Book 16, Chapter 15

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Book 16, Starmist Sea – Chapter 15, Miluo Island

Miluo Island was a verdant island. Ancient trees could be seen everywhere, and the fresh air uplifted the spirits of Linley and the others. From afar, they could see the varied buildings, some sumptuous restaurants, and other edifices. The people on the streets were in an endless stream as well.

At present, some members of bizarre races walked past Linley’s group. Some were sharp-eared elfin creatures with faintly green skin, while others were enormous whale-warriors whose faces had a rather scaly look. Although upon becoming a Deity, one could transform into a human, some bizarre races had different aesthetic standards compared to humans. Even in human form, they would maintain some of the things they felt proudest about. For example, the tail of a fox-man, or the fish-scales of an oceanic creature.

Linley’s group was no longer puzzled by these things. Turning, he laughed as he looked at the nearby Delia and the others. “We’ve been on the sea for quite a while. Let’s first go to a restaurant, and then to the Arena and the Free Castle later.” Linley had been curious long ago regarding the legendary ‘Arena’. In this place, he would be able to see some of the techniques of real experts. How could he give up a chance like this?

“We’ll do as you say, Lord Linley.” Aches chuckled as he spoke.

Linley, hearing these words, understand that ever since his battle with Ganmontin, he had already become the acknowledged leader of this squad. This was how things worked in the Infernal Realm. Experts were revered.

“Hey, Boss, look. That squad dressed in blood red armor. All of them are Highgods.” Bebe immediately pointed into the distance.

Linley and the others immediately turned to look. Indeed, on the streaming, crowded streets, there were three men dressed in blood red armor, which had some unique patterns atop them. Linley wasn’t able to tell what sort of hidden meaning the patterns represented. As the three warriors walked atop the streets, everyone else on the streets intentionally maintained their distance, clearly not daring to offend them.

The big-bearded Bates said hurriedly, “Linley, that’s the private army for protecting Miluo Island. No matter what, don’t offend them. All of them are Highgods, and they are extremely many in number. Over these countless years, nobody has ever dared to cause trouble at Miluo Island.”

“Understood.” Linley laughed calmly.

This private army of an island was actually vastly more elite than the Starmist Army or the prefectural armies. In addition, Miluo Island had been bustling for countless years now. Linley couldn’t help but feel astonished by the person behind Miluo Island.

“Hey?” The nearby Delia frowned, her eyebrows knitting. “Bates, I remembered that you said before that Miluo Island is divided into the west island and east island regions. In the east island, it seems only the ‘Arena’ and the ‘Free Castle’ are restricted. In the other areas, it is fine if battle occurs, so there shouldn’t be any members of the island patrol, right?”

Linley’s group, prior to coming to Miluo Island, had been warned about the rules of Miluo Island by Bates, who was familiar with them. Only the ‘Arena’ and the ‘Free Castle’ of Miluo Island were safe grounds.

“Those aren’t patrols. Most likely, those three warriors are on break.” The big-bearded Bates laughed as he spoke. “Also, when Miluo Island warriors are on patrol, each squad has ten people, not three!”

While walking and chatting, Linley’s group headed deeper into Miluo Island. Miluo Island was simply too vast, with a circumference of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, which was multiple times larger than Linley’s homeland of the Yulan continent. Fortunately, Linley’s group was capable of moving at a speed that far exceeded mortals, and so to them, this sort of scope wasn’t that much.

“This restaurant isn’t bad. I ate here last time.” The big-bearded Bates pointed at an ancient, classy-looking building in front of them.

“Alright. I’ll trust your judgement.” Bebe chortled and was the first to rush into the restaurant. Linley’s group naturally began to laugh while following him. However, as they walked into the restaurant, Linley was stunned.

By the side of the door, there was an explanation notice:

For those who eat in my restaurant, if they engage in battle, they must pay a fee of ten thousand inkstones. If a chair is broken, a hundred inkstones must be paid. If a table is broken…

“What…what’s this all about?” Linley had never seen this outside of a restaurant before. Olivier, curious, also read through the rules. “How greedy. The chairs and tables are probably worth not even a single inkstone, but they actually want to charge so much. Also, any overturned food needs to be paid at ten times the price?”

