Book 17, Chapter 17

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Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 17, Prestige

Everyone in Death Valley was utterly silent. The prestige and aura emanating from the Patriarch, Gislason, caused everyone present to feel pressure.

“What tremendous strength.” Linley’s right hand was numb and trembling slightly. He was like a little chick who had been seized by a great eagle, completely unable to fight back. In fact, the arm which the Patriarch had seized was actually slightly throbbing with pain. The power of this Patriarch was tremendous!

“Patriarch, this Elder Emanuel challenged me to a life-and-death duel. The Assembly of Elders approved it.” Linley said in a neither hostile nor submissive manner.

“The Assembly of Elders approved it?” The Patriarch, Gislason, glanced sideways at the distant elders, none of whom dared to make a sound. In their hearts, they felt misery, especially those three who had approved this application. How could any of them have known that Linley was so strong?

“So what if they approved it? Didn’t you hear my order just now?” Gislason stared fiercely at Linley.

Linley was stunned.

Emanuel also said, “Linley, in our Azure Dragon clan, nobody can disobey the commands of the Patriarch. What the Assembly of Elders has approved, the Patriarch can, with a word, forbid. You actually dared to disobey!”

From the corner of his eyes, Linley noticed the look on the faces of those distant Elders, then glanced at the look on Emanuel’s face. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself. “It seems within the Azure Dragon clan, the power of this Patriarch is extremely high, vastly outstripping that of the Assembly of Elders.”

When a person’s power reached a certain level, an entire clan would easily become a place where his word alone was supreme!

In the Azure Dragon clan, the word of Gislason reigned supreme!

“Patriarch, I’ve arrived in the Azure Dragon clan less than a century ago. There are many things regarding the clan which I am not aware of.” Linley said directly.

“Oh. Less than a century.” The Patriarch, Gislason, frowned.

“Linley, you dared to disobey the orders of the Patriarch. This has nothing to do with how long you have been in the Azure Dragon clan. The commands of the Patriarch are not to be disobeyed…you ignored the order of the Patriarch, which means you have no respect for him.” Emanuel angrily barked.

After saying these things, Emanuel didn’t continue to speak. He knew that disrespecting the Patriarch was a tremendous, grave sin.

Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but feel his anger surge yet again.

“Whoosh!” A flickering blur.

“WHAP!” A palm slapped heavily against Emanuel’s face, and Emanuel was hit so hard that his entire body was twisted. Blood flew everywhere as Emanuel fell to the ground, and then, terrified and confused, looked at the Patriarch, Gislason. He didn’t understand why the Patriarch had struck him!

“Shut your mouth!”

Gislason stared at him coldly. “You, a venerable Elder, are actually still not aware of the mistake you have made? Today, even if he killed you, you would have no one to blame but yourself. I haven’t even punished you yet, and yet you are here babbling. Do you really think I’m afraid to kill you?”

Emanuel shuddered, not daring to say another word.

Linley couldn’t help but be surprised. “It seems as though this Patriarch isn’t just one-sidedly supporting this Emanuel. Given this Patriarch’s temper, it seems as though no matter who you are, you’d best not offend him.” Linley wasn’t a rash person either.

This was the only son of their ancestor, the Azure Dragon. The man who had been the Patriarch of the Azure Dragon clan for countless years! The person in the clan whose word was law, the leader of the entire Four Divine Beasts clan!

How could authority like his be violated?

Gislason glanced sideways at Linley and Emanuel, then at the distant group of Elders. He couldn’t help but let out a cold snort. “The two of you, and you Elders. Follow me!” As he spoke, Gislason flew into the air.

“Kid, you are in for it.” Emanuel glanced at Linley. “The Patriarch hates it when people challenge his authority.” And then, he flew into the air as well.

Linley also glanced into the distance. Those Elders all followed behind, not one of them daring to make any sound.

“I wonder what type of person this Patriarch is.” Linley had no choice but to fly along as well. In that short exchange he had just had, he was able to tell that the power of the Patriarch far outstripped his own. For the Patriarch to kill him definitely wouldn’t be difficult.

Right now, he was here in the Skyrite Mountains along with all of his friends and family. It was best just to swallow his anger at present.

Linley turned to glance at Delia, Bebe, Tarosse, and the others, all of whom were back at Death Valley staring at him, their eyes filled with worry.

