Book 15, Chapter 41

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Book 15, Priceless Treasure – Chapter 41, Trapped Five Hundred Years

Within the cave inside the Amethyst Mountains. Only Linley and the juvenile amethyst beast were present.

“Just now, when I entered, there clearly was nobody inside this cave. I am certain that this juvenile amethyst beast definitely wasn’t present. How could he have suddenly appeared without me not sensing anything at all?” Linley’s heart was filled with disbelief. He didn’t dare to believe that this was all real!

What he was now facing was the leader of those countless amethyst beasts – the little juvenile amethyst beast.

“What should I do?” Linley was pondering on how to flee.

The walls of this large cave, as well as the floor, were faintly circulating with a violet light. Even if he were to use Worldwalking, he wasn’t able to go through this barrier at all so as to merge with the stone.

No way to run!

“Hey, kid, what are you thinking about? Are you actually still thinking about running away?” The juvenile amethyst beast’s clear eyes stared at Linley, and his lips curved upwards slightly. “Forget it. Once, an extremely powerful Highgod, roughly at the level you would consider a ‘Seven Star Fiend’, came here. In front of me, though, he still behaved obediently!” The juvenile amethyst beast raised its little head arrogantly.

Linley was secretly shocked. Even a Seven Star Fiend was no match for this juvenile amethyst beast?

“My name is Linley. Might I ask who you are?” Linley’s attitude was very respectful.

The juvenile amethyst beast coughed on purpose, then said, “Listen up. My name is Reisgem [Lei’si’jing]. I’ve previous adventured in other planes, and I’ve also engaged in battles in Purgatory. I am a mighty Commander in Purgatory!”

“Commander of Purgatory?” Linley felt utterly lost.

What was a Purgatory?

When he had read the books regarding the geography of the Infernal Realm, Linley had never heard of a place called ‘Purgatory’.

“You don’t know about Purgatory?” The juvenile amethyst beast stared, and then nodded in understanding. “Oh, right. You are just a God. Even many Highgods don’t know about that place. It makes sense that you don’t know…hmph, talking to you really is a waste of time. You don’t even know what being a ‘Purgatory Commander’ represents, hmph!”

The juvenile amethyst beast was very unhappy.

Linley could only smile helplessly. He didn’t even know why this juvenile beast named Reisgem was talking about these things.

“Now, how should I punish you?” The juvenile amethyst beast stood up, his meaty little paws rubbing his chin as he strode back and forth within the cave, appearing to be in deep thought. “Play the game of smashing stones? Same as the last guy, who I smashed to death?”

Hearing this, Linley’s heart trembled.

The game of smashing stones? Smashed to death? Linley could completely imagine what this juvenile amethyst beast was capable of doing.

“No, no good.” While still walking back and forth, the juvenile amethyst beast continued to mumble. Hearing the mumbling of the juvenile amethyst beast, Linley’s heart was very cold.

“This juvenile amethyst beast named Reisgem is a terrifying figure who possesses enormous power and yet the heart of a child.” Linley’s heart was panicking. Lowering his head to look at the floor, he saw the faint violet light circulating through it.

This was just a layer of something which Reisgem had silently covered the floors and the walls of the cave with, but Linley couldn’t budge the violet light at all. Just from this, Linley was certain of the great power of this juvenile amethyst beast. In addition…he had watched the juvenile amethyst beast personally attack, and easily kill a powerful Highgod.

“Right now, I only have my divine earth clone here. I’m far too weak.” Linley secretly sighed.

The Sovereign’s Might and his weapons were all on his original body. He didn’t have a single thing on his divine earth clone. At present, he didn’t have any ability to fight back at all.

“This juvenile amethyst beast…” Linley carefully inspected this juvenile beast. Compared to the amethyst beasts, he was very similar. His entire body was violet, and his head and back also were covered with a large number of spikes, in total 108 spikes. The same was true for the body of the amethyst beasts.

The juvenile amethyst beast suddenly was jubilant, and excitedly began to jump around. “Haha, I have it!”


