CD PSA – Possible Chapter Delays (Again)

Hey guys, sorry to be coming up with yet ANOTHER reason for slow chapters in the next day or two, but I promise you this is also legit.  Although my ‘air shipment’ arrived with my basic stuff (like computer) a few weeks ago, the rest of my stuff (like my bed and furniture) has been on a ship sailing from California to Vietnam.  Weeeell…my junk finally made it here!  I’ll be spending the next day or two reassembling all of my furniture and all that jazz, hehe.  Will try and stick to the normal schedule, but it’s also possible that I might slip; thankfully, I’m able to take time off from work to do this, but I’ve got a lot of crap coming in and I’m single, so it might take a bit of time.  Thanks for being patient!

Woooooo!  Gonna be able to sleep in my own bed again.

EDIT: Reading the comments, WOW you guys 😛




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  1. Just relax and take your time Ren, because I have finished all CD chapters and currently reading ATG raw. It is indeed impossible to be Overgod. no more spoiler….

  2. Hey Ren, everytime I access your site, for some reason it stores a ton of cookie caches for other sites as well. i don’t know whether or not this is on purpose, but however it is rather… annoying. Whenever I go to access my cookies in order to remove them i never before suspected that I would have to remove about two hundred of them at a time.

    Thanks for your consideration

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