“Boss, be careful. Don’t anger that Patriarch. I have the feeling he’s not a good person to piss off.” Bebe sent through their spiritual link worriedly. “That Patriarch’s gaze caused even me to feel terror. Honestly.”

“I know. Don’t worry. You all go back for now.” Linley sent back spiritually.

At the same time, Linley also followed Emanuel and the Patriarch together. Gislason himself flew up in front by himself, not saying a single word, while the Elders and Linley also followed without making a single sound, feeling quite pressured.

“Linley, in a while, when chatting with the Patriarch, be careful of what you say. Don’t make the Patriarch angry.” The handsome youth, ‘Elder Garvey’, drew near to Linley and sent through divine sense.

“Thank you.” Linley sent back through divine sense.

“Don’t think this is a small matter. Let me tell you this. The Patriarch hates it when clansmen kill each other. In addition, he will not accept anyone disobeying him. In the entire clan, only the Grand Elder is able to sway the Patriarch.” Garvey said solemnly. “If you disobey his will just a single time further, even if the Grand Elder comes, she won’t be able to rescue you.”

Linley nodded gratefully.

“Elder Garvey, how do you think the Patriarch will deal with me?” Linley wasn’t confident. After all, he had never met or spoken to this Patriarch. Although in this short period of time, he was able to tell that the Patriarch was extremely domineering, he didn’t know anything else.

“Given that our clan is currently in a state of crisis, I expect that the Patriarch probably won’t kill you. He’ll just punish you.” Garvey sent back.

Linley felt slightly more settled.

Moments later, the Patriarch Gislason as well as the various Elders reached the top of the Azure Dragon clan’s ‘Dragon Avenue’, where a large castle stood. This ancient castle’s doors were open, and the guards all bowed respectfully.

This group, with the Patriarch leading them, slipped into the castle.

The main hall of the castle. The Patriarch sat high up above them on the throne, while the Elders and Linley stood beneath the throne.

“He’s like an emperor meeting with his subjects.” Linley, seeing this, became all the more aware of the status the Patriarch had in the clan. In some clans, the elders of the clan would have tremendous power. But in the Azure Dragon clan, it was completely different.

“Hmph!” The Patriarch, Gislason, stared downwards. He couldn’t help but let out a cold, icy snort. “I said long ago that given the crisis our clan is in, what we need to do is work to eradicate those eight great clans. Our clansmen should not be committing fratricide against each other. Even if you are to die, you should die in battle against the eight great clans!”

“For two of the clan’s experts who are at the Seven Star Fiend level to battle each other requires the agreement of the entire Assembly of Elders, or my agreement, before the application can be approved. What? Has the entire Assembly of Elders agreed to their life-and-death duel?” Gislason said furiously.

Immediately, a silver-haired elder who was standing in the front said clearly, “Father, this Linley had hid his power quite deeply. We had all previously viewed him as being just a God. Thus…”

To the clan, a God was nothing much.

But Seven Star Fiends were precious to the clan. Permitting two Seven Star Fiends to kill each other was something which the clan definitely would not do. If they wanted to engage in a life-and-death duel, they had to get permission from either the Patriarch or the entire Assembly of Elders.

This was also the primary reason why Gislason was so enraged when he saw Linley and Emanuel engaged in a life-and-death duel.

If one was to die, one had to die in a worthwhile manner, in battle against the eight great clans.

“Enough.” Gislason said coldly.

The Elder immediately fell silent. Although he was an Elder, he was also Gislason’s son. So what if a father rebuked his son! In the Azure Dragon clan, the two longest living members were Gislason and his sister. The others were all junior to them.

This was also one of the reasons why Gislason’s word was law.

“This doesn’t need to be discussed any further.” Gislason said calmly. “In the past, you weren’t aware of Linley’s power. Since it is now obvious that Linley has the power of a Seven Star Fiend, then this life-and-death duel can no longer proceed.”

“Linley. Emanuel. Do you have any objections?” Gislason swept the two with his gaze.

“No objections.” Emanuel hurriedly said.

“No objections.” Linley said as well.

“Very good.” Gislason continued to stare at the two of them. “Emanuel, you previously believed Linley was just an ordinary God. I want to know, why would you, an Elder, engage in a life-and-death duel with a God? Tell me the reason!”

