’t cry, Wade, don’t cry.” Holding Wade, Bebe was growing frantic as well.

“Boss!” Bebe said frantically.

“Linley!” Phusro called out worriedly as well.

But Linley didn’t seem to hear anything. He was completely lost in his regret and grief. The look on his face was one which made others tremble upon beholding.

“Right!” Linley let out a sudden growl. “It was my selfishness! I always thought about my own safety, and I didn’t think about Delia. I kept the Sovereign’s Might on my own person this entire time. It was my selfishness. I was too selfish!!!”

Self-criticism. Self-hatred!

Linley, his thoughts in a jumble, had pushed the blame squarely onto his own shoulders, due to his ‘selfishness’.

Actually, Delia was too weak. Even if she had Sovereign’s Might, she wouldn’t be able to defeat a Seven Star Fiend. It was only natural that Linley should be the one to use Sovereign’s Might to protect Delia.

If Linley truly was selfish…

Then when facing the combined strike of those seven Elders, he wouldn’t have pushed Delia aside at that critical moment, thereby wasting precious time. After all, at that time, he could have dodged instead.

All seven of those attacks had landed.

Linley had nearly died. Although he hadn’t died, the protective armor of Sovereign’s Might had been broken through, and even his body had been crippled.

However, Linley’s thoughts had entered a state of confusion, and others were completely unable to dissuade him.

“It was my selfishness. It’s all my fault. If I had given Sovereign’s Might to Delia, she wouldn’t die.” Linley’s mind was utterly chaotic. These words were the only thing that consistently echoed within his consciousness.

“Linley!” Phusro suddenly roared. “Hurry up and seize every moment to save Delia. By wasting time here, YOU ARE KILLING DELIA!!!”

These words suddenly brought Linley back to his senses.

He looked at Delia, lying there on the ground. Phusro’s words suddenly brought Linley back into clear-mindedness. “Every moment, Delia’s soul is being devoured and transformed. I can’t waste any time, I can’t!”

By now, Linley’s right arm had already grown out to the elbow. The more powerful the body, the slower the recovery.

“Phusro.” Linley turned to look at Phusro. “My mind is in shambles right now. Tell me, what should I do? What are my best options for saving Delia?”

Linley, in his current state, truly wasn’t suited for making decisions.

Phusro let out a mental sigh of relief. For Linley to be able to say this meant that his mind was clear, at least. Phusro immediately said solemnly, “Linley, neither you nor I are as familiar with the experts of the Indigo Prefecture as your Patriarch, Gislason. Gislason is the leader of the Four Divine Beasts clan, and he knows far more than we do! Your Patriarch will know more than anyone else as to who will be able to save Delia. Perhaps the Four Divine Beasts clan itself has someone capable of rescuing Delia.”

Linley’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Right. The Four Divine Beasts clan has existed for so long. Perhaps it truly does have a supreme expert capable of saving Delia.” A hint of hope appeared in Linley’s mind.

“Right now, we need to hurry back to the Skyrite Mountains. Normally, metallic lifeforms will take nearly two months, but if we travel by day and by night without resting, we should be able to get there in ten days or half a month. Once we reach the Skyrite Mountains, there’ll be more people and more ideas.” Phusro said hurriedly.

Linley made up his mind as well.

“That’s what we’ll do, then.” Linley’s body once more Dragonformed. In terms of flying speed, his Dragonform’s flying speed was indeed much faster.

Linley lowered his head to look at Delia, lying there on the ground. Delia looked as though she were asleep. Linley said gently, “Delia, you have to hold on.” Stretching out his left hand, he took Delia into his arms.

“Phusro, please hold Wade.” Linley said. “We’ll immediately head out.”

“Alright.” Phusro took Wade from Bebe’s arms.

“Boss, don’t be too heartbroken. Delia will definitely recover.” Bebe said consolingly. Linley forced out a smile, then nodded slightly. “Right. Bebe, you stay with the others. Phusro and I will go back first.”

