BTTH Chapter 726

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Chapter 726: End

Only Xiao Yan’s cold voice slowly reverberated across this quiet sky. Countless numbers of Misty Cloud Sect disciples sighed in relief at this moment before immediately feeling sorrowful. Back then, the Misty Cloud Sect was so grand. It was unexpected that now, it had ended up at a stage where others could butcher it. This kind of difference was really difficult for anyone to accept.

Of course, no matter how difficult it was to accept it, these Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had no solution to it. Looking at Xiao Yan’s rising killing aura, it was likely that he had long since planned to wash the Misty Cloud Sect in blood. If Sect Leader Yun Yun didn’t have some connection with him, it was likely that flood of blood would have flowed like a river on the open ground at this moment. Hence, being able to keep their lives was already an extremely lucky thing for them.

Yun Yun’s lovely body trembled slightly when she heard Xiao Yan’s cold tone that suggested he was giving the final verdict. The back of her teeth bit tightly on her lower red lip. Her face was covered with an unusual paleness. Was this Misty Cloud Sect really going to be ruined in her hands…

Yun Yun clenched and unclenched her hands. Her bright eyes slowly swept over the faces of the countless number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple below. A desolate look surfaced on her face as she muttered, “Is this your revenge against the Misty Cloud Sect?”

Nalan Yanran also felt her heartache as she looked at Yun Yun’s desolate manner. She clenched her hand tightly and suddenly raised her head to speak to Xiao Yan, “Xiao Yan, the Misty Cloud Sect currently no longer poses any threat to you. Can’t you show some mercy? Teacher and I can swear that no one in the Misty Cloud Sect will ever bring up this feud in the future!”

Xiao Yan glanced at her as he spoke with an expressionless face, “This is the last time I will give in on account of our previous relationships. Obliteration or self-disband. Choose one of the two. You will have to decide how to choose by yourself!”

Nalan Yanran’s pupils became darker upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. She knew that Xiao Yan would definitely not allow the Misty Cloud Sect to continue existing within the Jia Ma Empire. Letting off these ordinary disciples was already the greatest concession that he had made.

A countless number of gazes were immediately thrown toward Yun Yun when Xiao Yan’s words sounded. It was completely up to her the choice she would make.

Yun Yun tightened her hand in front of those numerous gazes. A struggle flickered within her bright eyes. A long while later, she suddenly sighed. Her voice was somewhat hoarse while containing a fatigue and helplessness, “Forget it, it is pointless to say anything more now that things have developed to such an extent. Since you insist on doing so, we will do as you say. I will disband the Misty Cloud Sect within a month as long as you don’t hurt the ordinary disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect!”

These couple of sentences seemed to have used up all the strength within her body. Yun Yun’s bright eyes became completely dark after the final sentence sounded. That dejection really pained the heart of anyone who looked at her.

Xiao Yan hardened his heart and did not look at Yun Yun’s expression. He spoke in a low and deep voice, “Hopefully you will be able to do as you have said. I will act if anyone in the sect insists on not obeying.”

Xiao Yan’s gaze turned after his words sounded. He looked toward Yao Ye, the leader of the numerous soldiers below, and faintly said, “Princess Yao Ye, withdraw your soldiers. However, you can temporarily station them at the foot of the mountain just in case.”

Yao Ye hurriedly smiled and quickly nodded her head when she heard Xiao Yan’s voice. She turned around and orderly gave the command. Under her command, the black masses of soldiers immediately withdrew swiftly like a torrent before disappearing from the mountaintop.

“Everyone, thank you for the matter today.” Xiao Yan’s gaze once again looked at Jia Xing Tian and the others after the army withdrew. A forced smile was lifted on his indifferent face.

Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, and the others hurriedly cupped their hands together and said. ‘You are too courteous’ after hearing this. The person with the greatest credit for being able to destroy the Misty Cloud Sect today was Xiao Yan and that mysterious teacher of his. In reality, they were only helping them stop the Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, now that the Misty Cloud Sect was eliminated, the situation within the Jia Ma Empire might change drastically in the future. Given Xiao Yan’s current strength, it was without a doubt that he would become an overlord of the Jia Ma Empire. They might end up making decisions based on his expression in the future.

“Once Xiao Yan completely recovers from my injuries, I will hand over all of the rewards that I promised everyone.” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept toward Old Yin Gu and the other two by the side and spoke with a faint smile.

“Ke ke, there is no need to hurry, no need to hurry. Now, it is most important that chief Xiao recuperates from his injuries first.” Old Yin Gu and the other two accompanied him in smiling. Their attitudes were exceptionally polite. After the big fight earlier, they had gained some understanding of Xiao Yan’s strength. If they were only afraid of Xiao Yan because of Medusa in the past, now they truly felt both respect and fear toward him. After all, the current Xiao Yan had a strength that could kill an elite Dou Zong. This was sufficient for them to treat him carefully. No matter where one was, strength was always the thing that determined everything.

Xiao Yan nodded his head. His body suddenly trembled and the jade-green fire wings on his back suddenly became illusory. The powerful Dou Qi that spread out from his body immediately scattered like floodwater. His expression once again became pale. Clearly, the overdrafted strength had began to disappear following the disappearance of the medicinal effect.

“Are you alright?” Hai Bodong’s body moved when he saw Xiao Yan’s body tremble. He appeared beside Xiao Yan and supported him as he spoke anxiously.