The juvenile amethyst beast’s face froze, then out of the corner of his mouth, he muttered, “I’m not even allowed to have fun.” And then, the juvenile amethyst beast raised his head to look at Linley, his face turning cold. “Kid, I’m in a really bad mood right now, so I’ll have to vent it out on you. Hmph. If you are too useless, I’ll just kill you.”

“Mr. Reisgem, you don’t even care about Seven Star Fiends. Why must you act against me, a mere God?” Linley had a very bad feeling. This juvenile amethyst beast most likely didn’t have any good intentions.

The juvenile amethyst beast snorted. “You shut your mouth! Screw your mommy, if it weren’t for the fact that I have been ordered to remain in the Amethyst Mountains for countless years before being allowed out, why would I care about a mere God like you? Although you are a little weak, at least you are alive. You can play with me.” As he spoke, the juvenile amethyst beast flipped his little claw out, and immediately, a black stone that was emanating waves of violet light appeared, hovering in front of him.

Linley couldn’t help but carefully inspect that black stone.

The black stone was very small, only the size of a finger, but it emanated with lines of violet light. Waves of an unusual aura spread out from within it.

“Go.” The juvenile amethyst beast waved its little paw.

Immediately, the black stone hovered to above Linley, and then one ray of violet divine power after another flew out from the black stone, landing down like multiple chains. There were, in total, 108 rays of violet divine power.

The 108 rays of violet divine power all flew out from within the black stone, forming circles and reconnecting at the ground beneath Linley’s feet. The 108 curved lines of violet divine power formed a complete globe, while Linley was right in the center of it.

“Haha, let’s begin.” The juvenile amethyst beast cracked his lips into a grin.

Immediately, the 108 rays of violet divine power quickly began to flash and move at high speed, and it was no longer possible to tell that there were 108 rays of divine power. Linley could only see that the area around him was a globe of violet light, while he himself was within it.


Within the globe of violet light, it was as though electric sparks were flashing with violet light.

One surge after another of strange power was being created.

“Aaaaaah!” Agonized, Linley immediately curled into a ball, hovering in the center of that violet sphere. With a strange ‘crackle’ sound, Linley’s skin and bones were pressed down so hard, his body was caving in.

Linley could clearly sense that the surrounding violet light was creating surges of ‘repulsive force’. Every single part of the violet light was generating that repulsive force, and all of it was focused on his body.

Repulsive force was pressing down on Linley from every side.

It was as though Linley was being constantly compressed, as though the sphere was trying to compress Linley himself into a ball. This sort of terrifying pressure carried with it extreme pain.

“This Reisgem has mental issues!” Linley cursed in his mind.

Working to raise his head, he saw that roughly two meters away, that black stone was hovering. The source of this violet light was that black stone.

“Kid, given my usual temper, you would definitely die. However, today, I suddenly feel benevolent and merciful.” The juvenile amethyst beast stared at the violet globe as well as Linley, who was being compressed. “I’ve supplemented the divine power of that black stone. It should be able to roughly maintain this ‘Gravitational Space’ for ten thousand years. If in ten thousand years, you are able to leave that place, I’ll spare your life. But, if you wait until the divine power is exhausted without being able to leave, then I will…” The juvenile amethyst beast stretched out his meaty claws. “Kill ya!”

Within the globe of violet light.

Even his bones were cracking from the pressure. The massive agony was causing Linley’s entire body to twitch, but Linley could still clearly hear the words of that juvenile amethyst beast. Linley immediately struggled to hiss out, “Gravitational Space? This is a Gravitational Space? Impossible!!!” That terrifying repulsive force was so strong that Linley found it hard to even open his mouth.

Only, Linley truly didn’t understand it. Because, he had never heard of a Gravitational Space capable of generating a repulsive force.

A Gravitational Space should have a terrifying attractive gravitational force!

“Right, this is a Gravitational Space, one of the six profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. There’s nothing ‘impossible’ about it!” The juvenile amethyst beast snorted. “But of course, this is a ‘Gravitational Space’ that was created after fusing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Gravitational Space’, and it also has a little something special added into it…let me remind you, if you want to escape, all you have to do is be able to grab that black stone.”

After speaking, the juvenile amethyst beast lay down on the ground, then suddenly raised his little head to stare at Linley. “Oh, right. Even though it might hurt, don’t make any noise. If your noise wakes me up, I’ll kill you.”