Bebe nodded, and then he watched as Linley and Phusro pierced through the skies, disappearing into the horizon.

Bebe’s eyes had tears within them as well. Raising his head upwards, he looked at the sky. “Overgods…the Boss has already lost his father and his Grandpa Doehring. No matter what, you can’t let Delia die as well. If Delia dies, then the Boss…”

Bebe and Linley had lived so many years together. He understood Linley very well.

No matter what sort of difficult circumstances or dire straits Linley was in, he wasn’t afraid at all and would face them head on. But…when those close to him left, Linley suffered terrifying emotional blows.

“Alright. Everyone, hurry into the metallic lifeform. We’ll make haste back home.” Tewila’s voice rang out. “All of you, stop being sad. Move all of our unconscious clansmen into the metallic lifeform. We will hurry backwards.”

It wasn’t just Delia who was unconscious. There were quite a few clansmen lying on the ground, while quite a few onlookers were injured as well. When they learned that these people weren’t dead yet, they too felt a hint of new hope.

The Azure Dragon clansmen entered the metallic lifeform, and then it once more pierced through the skies, also making haste and flying towards the Skyrite Mountains.

When the Azure Dragon clansmen left, the only people remaining were those who were in that other metallic lifeform.

“Too powerful. Especially that expert from the Azure Dragon clan. He was actually able to fight five other experts by himself…and slaughtered them all!” These people weren’t saddened for Delia, only stunned by this battle.

“That gray-robed who died was powerful as well…the one who sent all those terrifying green specks of light out.”

“Did anyone hear what that expert of the Azure Dragon clan is named? I thought I heard that big fellow with long red hair shout ‘Linley’ loudly.”

“Right. He is named Linley. I heard it as well.”

“This Linley, judging from his power, has to at least be an Elder of the Azure Dragon clan.”

A hubbub of conversation…but then, these spectators who had watched the battle and recorded it down with scryer recordings all returned to their own metallic lifeform and left.

Moments later…

Multiple figures flew over at high speed to the battlefield.

“Even Elder Zabu died. The eight Elders are all dead!”


In mid-air, a fiery light instantly streaked in from the southern horizon, arriving at the northern skies.

Linley and Phusro were currently flying at maximum speed. However, even Dragonformed, in terms of flying speed, Linley was still far inferior compared to Phusro. Thus, Phusro spread out his energy, enveloping Linley within it and ‘carrying’ him.

This caused their speed to rise to a higher level.

Linley lowered his head, looking at Delia. Delia’s eyes were closed, and she was in a state of complete unconsciousness. Linley’s arms were now completely healed.

“Delia, you have to be fine.”

Linley spoke very softly. He felt boundless grief and regret towards Delia. If Delia truly were to die, Linley didn’t know what he would do in the future. He wouldn’t be able to accept it at all.

Phusro, seeing Linley like this, couldn’t help but sigh.

“Can love truly cause a person to become like this?” Phusro said in his heart. He had been captured and tamed by Elquin when he was a Saint, and had always been used as a little golden kitten, without being given any chance to experience love.

“Linley, don’t worry. Given my speed, we’ll reach the Skyrite Mountains very soon.” Phusro consoled.

“Right. Phusro, thank you for this. Truly.” Linley, although frantic, still spoke with gratitude.

“Thank me for what? It’s my fault, in a way. I let that elfin Elder have the opportunity to release that final attack.” Phusro said guiltily. In truth, that Elder Zabu was the most powerful of those eight Elders.

He was so powerful that he nearly had the strength of an Asura. Once he also used a drop of Sovereign’s Might, his strength was indeed terrifying.

“It isn’t your fault. That person truly was powerful.” Linley still remembered how, when he had suffered the combined attacks of those seven Elders, the most dangerous one of them had been that elfin Elder. With but a single attack, he had nearly caused Linley to be finished.

“I’m still not strong enough.” Linley stared into the distance.

The two of them, transformed into that ‘fiery light’, continued to fly towards the horizon at high speed.