Aches laughed. “This is a unique aspect of Miluo Island. After all, in normal cities, battles are strictly forbidden. But in Miluo Island…aside from those two areas, the other areas all permit battle and killing. Or, at least, the patrol soldiers of Miluo Island won’t interfere. But these many restaurants and hotels and other service areas, which have formed into a huge alliance, will interfere.”

The restaurants, hotels, and other service locations had formed an alliance? Linley was somewhat astonished.

“They won’t go too hard on you, but if a battle occurs, then you absolutely must pay enough money. If you don’t pay up, they’ll attack.” Aches sighed in praise. “If I were a store owner, I’d hope for people to engage in battle, and then I would be able to collect money afterwards.”

Special places had special rules.

“How intriguing.” Linley let out a few words of praise, and then headed into the restaurant. The restaurant was very large, and there were quite a few customers present. Linley’s group headed up to the second floor, dividing into two tables. Linley’s table was one seated near a window. Naturally, the fees were covered by Aches.

“The silverfish slices are so tender. They melt as soon as they enter the mouth.” Bebe sighed in amazement, hurriedly using his spoon to scoop up yet another piece of fish, delivering it to his mouth while calling out loudly, “Delicious, delicious.”

“This Bebe…” Linley and Delia were enjoying this rare chance to eat delicacies as well.

“Did you misspeak? How is that possible!”

“Of course I didn’t misspeak! This is absolutely correct. On the sea here from Bluemaple City of the Redbud Continent, every single large-scale bandit force was completely destroyed. Those bandit forces were completely dispersed!”

Hearing this, Linley was shocked. All of the powerful bandit forces from Bluemaple City to here had been destroyed? Who could be so powerful? Linley turned to look, and saw two men drinking wine and chatting amongst themselves. One of them, a man with long golden hair, was speaking with assurance and composure.

“You might laugh at me for saying this, but a good friend of mine became a bandit. He personally witnessed a black-haired man wipe out his Orchid Coral Island. The eleven Highgods on the island, the leader included, all died. That black-haired man only used a single blade attack! My friend and the other ordinary bandits immediately fled in every direction. Most likely, that expert couldn’t be bothered to chase down and kill ordinary Gods.”

The discussion between these two was overheard by quite a few people nearby, and these people all began to discuss the matter amongst themselves as well. Clearly, the news of many powerful bandit forces being destroyed was no longer a secret.

“This is true. Roughly a month ago, it seems as though one of the Highgods of Blueshark Island’s bandit forces escaped. All the others died.”

Linley’s group, hearing these conversations, couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

“Destroyed so many bandit forces, all by himself?” Bebe sighed, somewhat surprised. Olivier frowned. “Black-haired man? Everyone, do you still remember that man who resisted those thunderbolts back then that we ran into?”

Linley’s mind immediately drifted back to the scene of the Fogsea Storm, and how that man who carried a warblade on his back resisted the lightning bolts. That man had a head of black hair.

“If it was him, he probably really did have the power to destroy all those powerful bandits.” Linley said to himself. At the same time, Linley also thought of how when they had encountered a small group of ordinary bandits, that black-haired man had immediately attacked and killed them.

Clearly, the black-haired man held a deep hatred for bandits.

Linley’s group chatted while eating.

“Linley, these dishes are excellent. Have a taste.” Delia said. Linley couldn’t help but to turn and smile at her. But right at this moment…“Bang!” A wild, explosive collision sound rang out on the second floor of the restaurant.

Immediately, the other customers on the second floor were startled. Linley turned to look, and noticed that two people were fighting each other, moving as fast as lightning. “Clang!” Divine artifacts clashed, and then only blurred legs which gave off a fiery glow could be seen, smashing viciously into the chest of the other black-robed man, who was immediately sent flying.

“Swoosh!” The black-robed man was kicked so viciously that he flew as fast as lightning towards the direction Linley’s group was in. The man was about to crash into and ruin Linley’s table of dishes.