Linley could only forcibly endure the pain wracking his entire body, not daring to make a sound.

“Huff!” “Huff!” …..

A soft snoring sound filled the cave.

Linley was in a great deal of pain. The repulsive force wasn’t any weaker than the astonishing attracting force from the Amethyst Mountains. When applied throughout his entire body, he was in so much pain he could die. In addition, this wasn’t his original body, capable of Dragonforming.

He was in such pain, yet he couldn’t make any noise…and the juvenile amethyst beast was just lying there, sleeping!

“He’s just toying with me!” Linley cursed in his heart, but moments later, Linley tried to force himself to calm down. “What I need to do right now is to escape this violet globe. To leave, I have to first take that black stone.” Linley raised his head to stare at the black stone that was emanating those rays of violet light.

“But this repulsive force is too great, while I’m squeezed in the center of this violet globe. I can’t move at all.” Linley laughed miserably.

Linley then gritted his teeth, struggling to raise his hand upwards.

“Crunch!” The powerful repulsive force from above forced Linley’s right arm down, smashing it against Linley’s shoulder, causing the bones in both the shoulder and the arm to shatter.

“Let’s see if the ‘Essence of the Earth’ will work.” Linley gave it another try.

One try after another. Linley did everything he could think of, but was completely unable to overcome the repulsive force, which was simply too strong.

“It seems I’ll have to use that final method.” Linley forced himself to calm down.

In magic, once someone understood the art of gravity, if one fell into another person’s Gravitational Space, if the opponent’s mastery was weaker than one’s own, one could ablate the gravitational force.

“This repulsive force is very powerful because it relies on fusing the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Gravitational Space’. Then if I am able to fuse those two profound mysteries, I should also be able to ablate the repulsive force and retrieve the black stone.” Linley, after thinking through this, immediately tried to ignore the pain wracking his body and force himself to lose himself within the ‘Laws of the Earth’.

Linley only had a basic understanding of the Profound Truths of Gravitational Space.

He had already achieved mastery in the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’.

Linley immediately focused all his attention into this, beginning to struggle to gain insights on how to merge these two profound mysteries. Only, both the ‘Gravitational Space’ and the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ were extremely difficult profound mysteries, and the amount of time it would take would definitely be very long.

Within the mountain hollows, Delia, Bebe, and Olivier were in a state of shock.

“Boss, your divine earth clone was captured by that juvenile amethyst beast?” Bebe said frantically. “Then what should we do?”

Delia was worried and frantic as well.

“Nothing else I can do.” Linley shook his head, looking at Delia. “Delia, for now, I won’t be able to accompany you. My original body also needs to completely focus on gaining insights into the Laws of the Earth and work hard along with my divine earth clone.”

Delia immediately nodded.

Linley’s divine clone was in a life-threatening crisis. How could Delia be so selfish as to have Linley keep her company?

“Ten thousand years?” Linley mused. “Can it be that this amethyst beast thinks that I won’t be able to merge these two profound mysteries, even in ten thousand years?”

Linley’s original body immediately began to train, while at the same time, it also constantly absorbed the soul essences from amethysts, constantly strengthening his soul.

This was because due to his soul being simply too powerful, in terms of visualization speed, Linley’s original body was actually slightly faster than his divine earth clone. The original body and the clone were completely focused on the Laws of the Earth and on visualization…

“Fuse. How should I fuse the ‘Throbbing Pulse of the World’ and the ‘Gravitational Field’?” Linley’s understanding of the ‘Gravitational Field’ was constantly rising, but as for fusing, Linley didn’t even have a basic idea of how to accomplish that.


Within the mountain hollow, Delia and Bebe looked at the distant Linley, seated in the meditative position. They were both worried.

“The Boss has been training for nearly five hundred years now. Why hasn’t he reacted at all?” Bebe said.

“Don’t be impatient. Linley will definitely succeed.” Over the past five hundred years, although at first, Delia was frantic with concern, by now, although she was still worried, she had calmed down.

This was because, as Linley had said, if he truly was unlucky and failed, at most he would just lose a divine earth clone.

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