And finally, they arrived at the Skyrite Mountains!

After having flown for six days and a night, they arrived at the Skyrite Mountains just as nightfall came.

Linley, upon seeing the distant Dragon Avenue of the Skyrite Mountains, felt his heart tremble. While flying forward at high speed, he immediately called out frantically, “Patriarch, PATRIARCH!!!” Linley’s roars shook the air above the entire Skyrite Mountains.

“Who is it? Halt!” The patrolling warriors of the Skyrite Mountains hurriedly shouted.

Linley and Phusro were flying too quickly. Their bodies were surrounded with fiery light as well, making it even harder for those patrolling warriors to see them clearly.

“Whoosh!” Phusro immediately retracted his fire-type divine power, and those patrolling warriors were immediately able to see the two of them clearly. One of them was in Dragonform, and clearly was a member of the Azure Dragon clan. They all couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“It is Elder Linley!” Immediately, some patrolling warriors recognized him.

That savage, spike-studded Dragonform had become Linley’s trademark.

“Linley, what is it?” A figure flew over at high speed. It was Elder Garvey. Elder Garvey, seeing Linley look so frantic, with his entire body stained with blood, couldn’t help but ask in a hurry, “What happened? What’s wrong with Delia?”

“Delia, she…” Before Linley even had a chance to reply…

“Linley!” A voice rang out, and a powerfully built figure with azure hair flew out at high speed. It was the Patriarch of the Azure Dragon clan, Gislason. Gislason immediately saw Phusro. “What happened?”

“We were attacked. Delia is now in critical condition.” Phusro said hurriedly.

Gislason, seeing the situation, immediately said, “Come to my place right away.” As he spoke, he immediately led Linley and the others towards his residence.

Within the residence of the Patriarch. The main hall.

Linley gently placed Delia onto a seat, and then turned his head to look at Gislason. “Patriarch, Delia suffered a spiritual attack from an Elder of the Edric clan, of the eight great clans…”

“The Edric clan? The Edicts of Life?” Gislason’s face changed, and he immediately used his spiritual sense to probe Delia’s situation.

Linley, keeping hope alive in his mind, watched this scene. Not only was the Patriarch physically powerful, he was also extremely formidable with respect to the soul. Perhaps the Patriarch might have some method for saving Delia. Linley waited, and as he did, his heart was trembling.

Elder Garvey and Phusro just stood there, not daring to say a word.

“Formidable, formidable!” Gislason sighed in amazement.

“What is it?” Linley said hurriedly.

Gislason turned to look at Linley. He said solemnly, “The devouring transformation in Delia’s soul isn’t too bad right now. However, the devouring will grow faster and faster…I’ve never imagined that the Edicts of Life contained a technique like this. With regards to this, I…alas…” Gislason shook his head and sighed.

Linley was stunned.

“But don’t grow frantic. I can’t save her, but that doesn’t means others can’t either.” Gislason said hurriedly.

Right at this moment, two people charged in, one of which was Forhan.

“What on earth is going on?” Forhan said frantically. When he saw Linley in the corner of his eyes, his face couldn’t help but change. Linley was actually still alive…this was completely out of his expectations.

“Forhan, it’s good that you are here. You and Garvey, hurry over to Bloodbath Gorge and have the Grand Elder and the others come. Oh, right, hurry and ask the other three clan leaders to come as well. Hurry!” Gislason shouted.

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            Another minor detail is that when he gets called by people while he’s relaxing with Bebe and Delia, he can use clones to be in many places at once and give them live updates on the situation, but it never happens.

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            [“Phusro.” Linley turned to look at Phusro. “My mind is in shambles right now. Tell me, what should I do? What are my best options for saving Delia?”

            Linley, in his current state, truly wasn’t suited for making decisions.]

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    1. If they could have remembered, Bebe’s grandma was bringing him his 5th soul fragment. Wouldn’t the one who created this fragment be one of the most powerful soul experts in the realm? He/she could have saved Delia if they realized it and brought her back to the city. But I guess they’ve been in a panic so they didn’t think about it.