Linley couldn’t help but frown, and divine earth power began to gather on his body.

“He actually really is trying to kill me.” The black-robed man who was kicked flying was actually overjoyed in his heart. He was planning to seize the opportunity to flee and fly out from the window near Linley’s group, but as he came falling down towards Linley’s group…

A strange repulsive force activated upon the black-robed man’s body. The repulsive force was simply too strong. The black-robed man, suffering this invisible repulsive force, was actually sent flying back the opposite way, accelerating at high speed towards the fiery red figure.


A fiery red blade shadow chopped down, and actually easily sliced through the black-robed man’s head. The black-robed man stared disbelievingly, and then his head blew apart. The impact of the sudden repulsive gravity being applied to the black-robed man had caused him to be in a state of astonishment, and so he had died to a single blow.

“Haha, after so many years, I finally killed you, you bastard.” The fiery light surrounding the red-robed man’s body vanished. His face was filled with excitement, while at the same time, he stretched out with his hand to collect the interspatial ring and the divine artifact.

At this moment, one of the waiters in the restaurant walked over and said casually, “You should know the rules. All the expenses, combined, total 32,100 inkstones.” At Miluo Island, there were very few people who dared to offend their alliance. Thus, there was no need for threats. A waiter coming over with the bill was enough.

The red-robed figure very straightforwardly withdrew thirty thousand or so inkstones, and then left, heading towards Linley’s group. Bowing slightly, he said, “Thank you for your assistance. Otherwise, who knows how long it would have been before I would have been able to avenge my enmity.”

“You can leave now. Don’t bother us.” Bebe, still chewing on delicacies, just frowned.

The red-robed man wasn’t angry. He immediately left.

“It really is necessary to be careful at Miluo Island. Battles can occur at any point in time.” Linley, after having seen this, warned himself. His plan was to next go to the Free Castle to buy some things. It seemed that he needed to be careful. After all, upon revealing his fortune, it was possible that others would lust after it.

After dining, Linley’s group left the restaurant, then headed straight for the famous ‘Arena’ of Miluo Island.

The Arena was extremely large, taking up over a hundred kilometers. The spectators of the Arena weren’t permitted to battle each other. If they were discovered to be engaging in battle, they would suffer the assaults of the patrol soldiers of Miluo Island, who would show no mercy at all.

Anyone who wished to watch the battles would have to pay a fee of 100 inkstones.

“The fee really is quite high. The Arena supposedly has millions of seats. If all the seats were filled, just based on this alone, their daily income would be in excess of a hundred million inkstones!” Linley sighed in amazement. “A hundred million inkstones a day…how much is that in ten thousand years?” This was indeed a vast sum. However, only someone with sufficient strength was capable of maintaining it.

Just by looking at the many island guards with blood red armor, one would understand how powerful the force here was.

While passing through the staircases and entering the walkways, Linley’s group would often see roving patrols of the island guards. “All of them are Highgods. I’ve seen over a thousand by now. Who knows how many island guards there are in total?” Linley was secretly shocked.

As Linley’s group of experts ran towards the viewing platforms of the Arena, they didn’t know that in a different part of the corridors of the Arena, there were some familiar faces!

“Captain, our patrol for today is over. Let’s first go out and have some fun. Patrolling bores me to death.” Ten island guards, dressed in the same blood red armor, were walking together. They were chatting amongst themselves.

“Go out for fun? Today, we have some things to do when we get back. Next time.” A calm voice rang out.

“Oh.” The nine others couldn’t help but feel resigned. Only, they didn’t dare disobey the orders of their captain. They knew exactly how formidable and how powerful their captain was. He was a person who, in the Highgod Arena, had won a hundred battles in a row!

To win a hundred consecutive battles in the Arena was a tremendous glory.

“Cesar, that kid…alas.” The captain let out a long sigh. If Linley was present, he would definitely recognize this captain dressed in the blood red armor. Amazingly, he was an expert of the Yulan continent…Tarosse! Only, the current Tarosse had already become a Highgod!

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