Xiao Yan waved his hand. His forehead was covered with many tiny, cold droplets of sweat. Following the scattering of Dou Qi, the injuries within his body began to erupt. An intense pain caused his entire body to quiver.

“Your injuries are quite serious. Moreover, you have also forcefully overdrafted your strength. You should hurry and return to recuperate. Otherwise, if any sequelae remains, it might pose an extremely great obstacle toward the raising of your strength in the future…” Hai Bodong frowned and said as he looked at Xiao Yan’s pale-white face.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He exhaled a breath of air and waved his hand toward everyone in the sky. He said, “We shall end the matter today here. Let’s go.” Once he said this, he turned his head and looked at Yun Yun before speaking in a cool voice, “I hope that I will not hear the name of the Misty Cloud Sect one month later. Otherwise…”

Yun Yun smiled bitterly before inhaling a deep breath. She immediately replied indifferently, “Everything will be as you wish.”

Xiao Yan looked deeply at Yun Yun before suddenly speaking, “Will you still commit suicide after the Misty Cloud Sect disbands to apologize to your predecessors?”

Yun Yun was slightly startled. She looked at Xiao Yan whose gaze was sweeping over the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples below. Having understood his meaning, she could only clench her teeth and say, “I will do as you say as long as you let the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples off!”

“That is good. Although the Misty Cloud Sect will no longer exist after it is disband, it would not be difficult to search for them…” Xiao Yan smiled faintly. His gaze immediately turned toward Yun Shan’s ice-cold corpse. A cold glint flashed across his eyes. His hand clenched and absorbed it into his hand before stuffing it into his storage ring.

Although Yao Lao was currently captured by the ‘Hall of Souls’, Xiao Yan decided that he had to gather all of the ingredients needed to refine a body that teacher had mentioned. This was because he believe that he would definitely rescue teacher in the future. After which, he would give the old him a perfect body!

Yun Yun’s expression changed a little when she saw Xiao Yan’s action. She wanted to open her mouth to say something but she could only swallow the words in her mouth in the face of the cold glint that seeped out of Xiao Yan’s gaze. Currently, there were so many lives from the Misty Cloud Sect being held in Xiao Yan’s hand. She did not dare to really anger him.

Xiao Yan only softly snorted after deterring Yun Yun. He turned his head toward Hai Bodong and softly said, “Let’s go…”


Hai Bodong nodded. His gaze swept over Yun Yun before he held Xiao Yan with his hand. The ice wings on his back were flapped and he flew toward the capital. Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, Medusa, and the others followed close behind.

The pressure covering the hearts of the people from the Misty Cloud Sect gradually faded after the large lineup in the sky swiftly left. Everyone exchanged looks with one another and quietly laughed out loud bitterly. The grief that filled their eyes was extremely dense.

“Yanran, you should return home after everything here is settled. You have not seen your mother for three years and she really misses you.” Nalan Jie and Nalan Su looked at the people who left before turning around and speaking to Nalan Yanran.

Nalan Yanran’s eyebrows bunched up together after hearing this. A moment later she looked at the somewhat absent-minded Yun Yun before nodding with some hesitation.

Nalan Jie and Nalan Su only sighed in relief when they saw Nalan Yanran nod. They looked at Yun Yun and sighed but did not dare to remain any longer. Currently, the Misty Cloud Sect was no longer as superior as it was in the past. As the saying goes, everyone hits a man who is down. Although Yun Yun was an expert Dou Huang, they did not dare to appear too close. Otherwise, if they caused Xiao Yan to feel dissatisfied, it was likely that their Nalan clan would disappear from the Jia Ma Empire on the second day.

Nalan Jie and Nalan Su cupped their hands toward Yun Yun before they hurriedly moved their bodies and rushed toward the capital. They were not willing to stay on this messy Misty Cloud Mountain.

A bleak autumn wind blew through the sky, leaving behind two frail-looking woman. They looked at each other and the corners of their mouths contained a bitterness.

“Teacher, what do you plan to do?” Nalan Yanran sighed and asked after seeing the somewhat dejected faces of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples below.

“What else can we do? Do you still not understand Xiao Yan? It was on the account of the both of us that he did not give the order to turn the Misty Cloud Sect into a river of blood. However, disbanding the Misty Cloud Sect is already his bottom line. If any unforeseen changes were to occur during this period of time, I’m afraid…” Yun Yun smiled bitterly and shook her head. She could not say that she felt any hatred toward Xiao Yan. With the acts that the Misty Cloud Sect committed against the Xiao clan, it was not surprising that it would come to such an end. She was extremely clear about this point despite being a member of the Misty Cloud Sect.

Yun Yun let out a faint sigh. She waved her hand in a discouraged manner and said, “Inform the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple that they should try to leave as fast as possible within a month. Give everyone some money when they leave… with their strength, they should possess the ability to make a living.”

Nalan Yanran quietly nodded. Her heart was also filled with desolation.

The sunlight in the sky penetrated through the layer of clouds and landed faintly on Yun Yun in the sky. Her bright eyes looked in the direction where Xiao Yan and the others had left and an unknown emotion surfaced in her heart. The tender, young man from back then had really become a strong person who could take care of himself as she had expected. However, it was unexpected that after he had grown, the first person whom he would hurt was herself…

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