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          However, they probably wouldn’t be able to find her. I doubt she stayed around after separating from Bebe.

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        1. If they found the expert, he would likely help if Bebe asked him.

          As for payment, Linley has 2 Sovereign’s Might + 1 Sovereign’s Artifact and Bebe has a shit ton of amethysts and inkstones. It’s just a question of whether they’re willing to pay, and Linley would probably choose Delia over the CD ring, despite its sentimental value and intrinsic value both being extremely high.

          1. Gislason would not like that though, since that was the ring of the Azure Clan Sovereign.. oh well, maybe they’ll be able to ask Carolina if they realize that the clan can’t really help them.

          2. Linley has one Sovereign’s Might left actually. He had 2 drops when he went to the clan and got another one from the clan so he had a total of 3 drops to start with. He used 1 for his body and 1 to defend against the soul attack earlier so he only has 1 left.

          3. actually, by using SM, it becomes a buff. It is not a counter/block, of which is used after that attack.
            So Linley used 1 SM that battle, thus having 2 left.

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          1. As long as your main body remain free from sparks yo can do it once(and only once), but how many cases like Linley are out there? And is actually convenient to have a body spare in case you lose a clone to fuse it with a spark of the same type to regain that strength

            Elder Emanuel for example cannot regain his strength since he only has left his divine wind body and cannot fuse it with a water type divine spark

        2. Soul strips are more effective. If he can get it from that soul expert Bebe got his soul strip from, Linley can asked for soul strips of every laws/edicts, wait for the last insights for each of them and upgrade them with sparks later – he have no talent for them, anyway.
          The dreamed combination of 11 clones of 7 laws & 4 edicts + 1 original body.

          1. Ummm, the cost for soul strips are insane, Linley can probably buy only one with the vast fortune he has considering Beirut had to pay a lofty amount for merely 4 with his extremely large amount of money.

  2. IET wasn’t very clear on how Wade fared on the ten day trip to the clan… I mean, he’s just a normal human baby!
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          But since there are no lifeforms lower than saint in the infernal realm, it makes sense that everyone are born at saint level here. also explains what he said earlier about how pretty much no one in the 4dbc could imagine having to drink a dragons blood to achieve dragonstate, or pass into sainthood, making Linley’s appearance extra special

          1. Remember that higher planes have greater concentration of elemental energy, etc? I’m pretty sure that’s why people who grow up there are naturally stronger, I think it is similar in ST.

    1. That would definitely be adding fuel to the fire, but they’d definitely get burned, if that were to happen and Linley were to find out about Forhan’s involvement, I don’t think the Azure Dragon Clan would escape unscathed, he’d probably start adding things up in a way detrimental to the clan.

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        With the heriditary memory’s and babys base knowledge wade could out beat his father in becoming a demigod and one of life however Linley and Delia has no insights in souls or soul related attack methods so wade wouldnt gain insight into the soul so easily making 1 year to short to rely on him.

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    Aside complete lack of combat tactics and throwaways skills and characters, people are just acting stupid time and time again for cheap drama. And Linley can’t even use his clones to train properly, nor use the skills he owns.

    1) He can use the CD to refine amethysts for each of his souls to max god soul level. Never mentioned, details in point 2. His original body is the only body that can cross examine all the clones for overlapping insights between elements (ex. triple fusion from the Starmist Sea, Strength from Commander Mosi). He can effectively double the visualization output of any of his clones due to maxed out soul, but he doesn’t need to train and holds hands with Delia. Unless Reisgem gets on his lazy ass. ^_^

    2) Linley’s original soul is still at saint level, yet it behaves like a full god would. Including amethyst refining cap.
    Compare book 12 chapter 23, 29 and book 16 chapter 3. At first he is strengthening each soul individually, then by the book 16 suddenly it’s shared. ^_^

    3) IET doesn’t keep track of Linley’s clones and mixes them up. His clones WERE NOT capable of dragonforming, and that was why he stopped using them after the castle of sand fight.
    How his clan members can dragonform from divine clones has never been explained either. Are they carrying their saint level bodies around to fight, since actually MERGING with the spark would cut them off from elemental affinity of their strongest clone (contradiction with that elder who would have recovered his power by merging his saint level body with divine spark). ^_^

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    Flee with your newborn or stay around and get killed. ^_^
    Run out of steam lol.