Linley glanced sideways at Emanuel. The reason Emanuel wanted to kill him was for his Sovereign artifact. Would Emanuel dare admit it now?

Emanuel began to sweat, large beads appearing on his forehead. “Patriarch, this Linley didn’t show me any respect at all. He went too far. In my anger, I thus…”

“Hmph.” An icy snort shook the entire palace.

Emanuel’s body couldn’t help but tremble.

“You dare to lie to my face?” Gislason chuckled. “I gave you a chance to tell the truth, but you didn’t take it.”

Emanuel’s face instantly turned white.

“I won’t kill you.” Gislason stared coldly at him. “The Grand Elder is currently in need of assistances. Starting tomorrow, go to the Grand Elder’s side. As for what the Grand Elder will arrange for you to do, that’s for her to decide.”

Emanuel’s body trembled, his heart filled with terror.

“Yes, Patriarch.” Emanuel still replied.

“Now, scram. Go stand over there.” Gislason snapped with disgust. Emanuel immediately retreated to one side of the main hall. Gislason’s gaze now turned to Linley. The corner of his lips curved upwards slightly. “Linley, right?”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Linley replied.

“Over all these years, those people who dared to directly ignore my orders…do you know what happened to them?” Gislason said.

Linley trembled slightly. He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. Could it be that this Gislason was going to kill him? However, Linley still spoke out. “Patriarch, it was less than a century ago that I returned to the Azure Dragon clan. I still know very few things regarding our Azure Dragon clan.”

Gislason’s face instantly sank down. “You really know how to equivocate.”

Linley suddenly found, to his amazement, that Gislason suddenly moved forward from the throne, walking directly in front of him. After inspecting Linley carefully, he immediately turned and walked to a side room by the side of the main hall. “Linley, follow me. Everyone else, wait here!”

“Yes, Patriarch.” Linley immediately followed.

After the Patriarch and Linley left, the other Elders finally dared to let out sighs of relief.

“The Patriarch wants to speak privately with Linley. What do you think will happen? A private meeting with the Patriarch is definitely nothing good.” Immediately, an Elder spoke out with concern. The members of the Azure Dragon clan all held the Patriarch in dread and awe.

“If this were the past, Father would kill Linley.” The silver-haired Elder said. “However, at present, Father probably will not kill him. However, although he won’t kill him, his punishment definitely won’t be a light one. It won’t be any lighter than the punishment he gave Emanuel.”

Immediately, the other Elders looked towards Emanuel.

“Emanuel, by the side of the Grand Elder, you’ll have a chance to truly serve the clan.” Someone laughed.

“Hmph.” Emanuel just let out a low snort.

“Emanuel, tell the truth. What’s the real reason why you insisted on killing Linley?” The Elders began to ask. Nobody believed that just because of a simple offense, Emanuel would have gone so wild.

“Stop asking.” Suddenly, a golden-haired Elder barked out.

“Father.” Emanuel looked towards the golden-haired elder. This golden-haired elder was a third generation expert of the Azure Dragon clan, and a figure who commanded great respect amongst the Elders. After all, his mother was the ‘Grand Elder’.

“Tell me, what’s this about?” The golden-haired elder sent through divine sense.

Emanuel knew that his chance to gain the Coiling Dragon ring was most likely lost. If he couldn’t gain it, he couldn’t let an outsider gain it either. Thus, he sent back through divine sense, “Father, that Linley is carrying a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, the ‘Azure Dragon ring’ of our ancestor.”

The golden-haired Elder was instantly stunned.

“What did you say?” The golden-haired Elder didn’t dare to believe it.

“It’s true. It is the Azure Dragon ring. There’s no mistaking it. That Linley truly is just a God. The reason he was able to withstand a Highgod soul attack was because of that Azure Dragon ring.” Emanuel hurriedly sent through divine sense.

Many thoughts immediately flashed through the mind of the golden-haired elder.

Emanuel looked at his father. “The Azure Dragon ring won’t end up in my hands. However, Father, as long as you strive to seize that Azure Dragon ring, it shouldn’t be too hard for you.”

“Kid, you should’ve told me sooner.” The golden-haired elder glanced at him. “But telling me now isn’t too late either.”

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