    1. Well, yeah, it’s kinda stupid that she did not run further away, it’s not like she lacked time… Other points are also valid. But i am interested in how CD will end, so i wanna keep reading it. IET, at this point, was still more or less inexperienced author, so such inconsistencies are normal, i guess ~~

      1. @Demek

        1) What makes you assume he hasn’t maxed out the souls of each of his clones? If you can find explicit evidence, please provide. IET doesn’t have to say “his fire clone’s soul is maxed out, his wind clone’s soul is maxed out, etc.” If he said something like, “over the past century of closed-door meditation, Linley’s soul had reached the threshold for Gods,” you could just assume there is no more progress to be made. Don’t deliberately try to find gaps in the story; some things are implied and can be inferred.

        2) Yes, technically, Linley’s original body is not a deity. However, considering the Sovereign’s golden blood essense, the first drop of Sovereign Might he ABSORBED (not to be confused with used — refer to Linley’s conversation with the Patriarch), and the divine power he has been borrowing from his clones, I’m sure his original body — soul, flesh, and all — has been pretty amped up.

        3) Wait what? You’re all over the place. Yes, I share some confusion regarding the placement of clones and Dragonforming, but you’re not helping. You have to understand that, hypothetically, if there is a person with his/her original body and a divine clone and if the divine clone is currently residing within the original body, the original body can draw upon the divine power and also have the original body’s full capabilities (whether it’s Dragonforming or whatnot). Also, since you’re confusing me, Dragonforming has nothing to do with elemental affinity..

        4) Yes, faith energy. But what about it? It was already said in the beginning that the puny amount of faith energy he had would be of minimal help compared to Sovereigns who have followers across countless planes. You can’t just assume that all of a sudden the Baruch Empire can supply enough faith energy for Linley’s soul to be invulnerable.

        5) Yes, there is stupidity in that. It would have been more efficient for the divine clones to notify the clan earlier to look for elders proficient in soul methods. But Linley isn’t thinking straight, Phusro isn’t familiar with the way a lot of things work (having been in servitude for a trillion years and not being a member of the 4DB clan), and Elder Tamila is agitated over many others who have been hit by Zabu; give them a break.

        And Delia? I rather enjoy her presence. She has better emotional intelligence than Linley (ex: she noticed Bebe’s sadness regarding Nisse, she always nudges Linley to point something out, etc.), and I’m sure that if she survives this ordeal, Linley will give her a drop of Sovereign’s Might. For those who think this is a waste, I’m sure, with Linley’s status and merit in having single-handedly killed 5 Seven Star Fiends, that he’ll get more SM drops.

        ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

        1. 1)I sure hope so, but we don’t know, which was my point, onto 2)

          2)In book 12, Linley’s soul suffers large damage due to splitting and he uses the soul pearls on his original soul to recover the processing capabilities to master the throbbing pulse of the earth.

          In book 16, his original soul is incapable of absorbing more amethysts, considered to be the peak of godhood, with his clones meditating under it. The same paragraph describes advancing as the only true qualitative change – demigod-god-highgod.
          HOWEVER, it’s not his original soul that gets the boost, it’s his clone’s. His original soul only gets some improvement as by product of exposure to the laws, unless it fuses with the divine spark. Contradiction.
          Gold and blue drops transformation are described as physical in nature, and only improve physical attacks – the reason he developed firmament splitter, since his soul IS lacking.

          3)Disagree on the dragonforming part. Main reason being he would never have to use his original body again and keep it safe inside the sea of consciousness, but time and time again the original body is the one referenced, and the golden drop didn’t react to his clones.

          4) Just discarded idea, that’s all.
          5)That’s not merely distraction, it’s incompetence. No wonder they are facing extinction.

    2. Dude, Calm down Linley already maxed out his God soul and you can’t overlap laws unless you soul mutate. Your second point, Linley’s saint body was greatly enhanced by the Sovereign’s blood, do don’t assume its the same as a normal saint; it probably piggybacks with his strongest clone’s level. The souls are not shared, each is individual but are connected b/c they are technically the same soul; his clones can just enter his body. Regarding strengthening, I think Linley already maxed all his clone’s out regarding soul size considering the amount of time he spent refining amethysts. You are so confused with dragonforming. Yes, most clones can’t dragonform, but the original body AND THE WATER CLONE can dragonform and what do you know, Linley’s clan members primarily use water clones; Linley is just different b/c he uses earth. Linley has no one to get faith energy from, b/c for faith energy you need people to worship you and I’m pretty sure no one is worshiping Linley in the infernal realm (also I don’t think gods can worship gods). To add on, faith energy was probably a throwaway idea since it serves no point in the story. I don’t know what do you mean with your fifth point, but when they fly to other places isn’t that b/c they need to move their clone to other places. I really don’t get what you mean with #5, you should clearly explain your ideas if you want people to understand. Also, if you really don’t like the story, stop reading.

      1. He has good points, it was never said that Linley was using the cd ring and enhancing their souls as in the Amethys mountain only his original body used the cd ring and no mention after that he gave the ring to any of his clones. It was also mentioned time and time again that his ear clone was weaker at gaining insight to earth then his original and can be seen on the most island (forgot it’s name lol).

        His original body is only at the saint lvl because it doesn’t have a direct connection to the divine energy however he soul would be connected to the divine spark and probably allowing it to reach the lvl of God.

        The fifth point was explained quite well though, it was mentioned that Linley still had clones in the mountain because of forhan. He wanted Linley to be killed off so he can wait in the shadows for a good time in the future where he can retrieve the cd ring so of Linley went with all his clones the forhan would’ve lied and the cd ring would be in danger of getting used by the enemy as they could kill all Linley clone and original body and bind it. 5his means Linley could’ve informed the patriarch in advance or even tewila but neither did.

        Linley would still get faith energy because the people in the yuan planes would still worship him and whart on and his kinds probably would still spread his name around. The faith energy however requires a large amount of believers to make it worth while, Linley only has a few hundred thousand maybe millions so the strength would be weak.
        next it builds up in strength so the longer you don’t take a soul based attack the stronger it gets. Linley however doesn’t have a large number of followers and doesn’t waste millions of years to collect faith energy so the strength is probably at 500 years a diety lvl defence so not worth mentioning.

        The dragon for could be related to the water clone but never mentioned so it’s only speculations.

        The most annoying thing about this book is Linley doesn’t use his original body to train and read high god lvl where he stated so many times “I need to hurry and reach the high god lvl.” We know his original body probably his the strongest soul but yet he uses it to hang out with Delia and the gang more then training, so many contradictions and I say this but I do this instead.

      2. Jib, you’re just speculating.
        The Sovereign enhancement is described as physical in nature only.
        The souls of his clones weren’t mentioned for several books now.
        Regarding water clone dragonforming you’re contradicting yourself in the same sentence. We don’t know.
        Instead of using the communication network of his clan (or his divine clone for that matter) he is rushing back unprepared to add more cheap drama to the story.
        I don’t have to do anything you know, neither reading nor not reading. If you don’t like my venting, do whatever you like too.

  6. Another slow day on wuxiaworld :’C. I feel like whenever FBT goes on vacation, i’m just constantly refreshing and crying away. lol my sad lil life!!

  7. Wow stuff is crazy. If she isn’t saved I can’t bear the thought of how this will make linley behave in the future. Likely raise his son then go into seclusion for a long long time.

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